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Sailing on the "Fritz on Jacqueline" from Panama

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Sailing on the "Fritz on Jacqueline" from Panama

My daughter is taking it tomorrow from Panama to Cartagena via the San Blas Islands and I can't find anything online about it. Not the end of the world to not have an online presence, but sure would love to hear something about someone's experience! Thx :)

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21. Re: Sailing on the "Fritz on Jacqueline" from Panama

Finally, somebody has written the truth about the "obese body" of Fritz.

His rusted ferry is now in Panama, luckily it will never start running, if it would - will be so dangerous, because the ferry is not in condition. Fritz maybe you can think about running San Blas Ferry "trips on the anchorage" with Colombian hookers, the same as on Jacqueline?


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22. Re: Sailing on the "Fritz on Jacqueline" from Panama

DO NOT BOOK WITH Fritz on Jacqueline !!!!!!!!!!!!

Fritz is a horrible man. I have been on his boat after he advertise everywhere that there will be 16 people on the boat, but we ended to be 24!!! we ended "try sleeping" on the deck. the sad part he didn't gives a damn about it or about anybody who was on the boat.


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23. Re: Sailing on the "Fritz on Jacqueline" from Panama

I couldn't agree more with some of last few comments regarding the Jacqueline and Fritz himself. Of everything Fritz promised, almost nothing was delivered.

We were told we had to leave from Portobelo as the immigration in Carti 'didn't work'. A lie, as friends of friends we met in Cartagena had done the reverse crossing the same time and arrived in Carti and had their immigration done just fine. Either way, the crew that did the journey with us, told us that we only left from Portobelo as Fritz wanted to do work on the boat!

Now, in regards to the work to the boat. My girlfriend and I had paid the extra $100 each for a private room. When we asked which we should take, Fritz told us, it doesn't matter as they are all the same. He failed to mention that works had been done at 3am the morning of our departure in the room we were given. The crew told us that the unbearable smell in our room was from a polyester silicone and that the recommend 'airing' time was 1 week for the room. The smell was that strong and sickening that my girlfriend failed to spend 1 of the 4 nights in the room.

Because the boat left from Portobelo, our first entire 24 hours was spend sailing to the San Blas islands. So we effectively lost a whole day and a half and night in the San Blas islands. The Captain did offer to have us stay one more night in the islands, but unfortunately some passengers had commitments that could not be missed. A predictament we should never have been in in the first place.

Lastly, when you book the boat you are promised no more than 16 passengers plus 3 crew. Unfortunately we had 21 passengers and 3 crew, and when a wave crashed over the right side of the boat and went through the faulty latches soaking nearly all the beds on that side. Nearly 15 passengers were forced to find any bit of floor that they could sleep on.

When I contacted Fritz about what had happened , I at least expected a dignified response from what I thought would be a professional business man. All I got from Fritz was immature, dim witted responses. This man is a money hungry and sexist pig (which remarkably he evens hands out printed copies when you do the briefing with these sexists remarks). He does not care about his patrons, all he cares about his counting cash. If he had any decency, he would have righted his wrongs and refund a portion of the trip for some of the things which were promised but not delivered.

I honestly wouldn't send my worst enemy on this boat. Fritz is a terrible human being and should be allowed to run a service business. Funnily enough I met a girl in Central America who did the trip from Colombia to Panama and said on that trip, Fritz bought along a Colombian prostitute.

One final thing, I have found it increasingly hard to find a place to leave a legitimate negative review for this (if you look at my profile, I mostly only leave positive reviews, but I found this too hard to ignore). It is quite obvious also that hostels around panama and Cartagena receive kickbacks from booking these trips and that is why they don't post all the negative reviews they receive. If anyone could point me in the direction of a website where I could leave more of my experiences with Fritz that would be greatly appreciated

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24. Re: Sailing on the "Fritz on Jacqueline" from Panama


My brother and I went on the Jacqueline in may 2014. We were on the boat with 15 people + 2 crewmembers. The total amount we paid for the trip was 550 dollars, quit a lot of money. Let me be clear about one thing: the captain Jose and our chef were amazing and lovely people. The food was good and they went out of their way to make the trip pleasant for us. This does not go for Fritz. He provides no service at all and is only concerned about getting more money. There is no limit to the amount of passengers he will place on the boat. Two weeks before our trip there was a group of 24 people on the boat. Even with 15 + 2 crew it is already crowded. The boat has a lot of maintenance that needs to be done and is not properly cleaned. When we entered the ship only 1 toilet was working. This toilet was clogged every day and it was no exception that we couldn't use the toilet for hours.

When we arrived to the port we needed to get a 4x4 taxi to Panama City. 1 car can take up to 7 people. The trip takes 2 hours and the fixed price was 35 dollars per person!! We tried to negotiate but the driver said that it wasn't his choice because some of the money went to the ship. We found this a very strange comment but we had no choice and went in to the car. After half an hour (it was already dark by then) we couldn't go further because there was a gate closed. After waiting for 10 minutes a guy came to us and said we needed to pay an extra 10 dollars per person (150 dollar in total!!) so he would open the gate. They were threatening us that we would have to pay eventually because if we would come back the following morning they would still be there. We refused and went back in the cars. After waiting 30 minutes we eventually paid 50 dollars in total. The cab drivers acted as if they could do nothing about the situation and protected us in no way. Just before entering Panama City we stopped at a shopping mall. There the drivers called Fritz and everyting became clear to us. Fritz threatened us on the phone saying we all needed to pay 10 dollars for the gate to be opened otherwise we would not go anywhere. It became clear that the drivers work for Fritz and he makes sure the drivers ask for 35 dollars per person. He also knows about the gate and the 10 dollars people need to pay to open it. Fritz controlls that as well. We refused again and after waiting for a while we got into the cars and where dropped of at a hostel. Not all of us were sleeping at this hostel and they didn't even drop other people of at their hostel. You would think that if you pay 35 dollars per person for a cab ride you would be dropped of at your own hostel.


