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LACSA Airlines

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LACSA Airlines

I am looking into a trip to San Jose, and have come across some competitive airfares from LACSA airlines. They also appear to offer more non stops from JFK New York than other carriers.

I am curious if anyone has ever flown with them, and if so what are they like. Is it similiar to flying to France on Air France? or is it more like flying on a "budget" carrier like AirTran or ATA?

Any input would be most appreciated...:-)

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1. Re: LACSA Airlines

I have travelled on Lacsa and the service was pretty good. To be honest with you, I have flown to CR on American Airlines and I would rather travel with Lacsa.

I will go next month to CR and I already bought tickets from Lacsa,

Enjoy your trip, Costa Rica is worth visiting,

The traveller, from Miami

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2. Re: LACSA Airlines

We have always had good luck with LACSA (or TACA, as it is also known). They have always been on time and the service is about what any airline gives. Recently they started selling meals on their flights so if you want anything to eat other than snacks and drinks bring a couple of five dollar bills (that was the price and you have to pay when you order). They do not have "wide body" aircraft, however, so the seats are pretty cramped. Try to get a row at an emergency exit, where there is a lot more leg room.

Quepos, Costa Rica
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3. Re: LACSA Airlines

TACA (Central American Air Transportation) is an airline founded in the 1930s as a cargo company. In the 1990s TACA became Grupo TACA incorporating the airlines of Costa Rica (LACSA), Guatamala (AVIATECA) and Nicaragua (NICA) into the corporation.

They fly Airbus A-320 and A-319 aircraft and claim to have the "newest fleet" in the Americas.

They currently have an alliance with American Airlines but I heard a rumor that they were switching to the Star Alliance with United. I haven't seen the announcement yet on that one.

Their website claims 92% ontime arrivals serving 10 major US cities, Toronto, Mexico City and all Central American countries.

I think your experience will be similar to one with American or United. Just don't plan on getting any free food on any airline these days. Buy food in the airport and carry it on.

New Jersey
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4. Re: LACSA Airlines

We flew TACA unexpectedly from Belize City to San Pedro Sula, Honduras via San Salvador when our Continental flight developed problems in Belize City. TACA was fine - new planes, normal service, etc. I would not hesitate to fly with them.

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5. Re: LACSA Airlines

I have exactly the same question.

I have not heard of them and their direct flight from Tronto to SJ sounds like a good thing.

Anybody out there had experience with Lacsa?


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6. Re: LACSA Airlines

Flown them many times between San Jose, Miami, NYC, and Los Angeles. Never had a problem, safe, new planes, etc.

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7. Re: LACSA Airlines

I am considering them in business class - mostly interested in more comfortable seats - perhaps a small meal. Any suggestions or feedback?

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8. Re: LACSA Airlines

Even that LACSA is only a paper airline...they do not really exists any more...TACA bought them out and keep using some of the routes that LACSA used to fly!!

But TACA is a good airline...you can seat and relax!!

Luis Road Advisor.

Just buckle up and enjoy the ride in paradise!!

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9. Re: LACSA Airlines

I believe Lacsa is part of TACA, the central american airline. You should go ahead and book, I believe they are trustworthy, i checked their web page and it look good, and have a lot of flights from major US cities to San Jose and Liberia.

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10. Re: LACSA Airlines

My family (5 adult) are going to CR in Feb 08. We wre trying to find airfare to Liberia but I found this post and we're thinking of going to SJO instead. From LAx I found a rate of $360 each RT.

Did you find your fare on the TACA website or another website such as Expedia? Would you suggest booking your car rental with Expedia or going directly to the car rental agency.

I was thinking if we book with Expedia and if we have to back out of the trip we would just have to pay a $33 fee with Expedia I don't know about the airlines.

any suggestions?