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Squat toilets-embarressing debate on which way to face?

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Squat toilets-embarressing debate on which way to face?

Ok !so its not a pleasant question and I have been using these toilets on travels for years and after a few drinks the other night with friends who have and havent travelled much we manged to get into a hillarious argument over, when using the squat toilets which way do you face? THE DOOR- OR-THE WALL? So then I said I will find the correct answer on the forum? but alas a forum search didn't help - So any help to settle this would be great .... Yes embarressing question at this stage of our travelling life, but I can see this benefitting others on the forum. OK! - grandma has been facing the back wall, so have the blokes, but me - the door- the wall- the door- I thought it was personal preference,, but settled for the door, the kids have been facing the door too(my son said thats the way the feet fit)? But alas our friends are positive it is the back wall ? If not too embarressed can someone advise? It worth a bottle of port to me!

Ok !just thought I would check FAQs to save this posting- but couldnt find it there either.. so here goes..



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1. Re: Squat toilets-embarressing debate on which way to face?

Google is your best friend - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjfZEGLyosk - a Step by Step Guide. Mine's a pint of Anchor!

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2. Re: Squat toilets-embarressing debate on which way to face?

Arandora - YESSSSS! the door it is!- 1 bottle of port coming my way!!!!! Thanks what a great link ..


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3. Re: Squat toilets-embarressing debate on which way to face?

Hey Dee

Simple really , whatever works for you and of course you failed to mentioned what it is like for those with dodgy arthritic knees , then believe me your aim needs to be bomb dropping precise


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4. Re: Squat toilets-embarressing debate on which way to face?

Hi Dee,

I've always faced the door too, but I see two videos on youtube giving instruction on using a Japanese-style squat loo, and it's unanimous - face the back! (In Japan, anyway). Please can someone advise if the toilets in KL shopping malls are Western-style? Don't know if the thighs are up to the challenge these days.


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5. Re: Squat toilets-embarressing debate on which way to face?

Yes there are western toilets in most places and if in doubt look for disabled sign - also in more remote areas you find them at the end of the row of squats..

BY the way Nibbles55 ( RE: PM) NO problems having the post reinstated.



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6. Re: Squat toilets-embarressing debate on which way to face?

c'mon guys! face the door :)

when you sit on a western toilet, you don't sit facing the cistern do you? :P

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7. Re: Squat toilets-embarressing debate on which way to face?

I have a feeling that all our replies here are coming from MEN!!!

Come on guys, have you seen a malaysian Ladies toilet??? must be joking if you guys think that our anatomy allows everything to be done in those strange shaped toilets!!!

dee, I am woman, and speaking from a woman's point of view, there are two ways you have to adjust to. there is NO WAY you can do small business facing the door due to our anatomy and the shape of the malaysian toilets, you will only find every thing spilling over the door. So, the only thing that works for ladies is:

- Small business; facing the wall or with your back to the door.

- Big business, facing the door

there really is no other way with those unevenly shaped toilets unless you want to mess all over the floor.

Other tips:

- roll up your long pants and wear waterproof shoes before entering the toilets, the floor is all wet and there is usually a hose inside the toilets with running water.

- bring ADEQUATE toilet paper. Most malaysians DO NOT use toilet paper. so you will never find toilet paper in the toilets. Only the chinese malaysians use toilet paper and they have to bring enough.

- The flush never works!!! So in that case, look to your right or left, find the long rubber hose, point it into the bowl and turn on the water full, or look for the bucket of water and throw some in. That is usually the only way to flush the ladies squatting toilet.

- If you plan to use the western styled toilets, bring PLENTY of disinfecting wet towels and wide the seat three times before sitting on it. Most malaysian women actually SQUAT over a western toilet, as in they climb up and use it as a squatting toilet so you will find foot prints and muddy marks all over. Which is the reason why the squatting toilets are still more hygienic due to that reason. I cannot travel without my disinfecting wet towels because they also double up as hand disinfection towels as most toilets DO NOT have soap.

The only toilet that I ever try to use is the paid toilet at KLCC or the Flintstone toilet in starhill or I jump into a hotel and use their lobby toilet. Really don't want to spoil my shoes and jeans.

good luck!

and ladies, feel free to give dee more tips if I've forgotten any!

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8. Re: Squat toilets-embarressing debate on which way to face?

Thanks Dee for bringing this subject up. I also had no idea on what to do.

Always looking for some diagram or pictures on the back of the door.

Thanks also for going to the trouble of getting this post re-instated.

Global_ Traveller. Thanks for so delicately explaining the "small business" and "big business" directions for a woman.

We dont have them in Aus, so didnt have a clue.

Like you I carry disinfectant bottle and wipes in my bag.

I get really annoyed when toilet blocks have both, squat and western, and you wait for the western and they have shoe marks on the toilet seat. Not to mention wet bits on the seat.

Cheers. Danuta.

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9. Re: Squat toilets-embarressing debate on which way to face?

Global, thanks I have now spat my morning coffee all over my keyboard.....

Big business, little business what a description, nearly had a small business laughing...sorry!!!

Give a whole new meaning to toilet humour.

To the ladies out there get your self to Guardian/Watsons and buy the packs of wet wipes (always on offer in one or the two) never go anywhere without them.

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10. Re: Squat toilets-embarressing debate on which way to face?

I'm a woman (and I think several of the previous are)

I face the door - just look where the foot treads are.

I aim for the bigger part of the larger area, and the little bit at the front catches it all and it all works for me! No problems.

[sorry to be so graphic!]

My biggest problem is getting back up again - my hips!!