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Cebu and Tambuli Beach Resorts,Mactan Island,Cebu

Cebu City...
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Cebu and Tambuli Beach Resorts,Mactan Island,Cebu

Both resorts are well Landscaped,and some meals included,but that's

where the 5 star $90 resorts fun ends. The rooms are with single beds

only,old air condioning noisy units. The rooms a at most 2 star.Old

buildings,mold everywhere. The stocked bar in the room has prices that are

triple the price at the local stores

The beach is only a beach at high tide,which i believe is the norm for

the whole island.Low tide the sand ends at about 2 meters to mud and

rock. Tehpool isonly openin the day is and is full of people that pay a

daily rate to swim,and get drunk,and while we were there the other pool

was under maintenance.

the food is just is far from 5 star,and is mostly local cuisine.

I booked 2 rooms and ask for my money back after looking at the prices

and facilities.They said ,yes we will refund only half your money,so we

decided to stay ,but never again.

Would never recommend thsiplace to anyone.Very poor Service in general.

Omaha, Nebraska
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1. Re: Cebu and Tambuli Beach Resorts,Mactan Island,Cebu

My favorite place is the cadillac cafe on Mactan Island.

The rooms there are very modern and only cost about 1500 pesos a night and ten times nicer than tambuli. I made that tambuli mistake myself already. But the grounds at tambuli are pretty and there are many nice cement pools. The prices for the food and drinks are sky high at tambuli and there is nothing to do at night. The food at the Cadillac Cafe is delicious and the prices are good and they have live bands. Another good place to eat is a place calle hollihigh, out by Plantation bay.I had chicken cordon blu at that place and my girl friend had stew. It was good and the price was decent. Stay away from a place called MB's. We got sick eating at that place. I think it was MSG overdose. Another good place to eat is a barbecue joint called Mactan Grill. Try the roast chicken.

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2. Re: Cebu and Tambuli Beach Resorts,Mactan Island,Cebu

I recently joined Tambuli Beach Resorts as a 'Member'.

I live in Cebu so have no real need to stay at Tambuli East, Tambuli West, or Cebu Beach Club.

However 'Membership' of Tambuli Resorts, includes a 'Gift Voucher' for 2 persons to stay 1 night at Bohol Beach Club as alternative to Tambuli East, and this is what had interested me, never having visited Bohol yet.

My son, Paul, was visiting us here in Cebu, from the UK, and I considered taking him to Cebu. In fact it was some friends of ours, who had become members of Tambuli Resorts, were going to use their 'Voucher' and 'Bohol Beach Club', and suggested we visit Bohol with my son at the same time.

On making enquiries, the cheapest that "I could find a 'Standard Room'@ Bohol Beach Club in February for was US$60.00.

So consider that we paid just Php5,000 for 2 years membership of Tambuli Resorts, and have received '2 x Gift Vouchers' that we can use for 2 nights stay (or 1 nights stay in 2 x Standard Rooms) up to January 2007. Do you think this is good value?

We get to use the swimming pools of Tambuli East, Tambuli- West or Cebu Beach Club for 2 years as well. We can take along up to 4 guests during the week and 2 at weekends. There is 10% discount off the food (which pays for the Service Charge). No discount off alcohol drinks, but think I will be buying any there as far too expensive! Php100 for a San Miguel (plus 10%, plus 12% VAT).

"The pool is only open in the day is and is full of people that pay a daily rate to swim,and get drunk"

I guess the coach loads of Japanese/Chinese/Korean Tourists must be fairly wealthy if they can afford to get drunk at the Tambuli Resort prices, is all I can say?

The pool does close at 6pm, and during the 5 or 6 times I have used the pools, did not notice nanybody who was 'drunk' there, but I have not yet visited at the weekend?

I did not sign up for 'Membership' to use of the rooms, or particularly to eat there either.

I actually enjoy the landscaped grounds of Tambuli West and the pools there - one can swim around an 'island' (well 2 in fact, but the lower one is shallower and often partly blocked off for scuba training).

Cebu Beach club also has nice pools, under shade if thats what you prefer. Water slide on the island, so have to swim 'wide', to avoid those 'landing' in the pool. It also gets very deep at the beach end, so watch out those who are not good swimmers and not wearing arm bands or life jacket (available on request).

Best regards,

David & Sha-Sha Whittall