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A couple of detail oriented questions!


We are headed back to French Polynesia this summer for our third trip. We've only been to Bora Bora and are excited to explore the Tuamotus this time around!

We are still debating whether to split the time we have between Tikehau and Rangiroa or to hop around a bit more and add Bora Bora into the mix.

I've gathered most of the information I need but am left with a couple of tiny questions unanswered by my research!

I am a vegetarian and while I've had zero issues on Bora Bora I realize I will potentially have limited options here. I'm ok with that but on Bora Bora we often supplement by buying baguette and cheese in town. I've read the market in Tikehau is very tiny, but are those types of things there? What about wine?

For Rangiroa, from Hotel Kia Ora, are you able to bike most places? What about to the winery? (I sound like a wino with all these wine questions!) But alas, it's part of vacation for us : )

Everything else from diving to room selection I seem to have answered so this is all that's left!