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Sumo tournament

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Sumo tournament

My dream is to attend a sumo tournament and I am lucky to be in Osaka at the right time. However... We have two children aged 4 and 6 travelling with us.

1) Are they allowed to attend the tournament?

2) do they get discounts on their seats?

3) are the cheapest seats worth buying or are they too far from the action?

4) does one need to spend the whole day at the tournament or can one arrive and leave as wished?

5) Which is the best part of a tournament day, if one cannot stay the whole day?

Many thanks to whoever replies!

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1. Re: Sumo tournament

Dear "thefrog"

I can't answer all your questions. But I can answer some.

#1) the kids are allowed to attend. Entire preschools and kindergartens attend as well.

#2) can't tell you. I would hope so, seeing as their attention span isn't as long.

#3) the cheapness and the proximity to the rink all depends on the venue. You can a box of 4 seats and they are fairly close. The are traditional style Japanese seating "zabuton." May not be too comfortable for the kids.

#4) how much time you spend at sumo is up to you. Of course diehards like myself go just before lunch and stay until Asashoryu gets chucked or does the chucking. You can see all the up and coming wrestlers in the early afternoon. The big matches are the ones you can see live on the tele about 5ish.

#5) which part is best? Oh, that's up to you. for my first live sumo tournament, the whole experience was fantastic and I will remember to go as early as I did the first time and make a day of it. The largest majority of fans didn't show up until just before 5 with even more not showing up until a few matches before Asashoryu performed.

Please keep in mind however, that I am single.

Good luck and have an awesome sumo wrestling time.

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2. Re: Sumo tournament

Thanks so much for your detailed reply!

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3. Re: Sumo tournament

I'll be in Osaka, with sumo-fascinated kids, too!

I saw that the website (sumo.or.jp) says you can only buy tickets by calling and speaking in Japanese.

Is there a way to order them online? Or an agency that handles ticket purchases for foreigners?


Nagoya, Japan
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4. Re: Sumo tournament


1. Ticket. Write an inquiry mail to ticket@sumo-jp.com.

2. Kids are allowed to any seats except the very front row, which will not be your case, I believe.

3. The sumo games end at six o'clock every day. The last player is the Grand Champion Yokozuna. The second strongest player Ozeki plays second to the last match. And so on. (Backward.) So the last five (or so) matches is a must to watch. Before that, it is up to you. Usually we go to the hall after four o'clock. Two hours is just enough. You can go in-and-out anytime. If you really love Sumo, you can go there around noon.

4. Real sumo ticket/seat includes a box dinner in Sajiki (a box seat) such as Kabuki watching. But they have a regular 'seat' without dinner such as movie theatres everywhere. Do not worry.

Enjoy Sumo with your kids!

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5. Re: Sumo tournament

I was lucky enough to go to the sumo in Osaka in 2004.

One thing to bear in mind is that the lower-ranked wrestlers fight first, and the best ones go last. Use the free guide to judge who you are watching (you get this when you go in, it's a single sheet with all the fights, like a boxing card in effect).

If you go early, you can actually wander all the way up to the side of the 'ring' (sorry, can't remember the proper name) and take pictures, etc. of the lower-ranked fighters slugging it out. Just make sure you are not crushed! ;-) I think anytime before 2pm or 3pm is fine, but check with the staff.

Allow yourself enough time to wander 'backstage' too, as you can watch the wrestlers up close as they walk to the stage.

The ushers were very helpful and friendly in Osaka - you will be led directly to your seat by one when you go in. I told mine that I was from the UK, and she took me ringside and everything. The locals are also very friendly, and the gent I sat next to even took me on an impromptu tour of the arena, hence the opportunity to see the wrestlers close up.

I know you will enjoy it, have a great time!