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Ovicek-Fethiye? HELP!

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Ovicek-Fethiye? HELP!


booked last minute deal and flying out this sat with girlfriend to Ovicek, Turkey. any things that we MUST DO and things to def AVOID?

also anyone heard of the Celay hotel? is it nice?


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1. Re: Ovicek-Fethiye? HELP!

Dr Tiko,

I have also booked a holiday in Ovacik, never been there or turkey so I'm not to sure about it but apparently its really nice. Its up in the mountains apparently so a bit cooler than on the sea front. Hisanarou is just down the road and has loads of bars/restaurants and some clubs etc where as Ovacik is relatively small I believe but growing quite quickly....this is what I am lead to believe anyway.

Thee is a Ghost Town which apparently worth a visit not far away, and Fethiye is supposed to be lovely and cheap to eat there. From Fethiye you can catch buses and boats to most places. Obviously there is a really nice beach in Olu Deniz.

Either way, enjoy your holiday and let me know what Ovacik's like when you return so i have something to look forward to,

Cheers Tiko,


milton keynes
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2. Re: Ovicek-Fethiye? HELP!

My wife, daughter and I recently returned from Olu Deniz a few days ago. Ovicek. Hisaronu and Olu Deniz are all close togehter and getting around is not a problem. just jump on a dolmus. Ovacik is definately the quitest resort and Hisaronu (known as Blackpool by some locals because of the abundance of English themed pubs/restaraunts etc) the loudest. Must do things: Paragliding - go for it jump off a mountain at 6500ft. Go to the the market on Tuesday in Fethiye and have a wander around the Old City. Have a great time!!

milton keynes
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3. Re: Ovicek-Fethiye? HELP!

..oh the beach in Olu Deniz is mainly sand and shingle so you'll need to invest in some decent beach slippers.

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4. Re: Ovicek-Fethiye? HELP!


I am from turkey. Actually I booked at celay otel, too. I will there next week with my wife. Because my best friend adviced this otel for us. He said "it's clean and cheap. It have got an optimum confortable " So it's enough for me. we belive him. It will be nice! Have nice holidays.



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5. Re: Ovicek-Fethiye? HELP!

thank you to everyone who replied.. i have returned and had a wonderful time! will be going back to turkey!

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6. Re: Ovicek-Fethiye? HELP!

Dr Tiko....any tips on Ovacik ? Let us know the 'must-do's and must avoids etc....


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7. Re: Ovicek-Fethiye? HELP!

All the information you need is on www.hisaronu.co.uk, it is run by enthusiasts who have been going to Hisaronu, Ovacik, Olu Deniz and Fethiye for many years.

Log into the forum and there is a wealth of information on hotels, bars resturants and things to do.

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8. Re: Ovicek-Fethiye? HELP!

Dear Celay Hotel, Ovacik, Turkey,

Thank you for your recent e-mail message and for making perfectly clear your personal reaction to the “report” on the Celay Hotel that I advised that I would be placing on the Internet. Regretfully, I have to admit that I was quite disappointed with your point-of-view, insofar as you have now made it transparently obvious that you have clearly refused to take on board any at all of the issues that I raised in my initial message. Indeed, the sheer fact that your greatest concern is that you feel my intention is to “make your business finish” displays an extremely defensive attitude which, in turn, tells me everything about you as a person!!

You may very well not be accustomed to adverse criticism, but one of the indictors of a good businessperson is that he or she possesses a real ability to accept criticism and to build upon such in a positive manner. However, in this instance it is a further inescapable fact that all of the matters that I mentioned were based upon absolute fact and to deny any of them at all can be no other than a display of failure.

One of the greatest problems for intending first-time visitors to a new resort is the ability to accurately ascertain what a holiday venue really is like. I have long since learnt not to believe everything that the tour operators write in their travel brochures. As with buying property, it is what the vendors do NOT tell you that might be more pertinent.

It may well be a fact that your hotel was, as you claim, full at the time of my family’s visit, but that would almost certainly be because the tour operators (in our case being “Jewel in the Crown”) were intent upon selling every last vacancy- at every last hotel in Turkey – even if this did mean reducing the price in order to do so. (In our own case, we can confirm that the price for our package had already been reduced – even in the peak of the season - when we made our own booking!).

