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Xmas in Langkawi - Another 20 Questions!!

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Xmas in Langkawi - Another 20 Questions!!

Hi all,

I am travelling to Langkawi with hubby and two children aged 12 and 13 over the Xmas period - 23/12 to 28/12.

Just a few more questions if I may.

1. Does anyone know how much dep. tax from Singapore to Langkawi and Langkawi to Singapore?

2. We will arrive on the 23/12 pm so should we book a rental car as soon as we arrive at resort or leave it to the next day. Being the day before Xmas I don't know busy the place will be but I'd imagine hectic.

3. We want to go snorkelling, island hopping, day trip (by car around island), Mangrove Tour and eat there, Cable Car, sightseeing cave (which one is best?), Nightmarkets (also which one is best?), shopping and jungle treking. Will we be able to fit this all in in the 5 days that we are there?

4. Everyone says beer is cheap but there is no mention of the price anywhere that I can see. Is it local beer only?

5. Will there be restaurants open on Xmas day (probably a dumb ? but I'll ask anyway) and should we also book that on the night we arrive?

6. Is there a limit on clothing articles to buy and take back home (Aust)?

7. Are herbal medicines able to be taken out of Langkawi and brought home?

8. Where is a good reputable place to buy DVD's on Langkawi? And is there a limit on how many you can take home?

9. Recommendations on best sorkelling company - dearer the best? or not? Should we also book this the first night there?

10. Best night markets? 12 year old daughter mad shopper LOL.

11. Jungle treking - best option?

12. Which company has best offer of island hopping - would like to go to Pregnant Maiden Lake for a swim if possible.

13. Dengue fever is there a problem with this over there?

14. Drinking water a problem for foreigners or is bottled water a better option?

15. We are staying at the Sheraton Langkawi - is there good restaurants within walking distance. I keep hearing about good restaurants but don't know the location of them to our resort.

16. Safety on the island? Am a little concerned with taking children.

17. Where is best place to exchange money or is credit card a better option? Hubby doesn't like using credit card.

18. Will jellyfish be a big problem this time of year? Do not know if they are seasonal.

19. Monkeys biting - do they carry any diseases that we should be aware of?

20. Are the people friendly - have read mixed comments about this. Hoping not to feel uncomfortable over there.

Hope you can answer some or all of my questions. I know there are many but hey if you don't ask you'll never know.

I am mostly concerned about our time frame, the crowds to get to book to see things and if we can fit it all in.




Georgetown, Penang
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1. Re: Xmas in Langkawi - Another 20 Questions!!

Hi Wendy,

I will try to answer some of your questions, hopefully a Malaysian will pick up your thread and give you the answers to most of them.

2. Your best bet is to rent a car at the airport when you arrive, don't take the first offer - bargain a little.

3. The cable car is a must - drive down to the Oriental Village to get on, they have shops and restuarants here as well.

For the mangrove tour you can call the Barn Thai Restuarant, they will arrange the tour with lunch at the restuarant with a pick up from the hotel included.

4. The beer prices in Langkawi resorts are about the same as you'll pay in Aussie, if you go to the supermarkets you'll get it cheaper.

8. Ask for the Tote shop in Kuah, there is a good DVD shop nextdoor. Its on the right hand side as you arrive in Kuah from the western side.

9. There is a few companies that arrange snorkelling/scuba at Jetty Point - again bargain on the price.

10. The night market moves around the island, ask the hotel and they will inform you of where it will be. It does attract visitors but it is really for the local people, it's not like Petaling Jalan or Batu Ferringhi.

12. Boating trips to the islands can be arranged from Pantai Cenang beach, they usually take you to 2/3 islands, they go out about 9am and come back 2pm approx.

5. There will be quite a few places open to eat at christmas, the hotel staff can advise you with that. Some resorts have a compulsory christmas dinner charge.

14. You won't catch any bugs from the water, as a rule we stick with bottled to be on the safe side.

15. The Sheraton Langkawi is not to convenient for walking to local restuarants, if you want to drink beer get a taxi, they are cheap.

Very nice resort. Never over busy either.

