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Traveling to Manila from east coast with baby

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Traveling to Manila from east coast with baby

I'm sorry if this is not the best forum to post this.

My wife and I and our 2 year old are planning to go to the Philippines in October. Does anyone have any advice on what airlines would be best for an energetic 2 year old?

I've been happy going with Asiana on the A380 out of JFk but I was traveling alone.


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1. Re: Traveling to Manila from east coast with baby

In what way do you mean "best for an energetic 2 year old?" Please clarify?

Worth posting the question (whatever it is?) on the airline forum but be more specific as to what you seek: https:/…ShowForum-g1-i10702-Air_Travel.html

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2. Re: Traveling to Manila from east coast with baby

I would have thought that it would not make too much difference which airline you took, but i guess the quickest would be the best.

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3. Re: Traveling to Manila from east coast with baby

that length of flight is gonna be a nightmare with an energetic 2yr old, no matter the airline

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4. Re: Traveling to Manila from east coast with baby

My advice, its about flight schedules not airlines. Leave at a time that keeps the 2 year on his sleep schedule as much as possible. Maybe a morning take off. Also, look at flight hours and connection times. Connection times, if long, kill kids. A longer flight really suks, but its better than connecting and walking if can be avoided.

Read up on what to take on the plane. Make sure you have some candy for him on take off and landing, his favorite toys, his teddy bear and some new toys that he or she never saw before and that you introduce on the plane. Snacks are a must, diapers, etc. as you know.

Also, try for a row that has more leg room, we used to pay extra for the row with no seats in front of us for space and can really camp out there. Also, we put a blanket down once on the floor there and our kid rolled up and slept. Not all airlines have that much space though.

ITs actually fun to travel with kids, but two important words. EXTRA DIAPERS.

ahh, throw up plastic bags (can also be used to toss diapers), wipes etc. :-)

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5. Re: Traveling to Manila from east coast with baby

Hi. Agree with all above. It will ultimately depend on the adult companions (YOU parents), on how you would handle your kid during the flight.

I will try to give you some advice based on my experience, and what I've seen from other parents in our flights. We've flown MNL-JFK roundtrip twice with our kid, Nov 2018 she was on my lap, and last month where she already had her own seat.

1. Milk - Make sure to bring more than twice the amount of what you think your kid will need. This is handy in case of an unexpected delay. If you use boiled water for the milk, the airline crew won't boil any water for you, so bring your own. Unfortunately I do not have an experience bringing milk as mine was breastfed, but I saw milk getting screened/tested at airports. Not sure how much water you can bring past security.

2. Diapers and clothes - Same as above, bring more than twice the amount. I myself bring A LOT of diapers, like good for a week. In case of delays and diaper accidents. On our first longhaul I put her in PJs in the middle of the flight. But recently, we settled for loose, soft pants and shirts.

3. Food and drinks - Some airlines have kiddie meals but you must request it days ahead of the flight. If your takes adult food well, better. I order both adult options (for me and my kid) and pick whatever I knew she would eat. Bring an empty water bottle which you can fill up with water or juice whenever the cart goes by. Always get one for the kid even if he's asleep, and put it in the bottle. Bring his favorite snacks: chips, crackers or biscuits if possible, not much sweets.

4. Entertainment - Pack small toys, books to read, sticker books, washable crayons and coloring books, etc. Do you allow gadgets? Save his favorite videos in it. Use headphones so nobody will get bothered by the sounds.

I admit I was also anxious especially on our first longhaul. I wasn't sure how I would handle it and prepared for the worst. I had Benadryl somewhere but never got to use it (get your Pedia's advice!). I was lucky my toddler had been great in all of our flights so far. She's asleep most of the time and only needed some chatting and singing when she's up.

TLDR; Prepare for the worst. Expect no sleep.

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6. Re: Traveling to Manila from east coast with baby

Asiana was a good choice for us. Our 2 longhauls with our kid were with them (first B777, second A380). Some reasons:

1. Cheap-ish price

2. Transiting in ICN is great- fast and efficient, not too crowded. Those with younger kids have special lanes at security (in case you went out of the secured area.)

3. There are always 2 options for food: Korean and Western. We always liked both.

4. For families with young kids, you board early, you may get an empty seat beside you if the flight is light, they give some toys for the kids.

5. Asiana club. They allow family miles pooling and you reach Asiana Gold easily (Star Alliance Silver).

6. Crew is nice in general, and especially to kids.

I think they use the new A350 in the LAX route, this aircraft has wifi onboard and Premium Economy seating.

Other airlines I would like to try for Manila - US are EVA, Cathay and Singapore.

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