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Grannie’s home

Sydney, Australia
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Grannie’s home

Hiya, yes we made it. Have been back 2 days battling jet lag and unfortunately Bangkok belly (TMI ?) Anyway I want you to know that I did not forget you. I sat in Paris cybercafé some 6-7 weeks ago and spent 45 mins battling French keyboard to do my Burj tea report. It was witty, it was informative-that was the whole point, advice for those who were following in my footsteps. It was…gone! Before my horrified eyes the screen shut down. The twat in charge gave a Gallic shrug and said ‘zee server ‘as failed’ then ‘it is not a problem’ not for you mate. I can’t tell you how much I came to hate that phrase over the next couple of months.

Anyway I digress. To prove how much I like to move, we are going away for the weekend so Trip Report comes later.

I have been keeping tabs on you all from many cybercafés, Casablanca was one! So up to speed to a certain extent. I need some quick advice though, it’s Friday and we leaving tonight. I have received these emails from TA regarding personal info on site. Tick boxes ‘is not a problem’ but I wonder how much else to share? What are the rest of you planning?

Bolton, England
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1. Re: Grannie’s home

OOooorrr Granny you swore !!!!!!!!!! Did it get you that mad?

I haven't looked at the new thing yet re giving information about yourself so cannot help but I would say share what you want to share and keep private what you want to keep private. It is a personal thing so everyone will have different opinions.

Didn't see this post and have already replied to you on my Pisces post..................sorry. Nice to have you back anyway xxxx

Sydney, Australia
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2. Re: Grannie’s home

Hi Mollie,don't think I did swear.I certainly shouted,and flatly refused to be put off.Not that I can't and do,swear.

The cut off for info is Oct 15th and we now deciding to leave 1st thing tomorrow so must decide.Don't want to wimp it or give my entire life away either?

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3. Re: Grannie’s home

Got nothing from TA about personal information ... unless it came into my SPAM mailbox in which case it is all immediately deleted!!

Sydney, Australia
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4. Re: Grannie’s home

This is what hey sent.


Our apologies if you received an earlier version of this letter that contained broken links. The links have now been updated and you should be able to access your member profile.

I'm writing to tell you about some important and exciting changes that impact how your reviews are shown on TripAdvisor. Please read this entire message carefully so that you understand the upcoming changes we will be making to our site and your options.

We are previewing these changes before making them live to the public to give you an opportunity to decide how much information you are comfortable sharing about yourself with the TripAdvisor community. You will be able to see the new version of your profile and preview what the public will see, but others will not be able to see the updates to your profile until October 16th. Please take action before October 16th to decide how you would like your profile handled before it is unveiled to the public.


Based on numerous requests from our members, we've updated our member profiles to include ALL of the reviews and opinions each member contributes to TripAdvisor. We are also providing optional expanded profiles that will allow you to learn more about the people whose opinions you read while planning your vacations and share more about yourself with the TripAdvisor community.


You will be able to see ALL of your TripAdvisor contributions in one place – no more hunting around the site to find your reviews and photos!

You will be able to see more information about other contributors to TripAdvisor. By clicking on their screen name, you will be able to see all the reviews and other opinions that person has submitted to TripAdvisor. If they have completed an expanded profile, you will also be able to see additional information, including where they've traveled, their travel style and their age. All of this is intended to help you decide if a particular review or other opinion is relevant to your travel decisions.

Other people will be able to see the same information about you by clicking from your screen name to your member profile. As of October 16th, your reviews will be credited to your screen name rather than "A TripAdvisor Member," just like other contributions are today.

You will have the option to share more about yourself with other travelers in the TripAdvisor community. (But only if you choose to!)

If this sounds good, there's nothing you need to do right now, but you're welcome to preview and start building your expanded profile: www.tripadvisor.com/memberprofile?&c=pm


While we hope you will enjoy the benefits of these new changes, we know that some of you may have concerns about the changes and whether they might compromise your privacy. We've given these changes quite a lot of thought and hope these options and assurances will set your mind at ease:

You can decide how much profile information to share. Whether you fill out the new optional expanded profile and how many profile questions you answer is entirely up to you.

We will never expose your e-mail address, real name, mailing address or other private information to any other member of TripAdvisor (unless you choose to include it in the body of a review, post or other opinion). Any profile information that will be viewable by others will be clearly marked as such.

We will never sell or share any personal information you submit to our site with other companies. See our privacy policy.

To protect your identity, no e-mail addresses will be displayed in reviews going forward. You used to have the option to display your e-mail address with your review. Beginning October 16th, all reviews (new and historical) will be credited to screen names. If you have ever checked the optional box to have your e-mail address included in a review, that review will be updated to display your screen name to better protect your identity.

You can remove reviews from your profile that were submitted before we started collecting screen names with reviews (July 19, 2006).


To see the changes to your profile, please visit www.tripadvisor.com/memberprofile?&c=cu .

From this page you will be able to preview how others will see your profile and you will have the option to remove all reviews submitted prior to July 19, 2006 from your profile. Should you choose this option, your reviews will remain on our site, but will be credited to "A TripAdvisor Member" and permanently removed from your profile.

You have until October 15th to remove reviews from your profile before they become visible to the public.

Here is a sample of the reviews that will be linked to your screen name unless you choose to remove them from your profile:

Port Douglas: Martinique on Macrossan: 4 Star in Queensland may not be what you expect, 2006-07-04

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about these changes, please don't hesitate to contact us at profileupdate@tripadvisor.com. We made these updates because many travelers requested them, but we want to hear what you think of the changes. Positive or negative, we welcome your feedback.

Please review your profile and decide how you would like your reviews treated before October 16th: www.tripadvisor.com/memberprofile?&c=cu.

Thank you for taking the time to read this (rather lengthy!) message and for all your contributions to our site.

Warm Regards,

Steve Kaufer

President and CEO


I did indeed review the Martinique in Port D.I accept this is authentic TA.cheese and rice that sounds formal!

Bangor, United...
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5. Re: Grannie’s home

Welcome Back Grannie and glad you had a good time. Looking forward to your TR.

I didn't do anything about the TA email. Just left thing as they were!!

Imagine just home and off again for the weekend. Good For You!!!!

6. Re: Grannie’s home

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