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Lagos Airport

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Lagos Airport

My wife and I are flying to Cape Town in December from USA. Many flights have 8 hour layover before flight to J'Burg and then flight to Cape Town. I have read, we would arrive at International Terminal area and then have to depart from Domestic Terminal area. I have been told that we have to clear customs , immigration and obtain and recheck luggage. Would like some recent and accurate guidance. What airport lounges are there ? Read of Yellow Card scam, Any others to be aware of ,other than everyone looking for outrangeous tips for doing nothing? thanks

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21. Re: Lagos Airport

I am an American living in Lagos, and reading this makes me feel very lucky! I have had no problems coming or going from the airport (yet) and I hate that travelers are given such an awful impression of the country.

I have heard the horror stories and I'm sorry to all of the people that posted here that they had such a negative experience. Lagos is actually a vibrant place to live and I find most Nigerians to be cheerful and kind. However, you have to give kindness to receive it here. When dealing with officials at the airport, be sure to smile warmly and compliment the country. It also never hurts to tell them how happy you are to be in Nigeria. Giving off an air of disgust, disappointment, and general malaise will not put you in a position for anyone to want to help you, instead, you look like an easy target. Be confident, gracious, and easy with a smile and you will (hopefully) have an easier time traveling through.

Nothing can be done about the unpleasant condition of the airport, but the United lounge is rather nice, albeit small. They offer complimentary snacks and drinks and have free wifi. There are also clean restrooms right outside the United lounge, so do seek those out if staying for a long layover.

I do not recommend leaving the airport and venturing to the city. Our company requires we use security every time traveling to and from the airport, so I can't recommend that others attempt to sight-see without it.

If desired, there is a Sheraton Four Points located quite close to the airport, which is where the airline staff members stay. http://www.sheratonlagos.com/airport-hotel However, do contact the hotel about transportation to and from the airport as taking a taxi in Lagos (for foreigners) is never recommended.

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22. Re: Lagos Airport

The reason you're getting conflicting information, is that airport officials make it up as you go along. At Lagos airport, it seems to me the only thing you need is either a. loads of time and the patience of a saint or b. money.

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23. Re: Lagos Airport

This airport is aweful and Maericans travelling to South Africa should avoid it like the plague. Go via Europe or fly from Washington to JNB. Adding hours to your flight or trip doing another route is a blessing to avoid this horrid place.

Although Nigerian can be welcoming and fun people you wont find them at this airport.

My top tip for anyone going through this airport is bring your own toilet paper and disinfectant hand wipes becuase you wont find any in the toilets in this airport.

The best part of this horrible place is when you take your seat on the plane and take off.

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24. Re: Lagos Airport

I posted this original question. Having returned through Lagos airport as a transit passenger here is some advice. Tell the first official you see behind the fenced area that you are a transit passenger. They hopefully will take you to the side and ask for your passport and next boarding pass, be sure you have it. They will call a transit officer, this will not happen quickly. In my case they never showed up so politely tell the uniformed person that you will miss your flight if you do not proceed to the gate. In my case it was a 90min connection and we barely made it. I was absolutely shocked that our bags made it to the flight. I spoke to another couple that had a 7hr layover in Lagos. They were put in a room to wait, it was cooler than the premium lounge. Bottom line is that if you can avoid Lagos I would.

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25. Re: Lagos Airport

We just returned from Africa transiting through Lagos. It is the worst airport experience. On the way there we also had a 7hr layover and immigration confiscated our passports after they walked us through to their office. We did not have to pick up our checked bag. The guy had identification as immigration officer but whether it was counterfeit or not he seemed to know a lot of the airport people. He said come back an hour before our flight check in time to Johannesburg and promised to be there. We got to the gabfol lounge and waited- it was airconditioned and the people working there were polite and did not ask for extra money. There are no showers if you are hoping for that. At the appointed hour we returned to immigration office and 20 min late--felt like a lifetime--another uniformed immigration guy appeared and returned our passports and we were able to go to the gate. At the gate you are patted down and your carryon bags checked. On return through Lagos we were not going to let our passports out of our sight but again when the immigration people get ahold of your passport they can make you jump through as many hoops as they like so we followed him through the chaos that is lagos airport and again ended at the immigration office where he slowly wrote down all the information on our passports and then asked us if we were going to buy him lunch. So we gave him some money and were allowed to go to our gate. Again we did not have to pick up our luggage. At the gate check in it was again patting down and luggage gone through. Lagos is very hot and the only functional a/c was by the gate people where one of the "inspectors" made kissy face and raised his eyebrows at me--I almost laughed as I am old enough to be his grandmother but instead moved behind my husband and thankfully were able to get on plane to Houston. Seriously, on the flight from Johannesburg to Lagos I talked with a woman from there who was extremely nice, well spoken and dressed a whole lot nicer than I do so you cannot judge the whole of the population by the corrupt officials at the airport; but I hope never to fly through Lagos again. From what we were able to figure out a visa is not required if you do not leave the airport which we were not going to do because if you do you will need yellow fever shot to get into South Africa. So bring small bills-US dollars accepted and try not to have a melt down.

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26. Re: Lagos Airport

This same question was posted on flyertalk and the answer was provided by someone who actually transited here a few months ago. You DO NOT have to go through customs and immigration if you are transiting and your baggage is checked to final destination. However you will have to be alert because the default option is to send everyone down the escalator to the immigration area just before baggage claim. So what you have to do when you get to the top of the escalator is show your ongoing ticket and boarding pass to the airport personnel and tell them you are just transiting. DO NOT GO DOWN THE ESCALATOR. If they do not understand have them call a supervisor. If you do this right they will let you exit into the secured terminal area and you can go straight to the lounge.

Personally I would not want to spend 8 hours here as the wifi connection is crap, the food is scary and there is nothing much to do. But you do what you have to do. Definitely worth paying for lounge access if it doesn't come with your ticket (business class)

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27. Re: Lagos Airport

Lagos airport should only be passed through out of necessity and not by choice.

Just made my first visit this week and it flags up as one of the worst places to spend any time. It is chaotic. Do not even think about going out of the airport for a few hours. It will take you that long to get back in. Typically its 2-3 hours to get the last half mile- can be longer.

Everybody wants your money whether you like it or not. Taxi drivers, porters, any official and even the toilet attendants! Nothing is organised.

The multi storey new car park development won't be finished for several months and the building work and poor state of repair of everything will not improve things for a long time.

The health regulations for ebola, although working, add longer delays to normal processing.

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28. Re: Lagos Airport

Hey even i want ask this can any one update us ASAP.

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29. Re: Lagos Airport

The Lagos International Airport called MURITHALA MOHAMED AIRPORT was under long-term remodeling as at July, 2014. Just be prepared to keep your EYES on your luggage. Do not give bribe to any officials at the airport. Once you give one, more would come. Good luck and safe trips.

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30. Re: Lagos Airport

Lagos Airport is certainly not a place for 8 hrs layover.

Even getting out of Airport post immigration and baggage clearance is mimimum 1hr to 1.5 hr.

Some times Luggage takes even more time.

Secondly Lagos traffic is unpredictable during peak hours it hardly moves.

Need to keep those margins while moving out.

Can look for Hotels close to Airport.

Edited: 4:46 am, November 15, 2014
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