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travel alert security concerns

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travel alert security concerns

we are going to the Scorpio villas in March should we be concered about this we did call Cosmos they said they where still sending customers don't know what to do can anyone help did ask this a before the everyone said it was safe is this still the same Help

Mtwapa, Kenya
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1. Re: travel alert security concerns

Yes, its as safe as it ever was, there has been no change in Malindi. It is 150 miles from the Somali border, and 80 odd to Lamu. It is a major tourist town, unlike the isolated, remote places the incidents took place in.

If you scroll back through the Kenya forum (which shows all the sub0ordinate forums, such as Malindi, Watamu, Mombasa, etc) you'll see there have been lots of threads about the subject

Fallen on Hard Times
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2. Re: travel alert security concerns

There are other hotels along the same stretch of beach as Scorpio, which are "Just behind a Wall" so to speak. Land your boat on the beach, jump over the wall, grab a tourist, bundle them over the wall back in your boat and off you go. But it's a long way to Somalia.

Scorpio Villas utilises part of the public beach which is reached from inside Scorpio by walking along an enclosed (100 meter) path which is locked at both ends at 1800 hrs. I believe the house to the left of the path, when heading to the beach is occupied by the District Officer. No doubt he will have good security which should deter any would be terrorist.... firstly overpowering the guard, cutting the first gate, walking up the path next to the District Officer's residence, cutting through the second gate, entering the grounds....................... No I don't think it would happen

It would be very difficult to mount a night time raid against Scorpio Villas, a daylight raid would be in full view of everyone and no doubt alarm bells would be rung.

It won't stop me going again!

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3. Re: travel alert security concerns

like to thank you both as my husband says i worry too much you may have put my mind at rest looking forward to going now thank you

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4. Re: travel alert security concerns

I went to Malindi and stayed at Scorpio in January 2011. I felt perfectly safe on the beach and in the town. Scorpio has a small private beach area and three lovely pools. The town is quite cosmopolitan in parts and its very safe to walk around.

However, we did walk 4 miles along the beach north of malindi and it was quite deserted. We cut through by a hotel near the golf course which had been attacked by "bandits" during the night according to one of the security guards.

Having seen the two incidents on the TV news recently would I go back to Scorpio and would I feel safe? Without a doubt

Leigh-on Sea...
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5. Re: travel alert security concerns

If you are asking about security following the recent kidnaps/murder in Northern kenya, I have no idea what the situation is like in Malindi. If it is about security in general at Scorpio please be aware that the hotel turns a blind eye to the number of prostitutes that are allowed to stay the night and frequent the public areas. The girls walk quiet openly through security (if that is what you cal It) Some of the cabins are tucked away in the gardens so anyone could break in without being noticed . I stayed there in 2007 and after reading reviews mentioning the prostitutes I contacted Cosmos who assured us that they had contacted their rep. and that there was no such a problem. However, prostitution was rampant at the Scorpio, and on return home we and others we complained to Cosmos and were eventually offered some rebate on our holiday, whilst still maitaining no prostitues were allowed in. .

Apart from that issue, it was a beautiful hotel and we thought we might return again this year . On checking the reviews on TA I am flabbergasted that the prostitution issue is still being commented on, I can't believe that a company such as Cosmos can be so unethical to still be using this hotel and being party to the abuse of some VERY young girls . I see that Elvis is still the Cosmos rep. there, it obviously suits him to tell his Head Office that the problem exists, Cosmos should not just be relying on the local rep. they should be carrying out inspections themselves.

None of this may bother you at all but I personally are not comfortable in seeing random guests being allowed free run of the a hotel I am staying in.

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6. Re: travel alert security concerns

I live in MAlindi....with my husband and my son of opnly ten years .

We are very safe.....there are a lot of tourists.......

You can came and feel safe.....100%.

If you need info , dont esitate to ask me.

Scorpio villas is one of the best place where we use to go with our friends for dinner.

And is one of the best place where to stay in Malindi


Nairobi, Kenya
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7. Re: travel alert security concerns

As Doffcocker said in an earlier post Kenya is as safe as it ever was.

The Somali "pirates" ( read businessmen ) have huge investments on the Kenya coast and I cant see them wanting to kill the tourist trade or the economy of the coast region. I'm sure these three kidnapping are isolated incidents, using the captives as "human shields" against drone attacks.

To be safe stay in crowded areas, dont walk on a moonlit beach and dont go out diving or fishing in small boats, as a foreign tourist you are a target.

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8. Re: travel alert security concerns

yeh amusing to see somalis descreibed as businessmen and prostitutes freely in and out hotels.

i never seen anything like good security in any part of kenya, its for experienced travellers,.

i could write a boook about the amount of times i been robbed and connned etc,.them girls are just waitign all over kenya and i guess africa is not for soft hearted muzungos,you never can trust security in kenya beleive me they are in cahoots with who ever gives them a shilling,..,.its called tourism but its more like prostitution/drug dealing country,.

with electioneering i will stay away from the place for awhile

i usually bring my personal alarm,.stay out of matatus,,.

always have plenty of coins and small notes,.

Telford, Shropshire
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9. Re: travel alert security concerns

Eh? Why have you resurrected such an old post?

Some of your comments really don't make any sense chuck.

Edited: 3:24 pm, June 29, 2012
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10. Re: travel alert security concerns

<<about the amount of times i been robbed and connned etc,>>

The first time it happened, shame on them. The second time, shame on you for being so stupid! (Manx Proverb!)