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Some Ometepe questions - Ferry etc.

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Some Ometepe questions - Ferry etc.

Hey guys, thanks for all the help so far in planning our trip. Only a few weeks away. So we are staying a week in Pochmil with friends and family. My buddy and I are thinking we would like to check out Ometepe.

We are planning 1 night on the island. Hoping to leave Pochomil and get to the island as early as possible to give us decent time there. Thinking about trying to get a room at Little Morgans. The rest of the vacation is in a nice beach house with my parents in Pochomil, and think Morgans looks like a nice change of pace for 2 30 year old guys.

From what I have seen, we would head to San Jorge to catch the ferry right? I read that you can rent a motorbike at Moyogalpa when you arrive, so think we will do that and head out to Santa Cruz to see about getting a room. Once checked in, we think we will tour a Volcano for the day, then spend the night at Morgans, and then head back to mainland mid day to get home to Pochomil before dark,

My questions:

- Is San Jorge the best place to get a ferry? How far is it from Pochomil, and how early do the ferry's run as we want to get out there in the morning?

-How far of a motorbike drive is Moyogalpa to Santa Cruz?

Any other feedback on our idea would be appreciated!

Matagalpa, Nicaragua
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1. Re: Some Ometepe questions - Ferry etc.

The ferries leave from San Jorge to Moyogalpa (main port town on Ometepe). They run often, every hour or hour and a half starting at either 630 or 7am and last 1/1.5 hours

Via motorcycle from Moyogalpa to Little Morgan's is about 40 minutes. Word of advice - I rented from an English speaking mid-twenty something Nicaraguan named Robinson and was practically robbed blind! Refused to give me my deposit back for damages that I didn't even cause. Rent from anyone besides him.

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2. Re: Some Ometepe questions - Ferry etc.

I'm heading there shortly as well. My question is: what happens if you go to Little Morgans, and they're full? I think there's a couple of other places to stay in and around Santa Cruz, right?

Also, does LM's have private rooms, or just Dorms?

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3. Re: Some Ometepe questions - Ferry etc.

Hey Jon. Yeah, if it's full up, there are some other nearby places. My understanding is to get there early if you want a room. Appears they have a couple private cabins, as well as the dorms. Hoping for a private room.

When are you headed there?

Granada, Nicaragua
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4. Re: Some Ometepe questions - Ferry etc.

About Renting a bike nicatraveling is right before get on the bike and leave check yourself pretty well the bike take pictures and make tha guy that will rent you the bike something like on the cars if there is some scrtatches etc, and be really careful with this bikes because if you damage something on the motor bike they will charge you the full price for it.


Bonita Springs...
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5. Re: Some Ometepe questions - Ferry etc.

CanadianFerre... there are several places to stay around Santa Cruz. There is one place (don't know name) right at the little dirt intersection. There is Finca del Sol (just a short walk south) with nice little cabins and wonderful hosts.

Finca El Porvenir is just to the west (I've never stayed there, but the rooms look decent). The reviews of La Via Verde are very good (I have reservations there next week) and it is just south of Finca Del Sol.

I really like the Santa Cruz area, it has a lot of interesting places to do short hikes.

Have fun!

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6. Re: Some Ometepe questions - Ferry etc.

Quick bump on this for a related question. How much should I expect to pay to rent a motorbike for 24 hours, and what type of deposit is common? Thanks!

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7. Re: Some Ometepe questions - Ferry etc.

We paid USD 40 for a 24 hour scooter rental and about the same again for the deposit. We didn't bargain or look around so I imagine you could probably do better.

I had a similar experience with renting bikes from a guy who sounds like the same 20-something Nicaraguan with good english. The shop didn't have a name, but was at the top of the hill in Moyagalpa and was run by a family who also ran Yogi's Hostel. It was a great way to see the island but unfortunately we did end up having problems getting our deposit back, because of damage that was under the frame of the bike so couldn't be seen in photos, but that I'm completely sure I didn't cause. We spent about half an hour arguing, but the owners wouldn't back down and in the end there was nothing I could do but pay, as they had a transaction on my credit card. The family seemed really friendly until then, but I'm sure that they were just doing this to get extra money from us.

The island is beautiful though - we still had a really good time. :)

Berlin, Germany
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8. Re: Some Ometepe questions - Ferry etc.

i definetely second this opinion about this guy, he is very well known here a thief him and all his family as well, he did not give me my passport back and i had to call the embassy and have them send me another passport as they refused to give me my deposit and passport, rent from just about any one else but him, his name is robinson and her sister Zuleyka they both scooter around all day through the city trying to get victims to their shop,be carefull, they have the letter R on the side of each motorcycle.

Berlin, Germany
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9. Re: Some Ometepe questions - Ferry etc.

i was looking info about them with some of the locals and they are very well known in the police as well, they would bribe anyone to get them on thier side as nobody want them here anymore, be extremely carefull please, his name is Robinson and Zuleyka, the whole island is safe except when dealing with them.

Edited: 2:21 pm, September 12, 2013
Managua, Nicaragua
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10. Re: Some Ometepe questions - Ferry etc.

Robinson bikes is the best place on the island for bikes in my opinion. And the hostel they run is even better.

I do agree, check the bike first and always make a record of scratches and damages, etc.

But that should be pretty standard procedure anywhere. With anything.

Im also interested in details abotur your claim of no one wanting them on the island, and bribing the police.

Anyone can make wild claims when they are upset on the internet. But can you back that up.

Most people i know in person have no problems with the bike shop, or at the very least are indifferent to it. In fact, there have been different people who actually live on the island recommend that bike shop to others on various messageboards when the topic comes up. If they are universal rip offs, i wouldnt imagine they would get recommended.

The only time i hear something negative is the occassional tourist upset about being charged for scratches or damage. Which may be valid claims, it does seem as though they are picky about the condition, though this is everywhere in the country (i have a story about renting a kayak in san juan del sur and getting charges for "scratches"). Seems to be pretty standard fare for nicaragua. Always take good note of what you rent.

Then again, roads there (like many places in nicaragua) are terrible and most tourists arent used to riding that terrain, so damage can be frequent. Take that into consideration when renting anywhere. The other rental shops on the island will also charge you the same way for damage..scratches, blown tires, bent rims, etc.

A word of warning to be careful is good, and probably warranted.

But lets not go wild with rumors about the whole island wanting certain people off for being rip offs but they bribe police to let them stay.