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bike rental on city wall

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bike rental on city wall

After reading through many of the reviews of the city wall, I have seen a range of prices for bike rentals. I've seen people say that they've rented for 20rmb for 100 minutes, although most say 40rmb, but I've seen numbers even higher. Are people bargaining and thus the price difference?

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1. Re: bike rental on city wall

Maybe, since the bike rentals are a private enterprise and not an attraction that would have a set fee. Bargaining in much of China is a way of life. As likely though, is people not remembering exactly what they paid - I know I can only say I enjoyed biking the wall very much, but couldn't tell you today exactly what it cost.

Also also the time of day for the rental and the weather likely affects the rental cost. If you're renting in the middle of a hot day (or maybe an especially cold day) when the rental place has a lot of bikes on-hand, they likely would be more agreeable to a reduction in price. I rented at a prime rental time, in the early evening just as the sun was going down, the temperature was very comfortable and the other bike rental place had just shut down, so the rental at the South Gate was the only one open into the evening, with bikes going out as fast as they were being returned. Not a situation where bargaining is likely to do any good.

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2. Re: bike rental on city wall

The 20rmb is the price 1 year ago, from last year the price change into 40rmb for 100min, this is a set price. You don't need to bargain. Some people say the price is higher probably because they add the entrance fee of the city wall to this price.

Hope this helps,


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3. Re: bike rental on city wall

Sorry to jump in on your post, but I have a quick question. Does anyone know if child bike seats are available for the rentals. We will be visiting in Sept. with a young 4 yr old and would love to bike the city wall...

Xi'an, China
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4. Re: bike rental on city wall


bike rental service will cost you 40rmb per people ( insurance included).

It only focus on the how tall about about your child bot how old they are when you want to lease the bike on the wall, by this way, that will reduce the any risk for any unexcepted harm for bikers.

I don't recommed you to bike all wall round since you only have four years old child travel with you together.

Enjoy you stay in


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5. Re: bike rental on city wall

Thank you for the information. So they do have child seats we can rent for our bikes so that she can ride with us. Not on her own bike. She is still too young. She will just turn 4 a month prior to our arrival.

xi an
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6. Re: bike rental on city wall

the price is 40 yuan now .no bargain .the price is for adult ..children pay half .but if you child is taller than 1.1m.then also 40 yuan .insurance .include .

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7. Re: bike rental on city wall

Insurance? What kind of insurance? Anybody ever claimed something?

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8. Re: bike rental on city wall


Have just returned to Perth after visiting Xian. The bike around the wall is a must do, great view of the city and surrounding area - The price was very reasonable (cant remember exactly the price) also a deposit is required and is returned when you give the bike back. Definately a great experience and not to be missed. If you want to bike only part of the way, there are stations along the way where you can return the bike. Absolutely fantastic.

Beijing, China
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9. Re: bike rental on city wall

#4, #6 what #3 is asking is specifically: Are there any ADULT bikes that have a child seat mounted on the back? The parent will pedal and the child will be buckled in the little seat behind. These are everywhere in most Chinese cities in regular traffic. I'm racking my brains but just cannot remember if I saw any of these for rent up on the City Wall.

I think the deposit was RMB 300, refundable on return, but not sure if that has gone up in the last year.

Lake Tahoe
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10. Re: bike rental on city wall

Yes kvchina. This is what I am trying to find out. Do they have bikes we can rent where our child can be with us on our bike in a child seat and not ride on her own? We would love to bike the wall. She still uses a tricycle.