Enough time for International -> Domestic flight?


On Thu, June 28th, I will arrive from HK to Delhi at 3:35 on JetAirways 9W 77.

And then I have a flight on a separate PNR from Delhi to Jaipur at 6:55 on Air India AI 9643.

That's 3h and 20 min of transit time, we will be 2 people and are both on the e-visa.

My questions are:

* Do you think this will be enough time?

* Are the customs busy during this arrival time?

* Will having checked luggage delay the transit time or will it be ready by the time we go through immigration?

* If we have cabin luggage only, do we still need to visit Air India checkin or can we go straight through security and the gate with a self-printed ticket or mobile pass?

* Are Air India staff strict with carry on luggage weight?

So basically, I am wondering whether I made the connection too tight and whether taking carry-on only would speed up the process in case the JetAirways flight has a delay.

Thanks for your help!