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When are the good diving months in Tuamotu?

Hello fellow travelers,

I'm trying to find out when the good diving months are in Tuamotu, but wasn't able to find it in the Tuamotu forum. More specifically I'd like to know what month the waters is calm, currents are not too strong and visibility is good.

Many websites say diving in Tuamotu is good year around, but better during the dry season. The thing is a lot of websites said the same thing about diving in Maldives, and when we went last December, the visibility wasn't good 8 out of 10 dives. Though surface waters was calm in general, currents at about 1/4 of the diving sites were quite strong which made observing marine life less ideal. Would you say some months of a year currents are weaker and visibility is better in Tuamotu and what months are they? Thanks.