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food or sun stroke

wellington england
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food or sun stroke

please could you help me ,i have tripadvised alot of sharm el sheik hotels find people complaining about food ,and belly aches.is it the sun or the food,as not one but all hotels are goin on about this,surely, every hotel has not got food poisning,has it if thats the case what hotel to go too,most r low on food quility,we went to baia lara turkey last yr on different nights my sons were sick.i didnt blame the food ,i blamed the heat,truthfully this is putting my husband off going there .but i would love to go travel agents say this is the norm.well is it as anyone been in sept or oct would this b beter time to go?

Manchester, United...
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1. Re: food or sun stroke

We went last year and going this year too. Went in Oct last year and going 30th Sep this year. I wouldn't go in july/aug as would be toooo hot. Is still hot in oct but not uncomfortably so.

Never had an instance of food poisioning and we had a 5 and 2 year old with us.

A good tip is to not eat anything that looks like it been sat there too long and try to stick to what you know. Give bowls of food a stir maybe first to get to the fresh part under the top.

I personally like to try all sorts, and I did, and I was fine too.

Don't worry about it, it is fine, just enjoy yourselves . :)

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Redhill, United...
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2. Re: food or sun stroke

In my opinion it's pretty much always the food.Well,not exactly the food but the people handling it,the food is not "off" or bad but there are a lot of bugs going around Egypt due to bad hygiene and some are going to get passed on to us bye people not being careful enough when handling and then storing the food.

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3. Re: food or sun stroke

The money is really dirty also, use lots of sanitizer gel and be careful. We have travelled all over the world and 'touch wood' have never had a problem, however my hubby got sun stroke in Turkey and that was pretty foul, if we had not both eaten exactly the same thing you might have thought that the symptons were of food poisening, MrSmall is right unfortunately people using the buffet spread germs as they like to squeeze the bread and pick up bits to taste with their fingers, no one likes to think that they have dirty hands but believe me we all do.

Sharm El Sheikh...
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4. Re: food or sun stroke

I disagree and so do the doctors here in Sharm. Most cases of an upset tummy come down to dehydration caused by a variety of factors (climate, too little water / too much alcohol, sweating out and not replacing vital minerals and salts etc). Cold drinks on hot stomachs and the constant changes of temperature from being outdoors to the a/c indoors are also strong contributing factors. Of course, some cases are also down to the food and bad hygiene but, and according to the doctors out here, it's the minority.

Sunderland, United...
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5. Re: food or sun stroke

I caught a tummy bug whilst there and my partner ended up on a drip - both were after we had been snorkelling ! - At first we blamed food but when we thought about it (after the doc had asked us if we had been snorkelling) we realised it was after swallowing a mouthful of sea water . The Doc who put my partner on the drip explained that due to the coral being so close to coast and with the heat in july bacteria levels were high - we spok to others waiting for treatment and all of those people had been snorkelling to ....that seemd to be the common issue at our hotel . BTW my fella was fine after he had the treatment - sorted him out witih 24 hours and this didnt stop us having a great holiday x

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6. Re: food or sun stroke

It's an odd one. I think it effects everyone differently. 3 times I've been to Egypt and I've not been ill whereas the people I've been with have done. Even at times where I've forgotten where I am and not drunk enough during the heat, stayed in the sun all day and swallowed their water. Things I know not to do. I'm going again in September, maybe it'll be my time then. A lot of people do get ill whilst in Egypt but as long as you take all the necessary precautions there's not much else you can do except cross your fingers. A bit of an upset stomache is definitely not worth missing out on Egypt.

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7. Re: food or sun stroke

Interesting post by -hawthorn-, caught a violent otitis while diving it erupted to full strenght when I got home, couldn't move the chin and survived on liquids until I was feeling better 4 days later. I now rinse my ears after each dive with clear water.

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8. Re: food or sun stroke


It always astounds me that people try to explain away the huge amount of stomach illness in Egypt, on too much alcohol, too much sun etc. (often by people involved with tourism)

If this were true then every hot holiday destination would have the same problems - they don't.

Visit Australia, it's very hot and ice cold beer is everywhere, however people don't get ill.

Unfortunately Egypt's stomach illnesses are mostly down to poor hygiene.


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9. Re: food or sun stroke

I honestly think its a mixture of things.

1 - yes there will be poor hygiene (not necessarily the hotel - but other guests too), so follow sensible rules when choosing what to eat and when. As I travel with youngsters we tend to eat earlier rather than later, which means the restaurant is not so busy, and the food is definatly freshly prepared. Double check with your hotel that salads, and ice are from bottled water (most are). The one time we have been poorly in egypt was after ice-cream which we witnessed the bar staff rinsing the scoop under the tap.

2 - the money (as mentioned above) is truelly filthy. We use hand gel, and wash hands thoroughly after touching it.

3 - be sun sensible. Try an afternoon siesta to avoid the worst of the sun, wear high factor sun screens AND drink drink drink. By avoiding lots of alcohol during the day, taking siestas, drinking lots of water and using a rehydration sachet each afternoon we have avoided most cases of upset tummy.

4 - if you do find yoursrlf poorly then go straight to the doctor. Do not bother taking uk remedies, the egyptian doctors know whats needed and you will be feeling better within the day if caught early.

England, United...
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10. Re: food or sun stroke

Australia is not a third world country though Ian and for a start you can drink the tap water there!

I agree it may come down to hygiene but it is not the food most of the time. If it was food poisoning then a lot of people would be poorly rather than just some.

The way i see it is that the virus is there and people just pick it up, whether it is from shaking hands with someone who has the virus and has not washed their hands after going to the loo or someone who has wee-ed in the pool...

The virus just goes around and around and around and around. Some people are lucky and some people are not.

It does seem more prevalent in Sharm than Hurghada though.

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