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advice for a traveling American

United, Pennsylvania
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advice for a traveling American


My fiance and I are considering going to the Maldives for our honeymoon next year....it looks positively beautiful and I am hooked on looking at pictures from the hotel.

However, our families are concerned about the fact that the flights connect in Dubai....us being Americans with American passports (which might as well be a target on our heads), they are nervous about safety.

Can any Americans who have traveled this route offer some reassuring words? :) Thanks!

sydney australia
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1. Re: advice for a traveling American


is it possible to connect via Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or Singapore instead as they both fly to Maldive ?

regards, Triddy

United States
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2. Re: advice for a traveling American

You will forgive me if I am somewhat incredulous over your concerns. Our President (I am American although I don't live there) is willing to let these people's company be in charge of port security all over America including ports that service the very "neighborhood" where you and your families live (Newark Container Terminal). These folks have a very nice gig going in Dubai. The last thing they want is to mess it up by having crazy's blowing up tourists. I'm assuming you are talking about the Emirates flight out of JFK. This is the most direct way that I have found to get to the Maldives from the US. The alternatives (there are alternatives) involve at least another 14 hours of travel time.

I don't know if you would consider this "reassuring" but I don't really think you can be any safer than going on a arab airline through an arab airport.

In travels throughout this area I have never personally found any negative reaction to the fact that I am an American. I assure you that you will most certainly find the people of the Maldives to be friendly hosts who will make your honeymoon a wonderful experience.

Dos cerveza, por...
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3. Re: advice for a traveling American

The change of aircraft is in Dubai, not Baghdad........

Just because you're American doesn't make you any more or less of a target than Brits............And there's thousands of them living & working in Dubai.........

Sorry, but this sounds like paranoia to me.............

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4. Re: advice for a traveling American


For you to say that you could have a target on your head if you step out of America is far from reality. The terrotists must be laughing in their caves.. This is the perseption of reality they wish to portray.. This is why so many of your fellow countrymen dont leave the US. I read somewhere that about a third of all US citizens have never had a passport and never intent to leave " The Land Of The Free "....

The risk of it being involved in ANY kind of terrorism is about a million to one (ballpark) and is almost the same as being killed in an "ordinary" aircrash. The odds of you getting your pass into heaven is considerbly higher driving to the airport before you get on the plane. ...

You should go to the maldives...


Crawley, United...
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5. Re: advice for a traveling American

Get ya butts in the seats and go pal !!

dont ever bow down to threats !!!!

enjoy the Maldives as much as we have !

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6. Re: advice for a traveling American

nothing to worry about at all. One of my closest friends (he's jewish) has lived and work in Dubai and Kuwait for the past 2 years, he is married and he and his wife have never encountered any problems in Dubai or any of the other middle eastern countries they have traveled to. His only advice to me if I ever visited was "don't wear a george bush t-shirt" and don't make out with your girlfriend / wife in public. You'll be fine. You can go through Singapore, but its the super long way around....enjoy

United, Pennsylvania
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7. Re: advice for a traveling American

Thanks. I assure you I have no doubts about the friendliness of people in the Maldives, nor in Dubai....I have lived in Europe and traveled all over the world. I was simply seeking to reassure family.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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8. Re: advice for a traveling American

Katch, we are getting the same remarks from my family when I tell them we are going to Dubai and the Maldives next November. They are basing their opinions without knowledge of what Dubai is, they are basing it on other Arab countries. My sister told me about how restrictive the woman soldiers had it in Kuwait and Iraq and I told her that Dubai is more westernized and there are lots of foreigners living and visiting there. I have researched it quite a bit so I can tell my family that they do not need to worry about us while on this trip. JFK -DXB seems to be the most direct route from the US and that is the route we are planning on taking. I am actually more nervous about overnighting in NYC than I am Dubai!

I have only had one family member who thought visiting Dubai was a great idea and to send her a postcard. The others are worried but I am not going to let that stop us from visiting either.

Go and have a great time!

Poole, United...
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9. Re: advice for a traveling American

Just book it!

If you don't, you've given in to the terrorists and they've won

We're flying on Emirates to Male via Dubai next May for our honeymoon and I hadn't given safety a moments thought until I read your post.

As an earlier poster said, you're are far more likely to come to harm driving to JFK!

Liverpool, United...
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10. Re: advice for a traveling American


Ask your question on the Dubai forum. But be prepared, they are the funniest and the most pi**taking people I know. They will certanley put you at easie and you will certanley look forward to your trip. Dubai is one of the SAFEST cities in the world and halve of the UK visit it every year without incident.

Mark my words, in 10years time it will be THE place to holiday!!!

Enjoy your trip, both Dubai and the Maldives are wonderful