16. No problem with kids in Langkawi, they are very family orientated so restuarants etc you'll have no problems.

17. You can use creditcards without worrying, there are ATM's in Kuah and at Langkawi airport. If your changing cash or cheques go to the money changers in town - best rates.

19. You will see monkeys but they will not give you any problems if you are not walking around with something tasty to eat, they are fairly used to people and not aggressive at The Sheraton.

20. The people of Langkawi are very friendly and helpful, they will go out of thier way to give you a great holiday. Its the same as anyplace - your nice to them and they will be the same with you. You will not feel uncomfortable.

I hope some of this is a help to you, don't be apprehensive about Langkawi, it's a great island and you have chosen a very good resort to stay at.

Have a terrific christmas.

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2. Re: Xmas in Langkawi - Another 20 Questions!!

hi wendy,

just lost all my answers while trying to post my response, don't know why....:-(

Anyway, will try again tomorrow


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3. Re: Xmas in Langkawi - Another 20 Questions!!

Hi Wendy,

Robelyn15 has given you some good advice and I am not sure how much further i can help...let's see...

1. Airport tax will be added when u purchase your ticket, you do not have to pay your departure tax separately. Tax should not be more than RM50.00

2.It is better to book at the airport or jetty as soon as you touch down. Reason being, it is peak season n price fluctuates like share market. The sooner u can secure a car the before Xmas, the chance of u getting a good price is higher.

3. U need a car for going around the island. Cable Car is abt 10min drive from Sheraton Langkawi.Try the jungle trek from the middle station to final station or vice versa, great experience.

Try drive yourself up to Mt Raya (highest on the island) if u r a nature lover. You might spot different monkeys species up there which u will not find on the flat ground. And, u will be able to get a full view of Pregnant Maiden Island.

Get info for island hopping, eagle feeding/cave tour from cab driver...u can easily get a cheaper rate.

Best bet for snorkelling is through LAngkawi Coral. Dearer but better service.

Night markets in Kuah, Wed and Sat, 5pm til late.

4. VB and Foster approx RM2.50, Calsberg and Tiger RM1.50, Guiness n Budwisier RM2.60, Heneiken RM2.10. Basically, prices ranging from RM1.50 to RM2.80. Prices are cheaper in town than airport or tourist spots. I m not an alcoholic, so happened that i am in the duty free business...:-)

5. Restaurants will be opened. No need to pre-book.

6. Don't think there is any for clothing. Limit only applies to alcohol and cigarette. 1.25L and 1 ctn respectively. Cigarette is prohibited in Singapore.

7. Check with Australian Custom. Best traditional medicine in Langkawi is Minyak Gamet. U will find them in the form of balm, oil etc. Made by sea cucumber, particularly best for wound, cut, massage....another medicine is Tongkat Ali, best known for aphrodisiac.

8. One in Langkawi Fair, One in LAngkawi Mall. Mainly pirated DVD. It's illegal to bring them into AUS, just be careful. If u r buying original, don't think there is any limit.

9.Langkawi Coral or smaller operator, ask your hotel. Good to book earlier during peak season.

10. Kuah.

12. See ans 2.

13. not in langkawi so far.

14. Do not drink direct from tap. Drink only boiled water. It is safe to drink water from restaurants generally.

15. Check out restaurants from Perdana Quay. Get a cab. Aprrox 5-10min.

16.Very safe. Safer than many AUS metropolitan areas.

17. Best rate shld be in town. Let me know if u need contact. Credit Card might not be accepted at smaller shops or restaurants.

18. No.

19. u will be lucky to get a bite from monkeys..:-)

20. Am I good enuff for answering this particular question? :-)

5 days is good enuff...don't try to do too many things at once. Langkawi is more of a destination for u to relax.


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4. Re: Xmas in Langkawi - Another 20 Questions!!

hi robelyn15, have u known your way to wan thai??


Georgetown, Penang
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5. Re: Xmas in Langkawi - Another 20 Questions!!

Hi kawisun,

We have not been back to Langkawi yet. We head to Singapore 19th january and we'll work our way up to Langkawi.

Renting a house in Pantai Cenang near Langkawi Village for a change.

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