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Please share your Batam experience with us =)

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Please share your Batam experience with us =)

So yeah, I think it would be great if we can consolidate a thread to share your Batam experience here. Food, massages, spas, hotels, anything you want. Good or bad... we all can learn something new.

But please don't mix this up with other topic okay so we do not get off-track! And for all of us reading this, please be a discerning reader =)


Batam, Indonesia
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31. Re: Please share your Batam experience with us =)


Wow... I am so happy that you had such a great trip despite the Gadeno's experience. hahaha...

Harbour Bay seafood, you didn't get ripped off but it wasn't cheap either =) Most importantly though, you enjoyed the food and place!

Sederhana, good stuff!!! Always love that place. Decent price but I bet you tried out many small dishes and never bothered to check their invoice (which is in Indonesian). If you touch any of the small dishes, you will get charged. Even if it's one bite of the egg or one spoon of the chili =)

New Place, never tried it but $80 is too steep for Batam! We have a decent place which serves good steak at $15 and very nice and fine dining kinda place. Next time you come I can bring you there.

Amazing you could find New Place. I never recommended that area around HArmoni hotel because it is not meant for tourists. The area is commonly known as "Expat Zone" or "Kampung Bule". Mainly caters for westerners... and obviously those who love to party and something something... hahaha

Thanks again for your review. Hit me up when you come again. I can bring you to other makan places that tourists will never find =)


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32. Re: Please share your Batam experience with us =)

magewise - we enjoyed batam as well. Do take Chandrans up on his offer - he knows all the best places.

Batam, Indonesia
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33. Re: Please share your Batam experience with us =)

hehee.. thanks keenvisitor! remember, you are welcomed here anytime... or even if you pass by singapore... will catch up with you two!


Batam, Indonesia
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34. Re: Please share your Batam experience with us =)

This is the kind of travelers that warm my heart... young adult who has the notion of giving back! Props to Josephine!


Many thanks to Chandrana, Yihanz, Marc and Richard for their help in the forum.

Well it would be rude that I seek for help from you all but not leave any share about my trip to Batam. I only managed to write this as the moment I return from my trip I was filled with lots of assignment to do, no time la.

Here it is.

I came to know about Batam through my friends who had visited there last month during the holidays and what caught my interest was their constant rumor about cheap massage. I had visited Batam before but that was a short one day trip with my mother so I didn’t really pay much attention to anything.

I arrived at Batam on Saturday morning with a group of 3, we decided to drag a guy friend along as it was advice that we should have one male friend for our protection. We stayed at Harris Hotel and so far the hotel was so-so la, most of their furniture come from Ikea. Their room was slightly small but I still enjoyed my room view.

On the first day we decided to take a cab as advised since we weren’t really keen on exploring Batam on the first day. So far we’ve been to three malls, one opposite our hotel, BCS Mall and Nagoya Hill and surprisingly there is no difference from each mall. Altho there is lots to buy at Nagoya Hill. We tried Ayam Penyet Ria and some bakso. I have tried ayam penyet in Singapore but the one they have at Batam is certainly better.

After our tour around the malls in Batam, we’ve only managed to buy quite a lot of snacks and stuffs for us to bring back.

We decided to skip seafood dinner for the next day. So after our wild shopping, which was apparently very cheap we went straight back to our hotel.

We are curious young adults so during the night we decided to have a little stroll down the park that I could see from my bedroom window. It was nearly midnight and I have to say it was one of a kind walk we had, nearby the park there was a street race and the road was filled with about a thousand of youngsters racing their bikes. Our guy friend is a class 2b/2 motorcycle license holder and owns a Hayabusa but by watching these youngster which I believe is as young as 15 riding their bike, they were really skilled and had daring guts. He felt inferior.

Jokes aside, our walk was no regret. I mean seriously you don’t get to see this kind in Singapore, or even Malaysia.

The next day we decided to book a driver recommended by one of the two Destination Experts in here, Richard. We decided to visit the camp of Vietnam recommend by one of the hotel staff. It was a very long journey but overall we took lots of beautiful pictures and had a good chat in the car.

Batam has lots of wonderful scenery. The first bridge was really nice, but the rest of the bridge doesn’t seem pleasant. Rather dull and ordinary looking.

When we reached the camp sight, there was really nothing much to see. What’s left are a number of building which are being taken down. They should preserve these building. It was really disappointing, should have listened to the driver but then the driver was a really nice guy and recommended us to see the beach nearby and that really got our moods back up again. The beach was so sandy and white and the water was crystal clear. Too bad we didn’t bring with us swimming gears or else we would have taken a swim. Nevertheless what we hear from other forums that the beach in Batam isn’t clean, this beach was definitely on a class of its own, it’s drawback is you must travel very far for it and there isn’t much facility there as well. Just fishermans nearby.

So we decided to explore nongsa and check out the resorts there, the journey took us almost 1 hour and 30 minutes. I must say that the road conditions in Batam is not as smooth and the traffic is very rough. I really appreciate the drivers patience and understanding. We checked Batam View Beach Resort and Turi Beach Resort and by far according to my view that Turi Beach Resort is my next stay when I visit Batam again.

As for seafood, I read around here in the forum that Wey Wey is a must try seafood. Again from nongsa it is another almost 1 hour ride and because of that we decided to invite the driver for dinner as a token of appreciation. We had to force the driver to eat with us, he was really cute when he kept saying “paiseh lahh” but then we managed to get him to eat with us.

