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How to get to George Town at night from the airport ?

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How to get to George Town at night from the airport ?

Hello !

I will be arriving at Penang airport from Hong Kong

at 11:30 PM at night on January 20th, 2013.

I will be going to Singapore the following morning via


My question is and I would greatly appreciate any kind

of help:

I guess arriving at such a late time means I won't be getting

any bus and that I need to take a taxi, right ? :(

Can anyone tell me how much the taxi to George Town is

at that time ? I would like to spend the night there and

go to the airport by bus the following morning.

Marcin fom Berlin

Nelson Bay...
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1. Re: How to get to George Town at night from the airport ?

G'day Marcin,

You are right about the buses at that time of night, so the airport taxis are the go. The Airport taxi's operate on a fixed fare system. You purchase a coupon from a counter as you leave the arrivals hall. To get to George Town will cost you around RM38 depending on which hotel. If leaving after midnight you will have to pay a 50% surcharge for the taxi services.


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2. Re: How to get to George Town at night from the airport ?

G'day,I gpt atavi on Monday morning from the kiosk to go to Chu;ia street in George Town avd it cost a bit over RM44.

That was at 11 am,it will probably cost over RM60 after midnight,

Happy trails,

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3. Re: How to get to George Town at night from the airport ?


You are going to take bus from Georgetown to airport on Jan 21st - This is Monday- a working day.

What time is your flight to Singapore ?

Please take into consideration that you need to arrive airport about 2 hours, as Singapore bound is considered as international departure.

The bus may take 1 hour to reach or even longer as this is a Monday, the road can be very heavily jammed.

Suggest you stay somewhere nearer to airport for a night instead of going to town .

Equatorial Hotel, Vistana Hotel, B Suites, Krystal Suites ....are all near by.

Take care.

Berlin, Germany
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4. Re: How to get to George Town at night from the airport ?

Thank you for your replies !

Vinerlies, to answer your question:

My flight leaves at 09:55 AM. I would think that getting there at

8:30 AM should suffice.

I think leaving at 7 AM would be reasonable.

Are there already buses going from Georgetown to the airport at

that time ?

How many buses are there in total and how much do they cost ?

I know staying in Bayan Lapas is the cheaper option BUT the hotels

are quite expensive there. I thought of going to the Tune hotel in

Georgetown. Is that a good option ?

Thank you so much for your help !


Marcin from Berlin, Germany

Perth, Australia
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5. Re: How to get to George Town at night from the airport ?

Hi Marcin,

You're right in that with a late arrival that the bus won't be an option from the Airport to George Town for your hotel. You'll need to take a taxi which, as mentioned above, is on a coupon system (RM44.70) from the Airport to George Town plus if your journey is after midnight a 50% surcharge will also apply.

You may find these sites helpful in trying to work out bus information:

- Rapid Penang Website: http://www.rapidpg.com.my/

- Penang Travel Tips Website: penang-traveltips.com/rapid-penang-bus-route… & penang-traveltips.com/arriving-by-plane.htm

On the morning of your flight, you could take either Bus 102 or Bus 401E from Komtar to the Airport. Note that Komtar is around a 10 minute walk from the Tune Hotel, heading straight down Jalan Burma. Jalan Burma is one way at the point of Tune Hotel so you will need to walk to Komtar or alternatively walk down to Jalan Macalister or Jalan Dato Keramat for a bus to Komtar (so you might as well walk straight to Komtar).

The 102 bus runs from 6:15am (first departure from Teluk Bahang - out past Batu Ferringhi - so from Komtar you're looking at around 7am-ish at best). The catch, the 102 bus frequency is only every 60-80 minutes. According to Rapid Penang (we sent them a message via Facebook) the journey from Komtar to the Airport takes 30-40 minutes WITHOUT traffic.

The 401E bus runs from 5:30am (first departure from Weld Quay - so Komtar by around 5:45am-ish). The bus runs every 25-35 minutes, and according to Rapid Penang the journey should take 30-40 minutes without traffic. That said, if you hop onto https://maps.google.com.au/ and do a directions search from Komtar to the Penang International Airport via bus, you'll find that traffic can extend the journey to over an hour and a half! Sabrina has taken this bus once before in both directions (from and to Georgetown) to visit the aquarium in Balik Pulau (before the airport) with the journey taking over an hour and a half each way.

One thing to consider regarding accommodation options is whether your total cost for the night taking in to account transport cost plus one night's accommodation will actually come in all that much cheaper than staying out near the airport. We've been in a similar situation in the past (in Kuala Lumpur) and found that while we could get a cheaper night in KL itself, once we added transport costs it was the same price to stay out near the airport, maybe a little more but worth the couple of dollars for the convenience, and of course the extra hour's sleep!

Do keep in mind that Vinerlies is right, the flight to Singapore is considered international and airlines request you arrive at least 2 hours prior to your flight (allowing for time to check-in, clear Customs and Immigration, and be at your gate 30 minutes before the flight) which means the bus may not be a viable option due to the journey time. Not sure who you're flying with, but if travelling with a low cost carrier such as AirAsia, check-in counters/baggage drop closes strictly 45 minutes before the flight, and even if you're in the queue at that point they can (and do) refuse to check your baggage.

Hope this helps,

Lise & Sabrina

Berlin, Germany
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6. Re: How to get to George Town at night from the airport ?

That's a very detailed account, Lise & Sabrina. Very much obliged indeed.

I am flying with Air Asia and I will do the web check in thing and I have

no luggage to check in but I think being there at 8:30 AM should be fine.

I should be in Komtar at 6:30 is my assumption. Thank you.


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7. Re: How to get to George Town at night from the airport ?

Lise & Sabrina have given quite details on the bus.

anyway, the site is .www.rapidpg.com.my.


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8. Re: How to get to George Town at night from the airport ?

I will stay in the Super 8 hotel in Penang which is much closer to KOMTAR.

I have already made a reservation and paid for it. I guess it is more or

less the same standard as Tune Hotel. The money was the same including Wi-Fi.

Penang Island...
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9. Re: How to get to George Town at night from the airport ?

Hi L and S

the 102 is as you have posted the proverbial slow boat to China not only because of the traffic but because of its frequent stops.

Out of interest is the 401E a true express bus from the airport to Komtar?


Confederate 19... your choice of hotel is wise in that the Tune would be a good walk but perhaps a little far with bags and late at night. Take care not to get lost coming out of Komtar as there are lots of roads that converge in that area thus making it easy to take the wrong road and greatly increase the distance of your journey.

Enjoy and think of saving for a cab ...it would be easier though I do laud your aims to stay on budget !!

Petaling Jaya...
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10. Re: How to get to George Town at night from the airport ?

401E is a public bus and has designated stops for it's route, so definitely not an express bus.

At 7am, the traffic towards the airport will start to build up , but it's not at standstill.