Plyos from Kostroma on public transport

Plyos is another old Golden Ring town. It's famous for being one of painters' favourite landscape subject. These days is more famous for Muscovite riches' nature-idilic playground. Beautiful in sunshine.

How to get to Plyos:

I wanted to visit Plyos on a half day trip from Kostroma and this sounded as doable. However, infrequent bus service(s) and a slightly awkward transfer is more likely to turn the excursion into a full day affair from Kostroma.

I bought the ticket for Privolzhsk at Kostroma; Privolzhsk is en route to Ivanovo or Vladimir buses. Important: these buses don't call at Privolzhsk bus station, but they dropped me off at the T-junction just outside of Privolzhsk. It was possible to wait at the opposite side of the road for a bus serving the Ivanovo-Plyos route. This worked for me. No idea if there are more regular and direct buses or marshrutka from Privolzhsk to Plyos. Indications are: there are not.

The above is an extract from my travel journals. June 2015