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“Finca Puesta del Sol” at “La Majadita” - San Juan

“Finca Puesta del Sol” at “La Majadita”: A Hidden Gem in Valle Fértil, San Juan.

My boyfriend and I were travelling around Mendoza and San Juan. Despite the fact the whole locations we visited were awesome, we found the most amazing and surprising –with “surprising” I mean, wonderful!!- and almost unknown place to stay named “Finca Puesta del Sol”. Running by their owners, a kind and beautiful woman named Teté and a willing and super nice husband named Daniel, the Finca is yet in only few Internet advertisements. That is why they are not yet in Tripadvisor –I recommend the website so I hope they are briefly in tripadvisor-.

I have never been in a place like that!! Surrounding for green hills, the Finca has a big yellow house with terracotta tile roof –see the link with pictures¬-, a lot of htas. of land, horses, a donkey and her baby, caws, a lot of goats and more. It was incredible to be watching one of the brown horses eating grass only two meter from us while we take mates at the porch, contemplating the sunset over the hills!! When you got up at morning and open the door of the house you can find the friendly goats “waiting” for you –I loved them!!-. The Finca also has a stream 50 meter from the house. You cannot swing because is small and full of rocks but you can take relaxing baths, take a tan and listen to the wispers of the water flowing through the rocks.

Some Pictures:

The house has two double rooms –one with bathroom in suite-, and two single rooms –one with 3 beds and one with 2 beds-. Both bathroom have bathtub –not Jacuzzi- and sower –you have 24 hours hot water-. Then you have a full equipment kitchen, frig, washing machine, Satellite TV with DVD and audio, a hairdryer, a big fireplace at the living room and heat-cold air conditioning at rooms. The house is super clean, brand new and lovely decorated.

Besides to spend marvelous days surrounding by the calm of the place, you also can take two main excursions: Valle de la Luna and Talampaya.

Pedro and I really had a relaxing time in “Finca Puesta del Sol” and we are looking forward to come back next year to enjoy that AMAZING little piece of paradise and meet again with our host-friends Teté and Daniel.

Please note the following data:

1- There is not Wi-Fi and you can go to the “San Agustín” village to find and Internet shop.

2- There is not Cell-phone signal

3- To go to “San Agustín” village -8 kmts from “La Majadita” village- the only way to do it is crossing 7 little streams with rocks; therefore, or you go with a proper vehicle or Daniel –the owner- has a Jeep and he makes the way twice a day; he went and goes from la majadita to san agustín twice a day and you have to go with him if you want to go to the grocery, make a phone call, connect to Internet or catch the minivan to “Valle de la Luna” and “Talampaya” (about 40 minutes from San Agustín Village); you won’t have troubles with that matter because Daniel was always willing to help –even when we should have taken the 3 am bus to San Juan, he just figured it out a better solution: he made the arrangement with a postal car which leaves at 10 am to San Juan in order that we could sleep and not to go to the bus terminal so early at morning-.