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Hours for Ch'ihootso Indian Marketplace and other locations

I'll be on a short road trip in July 2013. I'm planning on staying one night in Window Rock. I've been trying to find opening hours for a few places that I hope to visit. In particular I'm wondering if Ch'ihootso Indian Marketplace is open daily? Or is it just on the weekends. I'll be staying overnight on Monday, July 1 so will have late afternoon and then the next morning.

These are the locations I'm trying to find out about.

Navajo Nations Council Chambers

Ch'ihootso Indian Marketplace

Navajo Arts and Crafts Enterprise

Navajo Nation Zoological and Botanical Park

(I also plan to visit Window Rock Monument and Navajo Veteran's Memorial Park, Navajo Nation Museum and St Michaels Historical Museum and have the opening hours for each of these.)

Thanks for any advance info you may have. (Of course, I could always wing it!)