The food at Wey Wey were very cheap if you compare them to Singapore. Overall I enjoyed every dish we ordered. I will have to give this seafood restaurant a thumbs up and a must visit place whenever you are at Batam.

After our fill we decide to call it a day. Many many thanks to the driver on the information's he gave us and his patience in driving. Seriously being a passenger going around Batam gave me quite a few scares as other road users at Batam will just swerve into your lane out of no where. It’s quite incredible how the driver can keep cool in these situation without crashing into any of them or without causing quite a lot of drama when swerving to avoid them. As for me, or even other Singaporean drivers we would certainly have crashed.

The next morning, it was all rush but luckily we did our shopping on the first day. We didn’t go for any massage as we’ll make that our next visit when we come to Batam. We managed to bring 3 box of instant noodles without any questions btw as maybe the officers are used to tourist bringing box of instant noodles back to Singapore? I guess so.

Overall many thanks to Chandrana for the information needed and Richard for the driver recommendation.

I was quite pleased with my trip or maybe before coming to Batam I was always expecting for the worse.

Thanks guys, looking forward to my next visit.

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35. Re: Please share your Batam experience with us =)

Hi there,

This is my first time to be in Batam with 5 adults n 3 kids. We will be booking 3 rooms at Harmoni Suites.

Thank you to this link that we know the destination that we will be heading to : NAGOYA HILL shopping centre.

But my only issue is Harbour Bay the nearest ferry for us to harmony suites or would it be sekupang or Batam Centre???

Other then shopping at Nagoya Hill where else can we go for family with kids.

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36. Re: Please share your Batam experience with us =)


definitely Harbourbay ferry terminal. you can visit harbourbay shopping mall or batam city square shopping mall too (:

Batam, Indonesia
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37. Re: Please share your Batam experience with us =)

DTDz , well you can browse other thread for this as this thread is for sharing of your experience in Batam . wrong thread .


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38. Re: Please share your Batam experience with us =)

De' Patros Cafe in Harbour Bay

Alfresco bar/restaurant by the sea. Music was pleasant, but most of the customers were there to watch the football match.

Prices may be bit expensive for Batam, but cheap for ones who are used to Singapore price.

The place was full, but staff were attentive and we didn't feel stress.

I'd recommend for people who wants to get away from shopping malls, enjoy music and relax.

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39. Re: Please share your Batam experience with us =)

Dear friends,

I went to Batam last week with my girlfriend by boat form Singapore.

We stayed only one night.

Let me begin by telling you that it is indeed possible to buy a short-visit

visa for 10 dollars which is indeed very nice. However it is a full page

sticker and they do not stamp on the visa itself as I have always seen

in Indonesia but on a separate page. This is a bit annoying as it

occupies a lot of space and you shouldn't be short on pages.

The hotel we chose was the Novotel Batam hotel in walking distance

to the HarbourFront ferry terminal. The price I paid was 35 Euros.

In my opinion it was a very good hotel, absolutely to be recommended.

The room was very nice and quiet, the TV was very good with German

TV and other important TV stations. The breakfast was absolutely

satisfactory, too. This hotel was much better than the Puteri Pacific

Hotel in Johor Bahru which was much more expensive ( 64 Euros

per night incl. breakfast ). I cannot understand why some people claim

this Novotel is below Novotel standards. I stayed in Novotel Glasgow

in November last year for 80 pounds ! and I do not see any difference

In fact Novotel Batam is nicer becaue it has free Wifi !!!

Novotel Batam also provides free shuttle bus service three times

a day at 10 am, 2pm and 6 pm to Nagoya Shoppig Mall which saved

us 50000 Rupiah for the taxi.

Taxis are plentiful and definetely more expensive than in other

parts of Indonesia. It seems the minimum fare is 50000 Rupiah.

In Jakarta I can get a long way for that amount of money.

We did not do that much that day. We ate at Cintra Pempek which

was quite OK inside the Nagoya Shopping Mall. Afterwards we

watched a movie inside the Cinema 21 complex for 25000 Rupiah

each which was very cheap. The cinema itself was quite good and

the screen was huge.

Afterwards we took a cab for 50000 Rupiah to Baloi Mas to eat

at Adi-8. The taxi driver had some difficulties finding the location

but after asking some locals we managed to get there. The food

was indeed very good and the people very friendly. We ate the garlic

fried chicken as well as "teriyaki" which was very good indeed.

Afterwards we took a cab back to the hotel from Baloi Mas to

the hotel for 50000 Rupiah which seemed a fair price since

it is a bit far away.

The next morning we went back to Singapore. Out Batam stay

was very short, but we did enjoy the hotel a lot, the cinema and

the food. I am sure there is still a lot left to be discovered.

What I did not like about Batam are the pushy taxi drivers. I hate

being asked all the time if I needed a taxi. Reminded me of Bali.

And the McDonald's was a bit far away from the Nagoya Shopping

Mall ( I love McFlurry, only costs 7500 Rupiah in Indonesia, cheapest

place for McFlurry ever !!! ) next to the Harmoni hotel.

Batam, Indonesia
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40. Re: Please share your Batam experience with us =)

Thanks for sharing moshuman and confederate!