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Who Will Advocate For Small TO's In Tanzania?

Yaounde, Cameroon
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Who Will Advocate For Small TO's In Tanzania?

I am a young traveler from Cameroon and haven't really been used to using forums like this because in Cameroon, we care less about tourism. For the 4months I have been in Tanzania, I have not been opportune to go on a safari trip yet, but have been carefully studying different companies and reviews from past travelers as well as what the experts have to say. I very much appreciate the word of experts, but what hurts me the most is that, none ever recommends a still growing tour operator. They only recommend the big ones they've known for years. I believe that as experts, it's time to write and advice someone about giving a try to other little companies not just the big ones you've known with all their services which is way very expensive to so many budget travelers.

I now understand why some travelers would rather let a flycatcher bring them to multiple companies so as to compare rather than listen to experts who will only recommend companies that will charge them what they can't afford to pay.

This is to you all the experts. I also notice that when it comes to the bad comments about little companies, you jump into it very fast even if you know nothing about it. Be experts for the established and still growing companies. Small companies need you to be their voices for they've got very little funds for ads and have to depend solely on flycatchers which is not bad for these guys feed from the commission they make by bringing tourists to small companies, a commission they don't get when they bring the same tourist to the big companies.

Respond to this if you're an expert or an advocate for small companies and please do so with some dignity.

21. Re: Who Will Advocate For Small TO's In Tanzania?

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Yaounde, Cameroon
11 posts
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22. Re: Who Will Advocate For Small TO's In Tanzania?

Thanks Sandy for your words. I am here to try to find answers to my quest, yet some posters make it difficult. Maybe I will get to write even when it's senseless so I can have too many posts too.

Nashville, Tennessee
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23. Re: Who Will Advocate For Small TO's In Tanzania?

I am confused. You post states, "Who will advocate for the small TO's in Tanzania?" To quote your attack on me in #21, "Did I ask your opinion?" Yes, the post is asking for opinions. You can't pick and choose who responds. This is a travel forum. Anyone has the write to post and respond (as long as they are within the rules). So, yes you asked for my, and many other's, opinions.

Also, I never claimed to be an expert like Karl. There are very few experts like Karl. Especially when it comes to east africa and business formation. But, as Karl stated, several people that posted here do not understand business in Tanzania. If you notice, he did not direct that comment to me.

Follow Karl's advice. He is the expert. But don't ask the question if you do not want others to respond.

This is a travel forum. I have a right to answer professionally and politely any post for which I can make a contribution. You don't have a right to choose who answers. Different opinions make this a great forum.

I'm sorry I don't share your view of free advocation and advertising for the small TO and trying to hurt the established, respected TO. I don't believe in that form of business.

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24. Re: Who Will Advocate For Small TO's In Tanzania?

My original response to the idea that this TA travel forum should be used to promote companies on which we have little or no knowledge simply because they are new and struggling was - this is "nonsense."

Discussions of nonsense have little range and often degenerate into rancor.

I'm sorry the OP has chosen to respond to disagreement by ignoring his own initial stricture...

"and please do so with some dignity."

Yaounde, Cameroon
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25. Re: Who Will Advocate For Small TO's In Tanzania?

Keep on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if I said something that hurt someone,,, but still there're words I hate to hear. Stephen you talk about politeness, I don't think you were or still are, sorry about that but it's true.

Idiotsabroad,,, thank you. I await a topic you'll create that has so much sense in it.

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Findlay, Ohio
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for Tanzania, Ngorongoro Conservation Area
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26. Re: Who Will Advocate For Small TO's In Tanzania?

Snoovy.. Please read the rules for posting here. This post of yours is not a travel related post, albeit it is on the edge of it, and some of your posts come close to making a personal attack on someone here. You appear to be leading them so that you can make a personal attack, this is not allowed. In addition, this is not a chat room forum, and it appears that you are using it for that purpose. All of these things are not allowed on here. Please read the rules for posting and follow them.

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27. Re: Who Will Advocate For Small TO's In Tanzania?

Plus, I think that this forum does promote the newer companies. Every day, I see trip reports or inquiries about companies that I had bever heard of before.

Yaounde, Cameroon
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28. Re: Who Will Advocate For Small TO's In Tanzania?

Thanks to you all for your words and I very much appreciate your participation in my topic. Many may not agree with me, but I must say that I do not regret for a second haven written this post. For me, it's like raising a point so many knew about but considered irrelevant, but that does not really matter any more. I am humbled to read the for and against... a great lesson :(

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Hong Kong, China
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29. Re: Who Will Advocate For Small TO's In Tanzania?

just don't go to Africa Smart Safari, search and you will find a lot of bad comment, they are all real

Isle of Man, United...
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30. Re: Who Will Advocate For Small TO's In Tanzania?

Well ignoring Mariay's intervention, which was dealt with on her own post some time ago, I am pleased this post got bumped up as I missed it first time around.

I have to say I don't have any problems with snoovy's Topic ( i missed the struck out post). There is a point to be made and I think he makes it. New firms on the block have an uphill struggle to "get noticed." I don't think splash advertising campaign and snazzy Website solves this. As somebody above says, it is a catch 22. Small business so no reviews on TA. "We" don't hear about them and so they don't figure on our radar or NoExps excellent list.

"We" are not the fount of all knowledge despite the praise often heaped upon some posters and so it goes on.

My own make up is to always welcome a new kid on the block as long as they appear legitimate. If I feel a poster has the right fit for a smaller operator then I will suggest they use one. If I think they are more a "Champagne at sunset" Tourist then I will point them to a firm that caters for that type of tourist.

That's how it is. "We" cannot change the way the world operates. There is a place for Small T0s in the Safari industry and I wish them luck. Henry Ford only built the one car at first.

Thanks snoovy. Sorry it seemed to get personal at one stage.