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Missed $2 Mil Progressive

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Brooklyn, New York
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Missed $2 Mil Progressive

On Friday night at Caesars I decided to try the Lord of the Rings slot with a $2 Million dollar plus progressive. I knew to get the top progressive I would have to play the $3.50 max bet and get 2X/2X/2X on the middle line. I played and played and the machine was just so dead, eating up my money real fast. Against my better judgement, I decided to switch to a $1.05 bet figuring at least I would be able to sit longer and make a night of it instead of running through my money fast. First spin on the $1.05 bet = 2X/2X/2X on the middle reel. I couldn't believe that I hit that progressive, which now only paid off $200+. I just stared and stared at this. The woman next to me tried to console me by telling me it probably wouldn't have hit with the $3,50 bet. Any thoughts on this. I'm still upset over this.

Jackson, New Jersey
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1. Re: Missed $2 Mil Progressive

You created a beautiful memory or a nightmare depending on how you look at it. Have done the same and I feel your pain....

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2. Re: Missed $2 Mil Progressive

Just like in VP if you had not changed your bet a different result would most likely have been "chosen" (due to timing)......... consider your $200 win a lucky one

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3. Re: Missed $2 Mil Progressive

My jaw would have dropped had it been an older version, non-computerized, manually operated slot machine.

That said, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it due to the fact that todays machines are computer/electronically generated due to those dang-rabbit embedded memory chips. You (nor any of us for that matter) will ever know the true outcome. But in all probability had you kept playing the $3.50 max, the progressive wouldn't have come up. In all the more likelihood, just picture it as a fancy, computerized (controlled) machine that was just toying with your mind. Even though a machine can be programmed to hit at a certain, given time.

Long Island, NY
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4. Re: Missed $2 Mil Progressive

I have to agree that none of us will ever know the outcome. However, I also believe that if you kept your bet at $3.50 the progressive would not have hit. This happens to us all the time. You bet high for a while and hit nothing...then when you decrease your bet the machine starts hitting. So frustrating but happens all the time.

New Jersey
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for Atlantic City
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5. Re: Missed $2 Mil Progressive

I don't think it would have hit. I had a similar thing playing a 5 cent stinkin rich slot. Playing all hundred lines for $5 a spin. I watched my money disappear until I was down to 5 cents. I bet one line instead of cashing out and get three reels of wilds with fat ladies on reels 1 and 5 but not on line 1. That would have been several thousand if that came up when I was betting 100 lines but ended up paying me 25 cents.

Bethany Beach, DE
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6. Re: Missed $2 Mil Progressive

I think you would have had a different outcome but still a tease to see the progressive after the bet change.

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7. Re: Missed $2 Mil Progressive

Hi, I saw this on line - was this the game you were playing?? Of course not in the same casino, but this guy hit last Friday 2/15 I believe it says


Atlantic City
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8. Re: Missed $2 Mil Progressive

Money doesn't buy happiness, usually has the opposite effect. Rejoice.

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9. Re: Missed $2 Mil Progressive

It's like when a person runs thru 50 play spins at a slot & the machine doesn't payoff squat. Yet, as soon as you get up & another person sit's down to play, it suddenly begins to payoff. Both used their player's card while playing the same machine. The Player's System runs a block (or series) of acct. numbers thru on a given day &/or particular timeframe. So, either your player's acct. no. is shutdown whereas the machine will not hit/payout while another person's acct. no. may be turned on to hit/payoff. It's happened to me & I'll laugh it off. I don't get upset about it because I know the whole system is controllably fixed. Don't think for one minute the two systems (both the slot & player's acct. systems) do not have the capability to simultaneously communicate together. The entire system is computerized. Why do folks experience better payoff days than on other days when they've lost? Take companies that own & operate multiple properties. Using your player's card, you can be losing at one property while you could be potentially winning (or losing very little or breaking even) at another of their properties. Ever consider that your player's acct. might possibly be set (either to break even, little or no payouts, moderate payouts, or to hit 1+ jackpots) at one, more, or all of a company's properties duriing a particular day/night/timeframe/hour?

Fantasize in your mind a slot machine (that you are losing on or that's messing with your mind) as an adolescent child which sticks it's tongue out at you and goes naa...naa...naa...naa... naa! Then reflect in your mind as you return the favor right back at it...LOL!...and move on.

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10. Re: Missed $2 Mil Progressive

I think the millisecond it took to took to change your bet - changed your outcome so no i think at the original bet you probably would NOT have seen it

It does seem that decreasing bets sometimes seems to inspire a hit - with the RNG I guess its just chance but its frustrating as hell.

Congrats on the win, savor the what if and keep dreaming! You got to be in it to win it!