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Buenos Aires What I learned and loved

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Buenos Aires What I learned and loved

Hola everyone.

In an hour my car service will be picking me up and whisking me away to AEP en route to Iguazu.

I loved Buenos Aires. I'm so glad I stayed 10 days.

I got to truly feel the city at a more Porteno pace, although they do walk extremely fast even faster than my very long legs could. Hahahahaha

Here's a breakdown. :


Passport control was a breeze for me. No lines

Luggage was already in the conveyor belt when I got there.

Customs was crazy long but it moves fast , or sort of.

So count at least an hour going though immigration from touchdown to exiting the airport.

Cash. I changed USD $1,000 at the Banco Nación after customs at the airport. The wait line wasn't too bad The exchange rate not the best but good enough Be prepared for a lot of cash to stash lol.

I spent about USD $100 a day on food and miscellaneous about ARS $1,400 and it was perfect. I used my credit card a lot too because some places couldn't change a $100 bill.

I changed another $1000 yesterday at a small western union by my apartment in Palermo soho. Horrid rate but the ease of it was better. Convenience trumped the few dollars lost.

Now I have enough money for the next 11 days ;)

Be sure to check your bills. Like the usd they have a hidden watermark on the bills with a face hidden.

Taxis. Fantastic. I do t know what people are afraid of. I took some non radio taxis but just was stern with my directions in minimal Spanish. Easy way to get around when your feet hurt.

Subte subway system. You must obtain a SuBe card first at a kiosk. You can find them everywhere but you may do some hinting as some don't have them in stock. Some kiosks will top them off for you. If not when you're at the station , just put the card up and show them how much you want to put I tipped off at $150!ARS and have used them constantly Don't be confused by heir system. Think of the lines as fingers on a hand. They don't intersect lol. But it's an easy , extremely cheap way to travel.

Museums: fantastic. Most are free. Can you believe it ? Especially in Recoleta

Food : omg even as a non beef eater , I ate fantasticaly You're going to love it.

Calle Florida. "Cambio .....cambio cambio ... Cambio ... Senorita cambio? Dollars? euro lol" yep they are everywhere. No need for them anymore.

At first I was really not interested I. This street , but it did save me on a few occasions when I needed certain things. But I would see it once and move on.

Shopping: don't do it. It is ridiculously expensive for very poor quality. Sorry if in offending anyone. But they look pretty , but the materials are like HnM poor quality and extremely expensive. I'm talking like $250 usd for NiKe for instance. Not that I wanted NiKe but to give you an example.

I did find some excellent deals in San Telmo. Seriously I couldn't believe it. Great quality and style I was amazed.

Bring excellent shoes please. The streets tore up my favorite pair of boots. I'm not happy about that hahahaha but I'll survive.


My favorite is Palermo soho. Everything is here. Cool stores, fantastic restaurants , and a plethora of art You can enjoy getting lost here and in their drop dead gorgeous parks.

Recollecta love so mic as well. Beautiful barrio. Easily traversed Just walk lol. Free museums , lovely restaurants and charming g squares and perks.

San Telmo. I like :) Only went in a Sunday , but had a wonderful time.

La Bocca : 1 hour was enough. Sketchy but I knew that. Very colorful. Perfect pictures. But that's it.

Centro: interesting lots of history , tons of people cold for day walking and touring around the many monuments and museums. Note... The Bicenterio museum is currently being renovated. So do t rate your time like I did three times trying to see it.

Puerto Madero: very modern and lovely.

Abasto: interesting area with all sorts of history.

Tango. Didn't see a show , but saw street performers ;) and Inhad a private lesson which was fantastic. Maybe when I'm back in a few weeks I'll try to see a show.

Overall? Loved BA Smile and be pleasant and they will be pleasant right back at ya

Thank you

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1. Re: Buenos Aires What I learned and loved

I´m glad that coming from so far away you enjoyed the city.

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2. Re: Buenos Aires What I learned and loved

I truly did. Thank you for all your help in the process.


AEP airport. Lots of people. Some crying , some stressed. Others chill. Typical airport.

Aerolineas check in was a breeze. If you fly Eco plus , condor or are an elite plus status with sky team you can check in at the sky team desk. That was fabulous.

Upstairs are the departures for domestics. Security had like 5 lines. I don't know what they look at , the bags go through so fast. So 5 minute wait in a long line and boom I'm through.

There are allot of missing persons posters and video going on and it really saddened me to see this. :(

Also special attention to the dangers of dengue and zika are everywhere. I did bring my 99% deet with me as I'm off to Iguazu so I'll be sure to spray the living day lights all over myself ( I brought some throw away clothes just for that ;) )

Again thanks everyone no hope I helped some people with their planning and made some excited for their up coming visit.

If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer


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3. Re: Buenos Aires What I learned and loved

Really nice reports, Angelina. Gracias, again.

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4. Re: Buenos Aires What I learned and loved

Sadly most big cities have Missing People posters somewhere and I agree, they are heartbreaking.

You spent your time well and I am so glad you did so much , I know we did in our first visit but we came home frustrated at all that we did not see. ( we moved there a few months later lol)

I never got tired of just walking all over the city. We walked from our apt in Recoleta ( by the Belle Artes ) to Belgrano once ... that was a walk ... we were in such good shape from living there :)

I am glad you didn't let distance keep you from taking that trip - I imagine how the comparisons were to you ... Hawaii/Buenos Aires .. I lived in Honolulu as a child, I think in a way Hawaii was really clean and quiet, no ? lol

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5. Re: Buenos Aires What I learned and loved

I enjoy reading your summary and all your prior posts. Did you look at the better shoe and bag shops in Recoleta and Palermo? Would love to know, if you did, how they compared for design, price and quality with Paris' or Spain's.

Buenos Aires...
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6. Re: Buenos Aires What I learned and loved

Awesome description and pretty accurate. Must say you have expensive tastes for dining though ;) jk

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7. Re: Buenos Aires What I learned and loved

Scarlett thank you so much. Initially when planning my trip here you were the biggest inspiration.

Sockhopper. You were as well such an influence for me. As far as shoes and bag quality goes , I don't think it is anywhere close to the qualities of Spain, Paris orUSA. VERY PRETTY though pretty at a cheap price for bad quality is ok as its just fashion. But pretty at bad quality with horrendous pricing = a no go. I fell in love watching all the girls with heir fashion. Everyone is on point with it. But when I try certain things in , the cuts are not that great in my opinion. I did find some awesome stuff but nothing to write home about.

A little history , I'm a wardrobe stylist in a hit tv show so I have a certain picky persona. But as previously mentioned , I love watching everyone dish their fashion. Especially at the ART BA event going on this weekend wow they were amazing.

In Iguzau now almost didn't make it as the plane circled for an hour because of the horrible weather. Here at my gorgeous room at the hotel mercure. Right in the jungle. It's so quiet but so lovely. I'm in heaven. Thanks everyone again !!!!

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8. Re: Buenos Aires What I learned and loved

Thank for posting this topic. All comments up to now have been from locals. I'm the newbie following in your footsteps, absorbing the comments and tips to add to my own research. I've also read the day by day reports that you posted in a different topic. I will have to pack even more in as we don't have as many days in BA, just 9 nights, 6 full days.

Which one museum stood out for you? Just curious!


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9. Re: Buenos Aires What I learned and loved

The MALBA and Belles Artes

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10. Re: Buenos Aires What I learned and loved

I'm glad that you enjoyed BA. All your planning certainly paid dividends.

I stayed in San Telmo. Lovely area and nice eateries.

You could spent hours at the Sunday market alone.