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beware of kusadasi jeweller

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beware of kusadasi jeweller

September , 2011 when our cruise ship stopped in the port of Kusadasi, Turkey I wanted to purchase a men’s 14ct gold bracelet. My wife and I decided to go from jewelry store to store in order to see what men’s bracelets were available and to compare prices.

As we went from store, one bracelet followed me because they knew I liked it so much. I asked how can you sell me a bracelet from another store? Mehmet Ozipek & Taskin told me that all the stores were like family. It was as if we were buying his Uncle’s bracelet from him. I purchased the bracelet in the Kuyumcu-Yasemi Uner store from Mehmet Ozipek & Taskin

The Merchant then brought out a 2.1ct diamond ring, which I purchased. Taskin also gave me Diamond Rain International Guarantee Certificate and if you had any problems with the Merchant you could go to the Kusadasi Chamber of Commerce (KUTO). The guaranty didn’t mean a thing and was useless. The Kusadasi Chamber of Commerce was no help.

When I returned home to the United States, I brought the ring to a jeweler to have it sized to fit my wife’s finger. The jeweler tested the ring on a diamond tester and told me it was not a diamond; but a Moissanite stone.

When I complained to the Merchant about the diamond not being genuine, he finally told me he would come to Chicago and exchange the stone. But, he never came. Mehmet Ozipek asked for GIA certification, which he should have had and given to me when I purchased the ring. The certification would cost me $500 because I would have to pay to ship and insure it because it is 900 miles away. Why did he insist that I provide him with a GIA certification when he didn’t provide one to me when I asked for it? Double standards!

I mailed Mehmet Ozipek and the Kusadasi Chamber of Commerce Burhan SEZER <burhan.sezer@kuto.org.tr> a letter from a local jeweler stating that the stones were Moissanite because he tested the stones with diamond and Moissanite approved testers. I also brought the ring to other jewelers who tested the stones with their diamond and Moissanite testers and found the stones to be Moissanite and not genuine diamonds. It would cost me $200 to ship and insure the ring to return it to the merchant, Kuyumcu-Yasemi Uner, in Kusadasi Turkey. And, Mehmet Ozipek told me he would not pay the $2,000 for duty and taxes when he received the ring, which is the requirement of the company delivering the ring.

Also, in an e-mail the merchant told me if I returned the ring to him it would be stolen. So, I would be out $500 to get the GIA certification, $200 to ship and return the ring to Kusadasi, Turkey, and $2,000 for duty and taxes = $2,700, plus the $6,100 I paid for the ring.

Asking for all these requirements was Mehmet Ozipek’s and the Kusadasi Chamber of Commerce’s way of making it a very costly risk to return the ring – and not worth it.

Also, do not trust MasterCard or VISA because they are no help with purchases which are done out of your country. They are concerned more about the merchant than the consumer.





TEL: +90 256 614 70 80

MERCHANT NO: 0907439 Mehmet Ozipek <turkishlawconsultant@hotmail.com>;

TERMINAL NO: 00966328 DİAMOND RAİN <mk_mike_4545@hotmail.com>

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21. Re: beware of kusadasi jeweller

Hi I have made a research for you please ring +90 (533) 360 27 47 as this guy is cheere man of jewellery assosiation in kusadasi his name is Ozgur. Hopefully you'll get sorted.

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22. Re: beware of kusadasi jeweller

First---why would you buy an expensive piece of jewellery so far away from your home? Diamond prices are SET by De Beers.

A ship's officer even told us not to buy jewellery in Kusadasi b/c they're mostly fake!

We were just in Kusadasi this past July....Here's what happened: Of course we get suckered into a jewellry store. Even tho we tried to be polite and say maybe later, when we headed back to the ship we were roped in to the j.store--the 1st one as u enter the Bazaar. So the lady says to me--so what do you like? Isaid, "Diamonds, of course!". So she proceeds to take out of the window, a 3 or so carat ring with baguettes on the side. Now she sicks the "big gun" on me---I ask the color/cut, etc., the guy says, VS, I color. I said that I was looking to upgrade my stone, he told me to go get it on the ship. (Of course I didn't), and to send im the GIA certificate later.....So he tells me the price: EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.....I told him that's not what I was going to spend--he said--7 thousand? 8 thousand? I just told him I wasn't looking to buy anything today at all. And that was it....Knowing about the fakes--who knows WHAT that stone was---certainly looked like a perfect diamond to me--but the color was 1 worse than mine----let's see, they'd get $18,000, my GIA certificate, and I'd get ripped of f!!!!

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23. Re: beware of kusadasi jeweller

i have bought my gold from KONT jewelers near the mosk in kusadasi for the last ten years always beeb valued more back home

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24. Re: beware of kusadasi jeweller

THey got me too! And my Mom and my sister. Sure wish we had read this before we went! We too were on a cruise. Between the three of us we were charged over $50,000.00 USD and these people were still trying to make charges to our cards after we had left for several days!!! I too took in a ring that I had paid $1200.00 USD and had it checked out by a GIA certified jeweler only to find out that the diamonds are cheap glass and the amazing color changing stone is nothing but a cheap glass as well. The gold is 14K...which baffled the GIA analyst as 14K is not used in that part of the world...they use 18K. Most stones fell out within days of purchase....of course you buy this while in port and within hours you are GONE with no way to fix the situation!

DO NOT BUY JEWELRY IN KUSADASI or GREECE! (was also defrauded by Steve Stavros Dimos of Dimos Jewellry in Athens Greece!)

Buy cheap trinkets....that you know are cheap! JUST SAY NO!!!!

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25. Re: beware of kusadasi jeweller

bad spelling poor grammar makes me think some turkish shop owers are posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26. Re: beware of kusadasi jeweller

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27. Re: beware of kusadasi jeweller

I fully agree with you .Had same experience. I was with my husband at Kusadasi as our cruise ship stopped for a day .We were outside Ephesues Jewellery, the 1st. shop as soon as you leave the terminal. The sales man took us in the shop and we asked for black pearls. In short we bought a necklace of 33 South Sea Pearls for 2500$. on the 22nd. October 2013. On our return to our country ,Malta ,I took the pearls to my jeweller.to my surprise he told me that they are man made stones covered with resin to get a shine. Also the clasp was made of metal and not gold. I emailed the owner of the shop and no reply. I phoned the shop and the sales girl said that if I am not happy I can return them and get refund as money will be kept for 5 yrs. She then passed the manager whom I asked whether I can send the necklace by DHL and they refund the money to my credit card. He made it very difficult and said that I have to pay about 800$ in tax when necklace will get to Kusadasi. He said he will be in London mid December. So I offered to meet him in London but he said he does not know address he will be going to. he promised that he will email me but nothing arrived yet. I think that tourists should be warned not to buy anything valuable from Kusadasi.

Corona, California
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28. Re: beware of kusadasi jeweller

How long does this take? I've been working with them since june.... Did you get all your moneiy? How long did you wait? 'did you send the jewellry back to the jeweler?

Scottsdale, Arizona
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29. Re: beware of kusadasi jeweller

I had the same thing just hapen. Did you get your $$ back

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30. Re: beware of kusadasi jeweller

Hello every body..My name is Ozgur Evran,I am the president of Kusadasi jewellery Association.I am really sad to hear complains about Diamond Rain Jewellery and Taskin Bay..I just want let you know,Taskin Bay is not any more here and can't open a shop in Kusadasi.He paid a big fine for he's wrongs and he don't have any member of he's family here.So,we clean all the black sheep's in or beautiful town...You can do save shopping here


Ozgur Evran

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