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stinking rich slot machine

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stinking rich slot machine

Has anyone paid for this system on how to beat the stinking rich slot machine? If so how does it work and are you happy with it ?????

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21. Re: stinking rich slot machine

Those who think you must play 100 lines or 77 to get more spins are correct BUT what most do not know is more spins doesnt mean more cash. This year alone i hit 2 jackpots and was playing 15 lines x 5 bet=.75 total bet and the 2nd one was on 25 x 5= 1.25... Each bonus came up for only 5spins and as you all know once into the bonus it gives you all 100 lines regardless how you got there. The 1 jackpot of 2,500 started re triggering after the initial 5spins fro 45 total spins treated like 100x5 ( fat lady up front and 3 rows of wilds and her in the last.) The 2,400 2nd jackpot was on 25x5 fro 5 spins and the 1st one was it. If your machines in a drought,try 15x5 or 25x4. you always better off to play low lines high bet.,forget how many spins and remember when a machine wants to unload you must 1st be in a situation where it can(4 or 5 bet) Forget the 100x1 and start playing more 25x4 :) Ive hit many 3-4-5-6-700.00 hits and jackpots playing this way and over the long haul youll see bigger wins too :) Good luck!!

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22. Re: stinking rich slot machine

I tried the 77 line system and was disappointed when it didn't reward me with the full bonus rounds. I have a serious love hate relationship with that game...it either gobbles your money or....you win. Last night playing at Resorts I made over $800 in a bonus round! I've made $500 a couple times but never over $800!

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23. Re: stinking rich slot machine

There is a SR slot in a cluster of 2 cents machines infront of the Marina Tower at Harrahs. It's a huge draw, but most players can't seem to keep up. I think it has something to do with the max being $10. I've never seen anyone hit big on it either. That has got to be the biggest money maker for that casino.

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24. Re: stinking rich slot machine

Here is what I know about SR from my experience. #1 Anyone who tells you that you need to play more lines is wrong.Yes you get more free spins if the keys come up the right way but it doesnt equal into jackpots or 7-800.00 wins.

#2 Machines know exactly what lines your playing and will put what it needs to unload on what you have(kinda like playing a 5 or 9 line real machine and you hit a good one playing 1-2 lines)

#3 Machines droughts can be stimulated sometimes by changing lines and bet. Here is how i play a 20.00. 1st click 50x4=2.00 then 50x3=1.50 then 25x5=1.25 for a few clicks and when you have 6-7bux left(on the old machines) changes your line to 15x5=.75

and finish it out. I hit 2500.00 hand pay last year playing 15x5. Granted i only got 5 spins which the only play you can get 10spins is out of the corners but when its ready to unload 5 spins is all thats needed and you will get retriggers or the fat lady screen on 1 of em.

My 2nd jackpot came towards the end of the year at the same casino(tri-state casino cross lanes ,wv) playing 25x5. I 1st got 15 spins the resulted in only 6.50 on max bet in bonus(since this cam gives 100 full lanes regardless how you got there) THEN 3 clicks later it gave me 5 spins and the 1st one was the fat lady up front,3 rows of wilds with her on the last,2,400.

Some players lay the 5 dollar bets to em when its not needed. People think OH! i want all lines covered or if i would have all lines played i would have got that? Nope,and you experienced players know what i mean when i say that its nothing but bate. So both my jackpots came on .75 bet and 1.25 bet but the key is to make sure your on 3-4-5 bet so when you get the bonus it can unload all 100lines there on your higher bet.,unless you are content with the 40 and 80.00 wins? Good luck!

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25. Re: stinking rich slot machine

A wise man gave me this tip about Stinkin Rich:

The more you play the more you lose.

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26. Re: stinking rich slot machine

ray 18 I really hope you don't believe any of that nonsense you posted. does anyone really think the people who designed this game are stupid? here is the end all to why playing the 77 line deal is DUMB...you are eliminating 23 LINES!!! forget the bonus. forget the fact that you will bonus less spins. during your regular play, where 95% of all your spins come from, you are missing out on PAYLINES! I don't know what the sr paytable is. lets say you get 10 bucks for 5 fat ladies and you hit 5 fat ladies with all wilds. that's 23 X 10 bucks you just missed. its 23 more CENTS to play the game and give yourself maximum odds. the odds are tough enough on a slot. taking away paylines is just dumb.to all the other stuff you posted about "fooling" the machine by changing up the paylines and bets? I wont even reply to that.

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28. Re: stinking rich slot machine

Ray 18 did a recount of his experience. I've also heard other people say the same thing. I haven't tried it, so can't comment if it would work or not.... I am going to try it one of these days and see what happens.

29. Re: stinking rich slot machine

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30. Re: stinking rich slot machine

>>Have you seen anybody had a jackpot after jackpot?<<


>>If machine is ready to pay, it pays.<<

is that what you mean by the "status" of each machine? if so, please explain how one knows the machine is ready to pay.

>>Every time I post something on public forum like this, I always see posts about right or wrong. I think it is better to try after you say something or thank to the member who share what he or he discovered.<<

what is it you believe the member has discovered? that there are certain times when slot machines must "unload" and that slots have something programed into them that allows them to only put the winning symbols on the lines you have played?

neither of those things are true, nor are any of the other fanciful notions.