Although I have some difficulty with your further claim that 80% of your patrons do come back again, I can quite believe that many would do so. Please try to understand that my own report was merely a reflection upon the service that we personally received and, as you might recall, there were many ‘positives’ about that standard of service also included which, along with the location and standard of comfort, might induce many to return, rather than taking a gamble elsewhere. Indeed, for an allegedly “3-Star” establishment, and for many who might prefer not to journey far from the poolside, we felt the Celay might be an excellent choice.

With regard to your claim that I did not say “Good Morning” or “Thank You” to either yourself, your staff, or, as you say, even to other guests, I take personal affront at such a remark. Such an allegation was certainly not based on fact. Indeed, we now maintain contact with more than one family we met during our stay. The sheer fact that we chose to visit the real Turkey, outside of the environs of Ovacik, and went to the extent of hiring our own transport for the duration of our stay (when no other guests whatsoever appeared to have done so!), to have gone out all day, every day, and not patronising either your bar or your restaurant, was, undeniably, our prerogative. The mere fact that you (apparently) had noticed all of this, again, tells me much about you as a person! I might go so far as to add that if your hotel had been located in the U.K., you would probably have been invited to participate in what the English know as a ‘Public Relations Course’.

I do not believe that any of my family ever accused any of your staff of being thieves and I am equally clear in that we have no evidence whatsoever that any of our property was actually stolen. Evidently a remark appears to have been made to you by a member of your staff that a wardrobe in one of our rooms was locked with a chain and padlock. Although I should not be expected to provide an explanation for this, I shall do so. The main reason was due to the fact that that wardrobe normally contained most of our money, our passports and a large collection of professional photographic equipment, this valued at over £3500 (or nearly 1 million Lira of your money). Particularly as the room was also on the ground floor and the daily room-service maid repeatedly left the patio door unlocked, thus permitting anyone at all to enter the room un-noticed, we do consider that we had every right to protect ourselves against the possibilities of theft, no matter how remote – any by whosoever.

To conclude this response I might put it to you that, whatever pre-conceived notions your staff might have had about us, we were still paying customers of your hotel and, in that respect, we were absolutely entitled to the same service and respect as any other guest. I accept that the failure of the electricity supply was not the fault of the hotel, but I will repeat once again my disgust at their (and your own) abject apathy extended towards us upon our departure. It was, in actual matter of fact, quite disgraceful! Furthermore, for you to suggest that we should have spoken to our holiday representative, we found to be a quite pathetic reaction and, as we both know only too well, such complaints placed invariably never find their way back to the tour operator!

A fitting conclusion to this missive would be to add that, you and your staff apart, we found the people of Turkey to be the most friendly and helpful of any of the many countries that we have ever visited and that, these few grumbles apart, this was the best holiday that our family has ever experienced.

The Castle Family, Cheshire, England

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From: celayhotel [mailto:info@celayhotel.com]

Sent: 03 September 2006 19:48

To: blackclag@ntlworld.com

Subject: Re: blackclag@ntlworld.com

Dear Family

Sorry that you did not enjoy your holiday, I have had my business for six years and 80% of my guests do return to my hotel I am afraid that you cannot make my business finish because my guests do know what an established business this as and are always very happy In the time that you spent here I had 110 guests here and my hotel was full which proves that what I say as true When you do not say to myself my staff and my guests good morning or thank you and you think that theft as being committed by my staff then you wall understand why they did not help you If this was the case then WHY did you not speak with your holiday representative?

You complained about no electric an the hotel this was not our problem at the time It was a general problem throughout the area for which everyone suffered

Both my husband staff and myself hope that an the future you find a holiday destination that meets with your approval.

Ayten &Celal Karaağaç


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To: <info@celayhotel.com

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Ad Soyad:

Mail Adresi: blackclag@ntlworld.com

Tel/Fax: 07852802765


Other reviews about this hotel are generally accurate enough in what they say, but these, of course, are based merely on personal perceptions and experiences.

The main redeeming feature of the Celay is the large size of its pool, but this is offset by other factors which might suggest that there is, for many, much better value for money locally available elsewhere. Yes, the Celay certainly is clean and tidy, with rooms being serviced every day, but for most guests the hotel had a virtual monopoly on where it is possible to eat and drink and it is well aware of this fact. Poolside bar and hotel restaurant prices were, we discovered, far higher than anywhere else in the area, albeit admittedly still slightly cheaper than in the UK.

