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December visit

Hi All,

I am visiting New Mexico December 8th (5 pm) - December 12 (10 AM). Will flying in and out from Albuquerque. Will be renting a 4X4 or a pick-up truck from the Airport to take on some rough terrain.

I really want to visit the White sands on December 10, it is going to be full moon on that day. And probably camp a night if I can get the right camping gear for it somewhere. I know it can get pretty cold in the night and I will be tracking the weather closely too.

I can compromise and visit white sands before the full moon, if a particular itinerary needs it.

I am hearing about Jemez springs, Santa Fe, Red river valley.

So that people can advise me better I am listing my Wife's and my likes.

Me- camping, wildlife, off-roading, driving, hiking not for workout but something nice, food, spice, culture, meeting locals and chatting, night life

Wife - food, anything colorful, artsy, architecture, street photography, wildlife, relaxed walks, farms - animal and vegetables, wineries, flea and farmers markets, shopping.

Please help! I do not mind reasonable amount of traveling (say 3-4 hrs a day) , do mind staying at different places every night, and also if anyone has a nice vacation rental or a bed and breakfast in mind that makes a lot of sense to spend 2 nights or more to relax please do suggest.

Thanks in advance!

-Suman and Kam