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is yalikavak safe from terrorism and are the dolmus{mini-bus} safe to travel on

Ankara, Turkey
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1. Re: terrorism


Villa Kirmizi Lale...
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2. Re: terrorism

yes - safer than uk

Kadikale, Turkey
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3. Re: terrorism

to be fair I'd say that yalikavak is as safe as anywhere else in the world. As safe as going into brum on the bus ... :o)

Hebden Bridge...
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4. Re: terrorism

Lee n Caz

Sorry to pick on your post, but I am getting fed up with people who constantly post on the Turkey Forum regarding safety/terrorism etc.

Try to tell me anywhere that is 100% safe. Turkey is far safer than the UK.

If you are concerned, don't go!

London, United...
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5. Re: terrorism

I agree with what other posters have said - Yalikavak is as safe as anywhere else in the world! If asked if I feel safe there, I would have to say yes. Crime does happen occasionally in Yali, but it happens in my home town here in the UK aswell.

Generally speaking, I think the dolmus is fine. The drivers always seem curteous and they have helped me and my friends several times! Sometimes some of the drivers drive like lunatics, but most drivers seem to in Turkey, so that isn't unusual.

newbiggin by the sea
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6. Re: terrorism


Terrorism is worldwide, dosent matter where you travel it is potentially there, however if you look where these cruel morons attack, its normally where it hurts commercially , so they normally hit the big cities.It would be of no use for them to hit such a small place like Yalikavak, it would have no impact for their cause, we live in a small fishing village on the coast of Northumberland like there there would be no impact, but like any sensible person look around and if you see anything suspicious regardless of where you might be inform the Police !

In past years quite a number of people have cancelled their holidays to Turkey, WHY ? it beats me, for example Bird flu came it was discovered about 1000 miles from yali, yet it was discovered in Scotland less than 100 mile from home, did they move house ? no. Then the Iraq war started, people cancelled then WHY ? where that was mainly in the south of Iraq. Terrorist groups have placed bombs in Turkisk cities for years, like the IRA in N Ireland.

Poeple must have freedom to travel where they wish otherwise the world will come to a standstill.

Get youself overthere in Yalikavak its great and like the previos posting its safer ther than the UK.

best regards,


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7. Re: terrorism

Stayed in Yalikavak last summer with my family and thought it was a very very safe please to stay had no worries at all...... And also travelled on the dolmus which was very safe just a little minibus.

bristol UK
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8. Re: terrorism

whilst agreeing with the answers I think it's ok for people to air their concerns/ enquire. Better to ask and go than discount the idea altogether...

Derby, United...
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9. Re: terrorism

I have to say that is such a naive question - is Yalikavak safe from terrorism?!! is the Midlands? er, no. I can't believe there are people around that happily stroll into a packed Asda/Sainsburys/shopping centre/airport in the UK without a thought and then question Turkey because it is a "muslim country".

It humours me to tell you I have lived and travelled around Turkey for 14 years - I am more concerned about earthquakes than terrorism!

Birmingham, United...
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10. Re: terrorism

Turkey fans are horrified that the country is so often incorrectly labelled as a haven for terrorism. I agree that people who have never been have preconceptions about this beautiful land and it's generous people. However if you have never been to a country that, lets be honest, does have a thriving political scene and some residual issues (PKK) there are understandable concerns.

It is up to those of us that are familiar with the country and its ways to enlighten the masses - the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

Lee and Caz, there is no more danger in Turkey than in any other country. Yalikavak is a delightful and quiet town on the Bodrum peninsula - you will love it. Make sure you do try a dolmus! It is an experience to be sure. Visit Bodrum while you are there too - it's fantastic.

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