The evening menu was bland in comparison to that on offer in the literally hundreds of excellent restaurants in nearby Hisoranu and far more expensive, to boot. As breakfast was clearly advertised as 'Turkish', the self-service selection on offer was good, although, for our own children, it became boring and unappetising after a day or so. Wasps were also an early morning problem when eating at the open-air tables. Due to the elevation above sea-level, the relative coolness from mountain breezes, along with regular spraying of the locality by the authorities, mosquitoes were almost absent - even in the hottest month of August.

Without one's own transport, it is at least a 1/2 mile dusty trek each way at night down largely unlit roads to even the very nearest restaurant, bar, or supermarket. In addition, there is no public transport available within reasonable walking distance and taxis have to be summoned by telephone from Ovacik village or Hisoranu. Those wanting nightlife would be advised to look at Hisoranu or Olu Deniz. The only entertainment on offer at the Celay was a once-weekly barbeque with belly-dancer and this (optional) meal was at an additional cost approximating to almost double what one could get elsewhere.

As others have observed on this website, one's own food is certainly not permitted on the premises and our family's supermarket carrier bags repeatedly appeared to be questioningly scrutinised by the owner's wife - who always appeared to be sat somewhere in the vicinity each and every time we returned at the end of a day out (in our own, locally-sourced, rental car).

Maid-service was good (apart, that is, from repeatedly having to ask for toilet rolls at Reception when these failed to be re-stocked), but do make certain that the management are made perfectly clear that you do NOT wish all of your possessions to be tidied away each morning. At the beginning of our stay, my wife had all her jewellery and other personal items gathered up and literally thrown into a drawer. When we complained, our rooms were not cleaned the next day. Also LOCK AWAY all your valuables, particularly if you find you have a ground-floor room - as the maid invariably left the patio door unlocked.

The nearest beach is about 4 miles away and the nearest town (Hisoranu) just over 2 miles. For those forced to make regular journeys in taxicabs, or even local 'dolmuses' (minibuses), the costs will soon start to escalate alarmingly.

Most patrons, during our stay, appeared content to spend their days by the hotel pool, or possibly to partake in the occasional organised outing by the package holiday company. That, quite naturally, was their privilege, but we checked prices locally in Hisoranu for these very same excursions and were astonished to be quoted up to 1/3 of what 'Jewel in the Crown', for example, was asking.

Furthermore, when we were asked to settle our bill for the additional £3 per day per room air-conditioning (which automatically turned itself off each time we left our rooms), the exchange rate offered for sterling traveller's cheques was extortionate.

Although any issues that we had were usually attended to promptly enough by the management, our own perception of the couple who own the hotel was that they were generally quite surly and uncommunicative. Language difficulties appeared to be utilised as an excuse when problems arose, although we were pretty sure these two understood EVERY word we said!

Upon our arrival, we had most of our luggage carried by staff to our rooms at the far end of the premises. Upon our departure, the same staff merely leant against the poolside bar and watched us as we each dragged a large suitcase back to Reception (even our struggling 9-year old daughter was totally ignored). On our final day, we had to be up at 6-00am in order to pack for a 7-30am departure. At 5-02 am, the power went off - only to be restored at 7-23am. We were forced to pack in total darkness. No-one at all came to our rooms to explain or to assist us and our phone calls to Reception were consistently ignored. As we walked out to our transit bus, the owner's wife appeared to have been aware of our departure, as she was stood by the door. No apologies were offered to us, indeed, not a word was said by her - not even Farewell!

For those of you on a budget and not deliberately seeking total isolation from civilisation (and most of us are in that category), far better value is available elsewhere. Try, for example, the much smaller 'Friendly Hotel'.

Durham. UK
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9. Re: Ovicek-Fethiye? HELP!

Sorry blackclag but your post makes me feel really uncomfortable. I don't think these forums are intended for one to one confrontations.

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10. Re: Ovicek-Fethiye? HELP!

I also feel very uncomfortable with this post. I've stayed at the Celay hotel five times and have found Celal and Ayten to be wonderful hosts, but everybody is different. I see that you have written a review of the hotel in the hotel review section so maybe you should have left it there? I don't think this is the correct forum to air your dirty laundry in public. JMHO. Cj, Manchester.

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