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Going to Nanning in May2005

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Going to Nanning in May2005

Hey guys

I am also going to NANNING in May and I am trying to get the best deal of the flight there . I am also going to meet my Fiancee there. This is my first time going to China and my first time doing this sort of meeting my future wife. I dont know any thing about the Fiancee Visa ? Should I apply for it before i go ? Also what is the safest way to take the money ? Should I take it in travelers check or what other way will it be safe. The hotels are they also safe were i won't be worry about my stuff being stolen > I would appreciate anyone with helping information please contact me at Rcarr50298@comcast.net

Thanks Ray

Nort Carolina
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1. Re: Going to Nanning in May2005

I have visited China many times, to a city called Zhuhai not far from Nanning. Take travellers checks and go to a large bank and they can cash them. As for your Fiancee visa, I know as I am going through it now, you need so much proof that you have met your fiancee so save all receipts, flight information, take many pictures of you and her. The process cannot be started till you have all this proof and then apply for the visa. The paperwork required is unbeleivable. Ihave hired an immigration attorney to do mine because of all the crap the government requires because she is from China. DO NOT GET MARRIED IN CHINA, if you do the Chinese governmant gets involved and that slows the process. My attorney has filed our application and he tells me it will take about 7-9 months for the visa process. Do your homework and check out the process from the Department of Homeland Security. It takes a while and explain this to her, it cannot be done quick.

Richmond, VA
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2. Re: Going to Nanning in May2005

Hey there,

I also have met a woman in Nanning and we plan to marry as soon as I can get her to England. I am returning home in March to England and want to start the process. Im glad to see there are some other guys doing the same thing. Reading the reply to this message made me think I had better go to China as soon as I can so I can show proof of knowing this woman..good advice mate. I did tell her to keep all of my E-mails (she has a lot) as well for proof. Hey rcarr let me know how you make out with all of this stuff. She told me her friend is now married to an English guy and they got married in the UK. It only took 1 month for the visa. I see that it takes 8 - 9 months, was that for the US or in General. I wish you good luck mate and all the best. If you feel like Emailing me how you make out my email is



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3. Re: Going to Nanning in May2005

Hello Ray and fellow Nanning brothers!

I used my Visa debit card at the Bank of China ATM and it was only a $3 charge for doing such. Travelers checks was a hassle as when you exchange them, you have to fill out a form and show your passport not to mention the wait in line. The ATM's were easy to use but make sure you contact your bank that you are using your debit card internationally as most banks will not allow usage unless you inform them because of fraud activity. Exchange a small amount of money at the airport before you go. I exchange about $200 worth and that will last quite awhile.

I stay with my lady in Nanning so I have no advice on the hotel issue. She has her own apartment and it is great.

I filed my fiancee visa petition in December and received a receipt notice the same week saying 120 to 150 days processing time here in the States. She will then get a package in the mail with instructions on how to schedule an interview with the US consulate in Guangzhou and all her required needs. It is quite extensive but have done everything myself and all is good so far. Do everything one step at a time as mistakes will create lengthy waits. Make sure her photo for the G-325a form is full frontal as USCIS requirements have changed. Make sure your photo is full frontal as well.

Any questions, I will be willing to advise from my experience.

Jeepsters13@msn.com. I am leaving for Nanning on January 30th and returning February 17th.

Good luck!


Murrieta, California

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4. Re: Going to Nanning in May2005

advice for hotel:


hi ,i am from nanning ,now study in the uk.

r u going to meet your lady there? why not ask her to book hotel before hand. my english mate went to Nanning to see his girlfriend , and booked accommodation in a very low cost, about 50% off in five or four -star hotel. if she cannt make it, she may try to find a friend working in local travel agency to do this for you .

it will be safe in your room keepping door and windows locked. but you must always take care of your own stuff.

good luck

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