Fritz is a manipulator and drops you off at a dodgy port where he controlls everything. He makes sure he squeezes you for the last dollar you have got. He is a crook!

I feel very bad for the captain and chef that they have such a bad employer. They deserve better than that. For alle people that are planning to do this sailing trip, please book another boat and make sure Fritz does not take advantage of other tourists anymore!!

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25. Re: Sailing on the "Fritz on Jacqueline" from Panama

Review of the Fritz on Jaqualine, Panama to Colombia sailing trip.

19th to the 23rd June 2014

We recently traveled from Panama to Colombia with Fritz on Jacqueline and were totally disgusted by the conditions we found on the boat.

I have done a fair bit of sailing in my life and would never set foot on the boat again and would advise everyone to take another boat.

Here is a list of what we were unhappy about. Images included were taken throughout the trip.

Our private cabin door did not have a frame for the door to close in to so was always open. This also creaked very loudly for 5 days and stopped us from sleeping.

Our cabin leaked water even when the windows were fully and properly closed. This was the case for people in other cabins too.

Many people had no cabin or bunk and had to sleep in the lounge area or out side.

Many of the windows were coming apart on the inside with ceilings in many cabins collapsing.

The toilet seats in both toilets our side were broken. We didn't check the others.

The bathrooms were not in a good state, exposed old electrics and dirty mirrors.

The door to our area of the boat was missing and it's frame had split leaving a large section sticking out for people to impale themselves on whilst on rough seas.

The metal vertical bar on the left hand side of the saloon was not attached to the ceiling allowing the whole area to move up and down whilst sailing which made a lot of noise - by the end of the journey the right side had also come apart.

There were several important ropes that were frayed and rusted equipment.

The one and only life raft had no inspection date and we were given no instruction in its use.

One area of the fibreglass deck oozed water when stood on.- this was before it rained.

Although we were told by our hostel that 17 would be the most on the boat we made the journey with 25 as we picked up the owner Fritz and his wife before we left the San Blas islands.

The owner Fritz also decided that we were not going to do any proper sailing during the trip- even against the direct request of his captain and his guests.

The last two days were spent with the noisy motors on and on and during the last night the right engine developed a problem and had to be restarted every 5 mins from 11pm till our arrival at 7am.

The food was ok but pasta was used in many meals and there were very few veg during the five days. Crepes with sugar, honey and rum were served as a main meal.

The one vegetarian on board had requested veg meals but his request had been ignored and the captain and staff knew nothing about it. If this had been nut allergies or something similar it could have been very serious negligence.

The first thee days around the islands were very slow (24 Hours at the same first spot) and rather disorganised, the captain was not very good at communicating with the group as a whole so many were unaware of a plan for the days and various opportunities.

When not controlling the boat, our captain spent most of his time on his laptop or on his mobile phone.

We had virtually no contact with the kuna people, other than two little shops on two islands and some kuna trying to sell us things by boat. We learnt nothing of their traditions or way of life.

The snorkelling equipment was pathetic, many broken, missing lenses, filthy rubber, leaking snorkels and leaking masks. Many fins were broken and the size range was not adequate for the high number of people on board.the first two snorkelling spots were ok but day three contained no reef and the water was filthy.

The underside of the boat didn't look like it had been cleaned for several years.

So as you can see we and others on board were pretty disappointed, I hope this has given you all enough information to not make the mistake we did. There are better and safer boats, better crews and better experiences out there for the same price, choose one of those.

I spoke to Fritz's wife on the trip, who said they will do the sailing for one more year and then when his new enterprise sanblasferry ( a full size ferry that I definitely won't be going on and would advise others not to ) starts to make money they will stop. Judging by the state they have let the boat get into so far, I would not believe any promises of new rope, refits or anything else. Fritz ran his last boat into a dangerous level of dis repair and nearly killed 20 people, I wouldn't trust him not to do the same with this one.

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26. Re: Sailing on the "Fritz on Jacqueline" from Panama

Hi, I'm a little concerned. I have just paid a deposit to sail the Jacqueline in Aug 2014 and am wondering should I go ahead with it at all. It sounds terrible. Is it really that bad? How else can I get to cartegina?

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27. Re: Sailing on the "Fritz on Jacqueline" from Panama

Check out Blue Sailing, they work with a lot of boats. www.bluesailing.net

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28. Re: Sailing on the "Fritz on Jacqueline" from Panama

Catamaran Jacqueline with captain Fritz , just hit the reef in San Blas, I want to hear what is the damage, I read 2 years ago his boat Fritz the Cat sank, now he hit the reef with the new boat.

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29. Re: Sailing on the "Fritz on Jacqueline" from Panama

T H I N K..before You booking - Fritz to act like Pirate...!!!

I read good and bad opinions about the captain and I have to write about my deliberations . I have never been his client and I am not going to judge his professionalism, however after his action toward friend of mine I would think 3 times before I would put my foot on yacht with him...!!!

Mature, civilized (?) man, without a reason attacked with a knife my friend's small dog...!!!

Is that proper behavior for normal,mentally balanced person...??? (and captain who is responsible for people on board)

How anyone could be sure if this person wouldn't act similar to that toward anyone on board with different opinion about something...???!!!

I am warning you - think twice before you will want to booked with him on yacht...!!!!!!!!!!

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30. Re: Sailing on the "Fritz on Jacqueline" from Panama