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Honeymoon Help Needed!

New York
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Honeymoon Help Needed!

Please help! I am currently booked next August to go to Secrets, a new all inclusive in Mexico for my honeymoon. But this hurricane season has left me with doubts -- i'm now torn between Aruba and Tahiti/Bora Bora. Can anyone make suggestions for me? Specifically, how much can I expect to spend in a nice hotel in FP and what hotels would those be? Do any include meals? And finally, what is there to do in Tahiti/Bora Bora besides snorkeling and the like? The photos are gorgeous, but I still need to learn more...

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

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1. Re: Honeymoon Help Needed!

Aruba and FP are both gorgeous but vastly different especially in price. I have been to Aruba twice and am going to FP for my honeymoon. There are tons of hotels in FP to choose from with prices ranging in excess of 1000 dollars for an overwater bungalow per night. My Aruba vacation cost me 1,500pp and my FP honeymoon is 4,000pp...see what I mean? You have to first consider your budget and move on from there. In my opinion, it is your honeymoon and the Caribbean will always be a short plane ride away....go for FP

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2. Re: Honeymoon Help Needed!

Robyn, I do not mean to sound callous and I hated to hear about any hurricane incident this year, but for your honeymoon situation you lucked out. I have some very passionate opinions and do not pull any punches, so hold on. Mexico or the Caribbean does not belong in the same solar system as the South Pacific. I know both are farily close to the East coast, notably the Caribbean, but hear me out. I've spent over 400 days in the South Pacific, a few in the Caribbean, and If I ever the latter area again it would be too soon. My buddy who went with me on six of my 7 Tahiti trips went to Aruba and the Virgin Islands (U.S.) on his honeymoon. His bride did not want anything to do with Tahiti because of all his trips there and what she thought he did. He hated it and said the islands were a visual joke compared to French Poly. I feel the same quadrupled. I have also been the biggest and most outspoken critic on what has happened to Bora Bora with the choking development and prohibitive room rates. I stand by that and always will. Howver if you can or want to spend what they are asking, there is as I said no comparison Even todays version of Bora Bora is so far above anything in that miserable area it's not even funny. I would have you look at other islands like Huahine. There are some small motu based resorts off the island of Tahaa, that vary in price and are idyllic for a honeymoon. Fiji should also be considered. Another thing, the climate in August will be much more comfortable than the furnace of Mexico or the Carib. Put plans for the Caribbean where they belong, down the drain! Pub

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3. Re: Honeymoon Help Needed!

I agree with Chris, set your budget and you can make your decisions accordingly. French Polynesia is a far more expensive destination than Aruba or anyplace except the very top places in the Caribbean. FP is also a completely different experience. Over-water bungalows at someplace like the Hotel Bora Bora will run you around $1K per night or more. Some packages include meals. Activities include diving, snorkeling, jet skis, parasailing, fishing and so on. Costs for such things are high as well.

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4. Re: Honeymoon Help Needed!

While I haven't been to Tahiti or Bora Bora, (wish I have) I have been to Aruba and Aruba is not romantic with all its high rise hotels, American fast food chains and American restaurants such as Tony Romas or Hooters and is very commercialized/Americanized. I felt like I was on a beach in the States. It is a small (19.6 x 6 miles) island that is basically flat, windy, and has little vegetation (think Arizona). You may want to think about St. Lucia, Grenada and Barabados as well as Aruba for an island in the Caribbean that is less likely to get a hurricane, but there is always a risk of a hurricane anywhere in the Caribbean during hurricane season. There was even a hurricane warning out for Aruba last year when Ivan went through, luckily it just missed Aruba, but there was major beach errosion, flood and damage to some hotels.

St. Lucia is very romantic for a honeymoon and is known as the South Pacific island of the Caribbean and has some wonderful scenery.

If you want to feel like you have been somewhere different then pick another island other than Aruba, but if you want to feel like you have stayed in the States, then pick Aruba.

Good luck with your choice.

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5. Re: Honeymoon Help Needed!

If you decide on French Polynesia, then when you are pricing the trip, if you have any interest in a luxury cruise, enabling you to see a number of islands with little actual cruising (mostly overnight), price Radisson's Paul Gauguin. We are going back on her in February, having done a b2b a few years ago. (She's even being refurbished this January.) It's really quite an experience, usually with a number of honeymooners on board. Service and food surpass almost all the land resorts, sometimes for less money. Regardless, of what you select, as you no doubt know, you can now fly nonstop from New York to Papeete, and there are sometimes bargain airfares.

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6. Re: Honeymoon Help Needed!


I don't have any idea about either Aruba or FP, but I would go for FP if the budget allowed. You can go on google image site at

http://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi&q= and search for all images from Aruba and FP.

Also, checkout costco.com for vacation packages deals. I did some comparisions between costco.com's deal and other online travel site, costco have the best deal offer. Check it out, I'm sure it will help you with your honeymoon decision.

Best of luck!


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7. Re: Honeymoon Help Needed!

LJ Have never responded on this site before,but feel I must now.Recently completed a trip to Tahiti,Moorea and Bora Bora (Oct.of this year). I have been to Cancun and Riviera Maya,and in fact own a timeshare there.The Riviera Maya,it's beaches,the snorkelling,and especially the people are wonderful.BUT- I have never been to any island that compares to FP,especially Moorea and Bora Bora. Yes, it can be very expensive, but it truly will be the trip of a lifetime,as it was for my husband and me and our two friends. My daughter also just went on her honeymoon in June to the same three islands, and had the same experience. The colors of the water in the lagoon surrounding Bora Bora are not to be believed and anyplace else I've ever been( Bermuda,Jamaica,Mexico,etc.) truly pales in comparison. I can't imagine another island as romantic as Bora Bora. A word of advise- find a good travel agent who has some knowledge of FP. Tahiti's dept. of tourism has a website where you can get a lot of info, as well as info on agents in your area with knowledge of FP. If you decide on going, I would recommend not getting a meal plan, but going to the local restaurants- there are some excellent ones, some within walking distances of the hotels. I would be glad to answer any more questions about excursions, restaurants, etc. as we all did a lot of research before our trip, and it really paid off