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We had arrived and we liked !!

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Bolton, England
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We had arrived and we liked !!

Okay guys are we sitting comfortably ? Then I will begin.

Now where were we??? - Ah yes - the room........

The silver coin for a key is just flashed past a little screen on the wall which gains you entry to your room.

After we were left on our own we had a good nose around. We were staying in an ocean deluxe room which is a basic room with a view of the ocean. The rooms are quite large with the biggest bed I have ever slept in. If you both lie on each side of the bed and put your arm straight out to the side of you, you cannot touch the other person, just to give you an idea I'm not suggesting you spend you holiday doing this !!!!!

As you walk in there is a large thick wooden mirror to your right then left is a huge chest of drawers with a wooden/leather box on top with a mirror on top of that. Then again to your left are the wardrobes which are a decent size and contain the safe and the iron and ironing board oh and your dressing gowns. I will say one thing that another lady commented on, the throw for the bed and the cushions were in there too and I think it would have been nice to see them on the bed as they were beautful colours.

Then to the left of the wardrobes is the bathroom. The bathroom is a mixture of marble and granite with double basins huge separate shower, quite a large bath and a separate room off it with the toilet in. Toiletries wise you get a set for the men and a separate set for the women. You get shower gel,shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, sewing kit, nail kit, cotton pads and cotton buds. There is also always extra bottles of water in the bathroom which is complimentary. There were never less than five bottles of water at any one time in our room which I was most impressed with.

As you come out of the bathroom you go under some arches which leads you into the main part of the bedroom which houses a bed (never !!!) TV in a cabinet which has the mini bar underneath which incidentally is well stocked. To the side of the mini bar there is also sun tan lotions, cards, pringles, nuts, chocolate etc and glasses. Then close to the window is a small seating area with a table and two chairs and a desk with a chair, oh and a fax machine in it's own unit. The furniture is all dark wood and very thick and substational looking, the soft furnishings are plush, and very good quality in reds and browns. You also have three phones in total in your room. On the table is also a huge dish of fruit and little leather boxes filled with dates and sweets which were delicous.

Then outside on your balcony is a table and two chairs.

Although we couldn't see the Burj from our room the view was still breathtaking and not once did I tire of opening the curtains then the doors and looking out over the waterway then the pool and then onto the ocean. I would like to say that i feel the attention to detail in this hotel is what makes it so special. Every night as a lot of hotels do there was a chocolate on each pillow, however what I noticed was not once did they repeat the same chocolate in the week that we were there,they were all packaged slightly differently. They are now at home in a bowl looking very splendid indeed. Nobody is allowed to eat them though !!!

Anyway we unpacked had a long awaited shower and then ventured off to discover the hotel, mainly the beach and a lie down on the sunbeds, as just in case you had fogotten I was very tired,no sleep on the plane, yes you remember now?

But before that we had breakfast in the main restaurant in the hotel

The food was very nice with all the usual hot stuff including eggs to order, pancakes to order etc beautiful breads and pastries, yoghurts, a fantastic choice of fruit juices which were all fresh juice not the usual rubbish we drink at home from the supermarket. My favourite was the lemon and mint. You can also order cappucino, espresso or lattes aswell as ordinary coffee. David went to get some milk one morning for his tea and the waiter spotted him as he was walking back to the table and insisted that he carry it for him on a little silver plate. Now that is proper service and there was never any lingering for a tip either,they were just genuinely pleased to help.

So next stop beach. You have a choice on the beach of either chairs, sunbeds with tables and umberellas then little cabana style sunbathing which had curtains that you could block the sun out with and they were more like beds, good for families.

As you head towards your sunbed the guy is there and they get your sunbed ready with a towel then a little rolled up towel as a pillow. You order water which comes in a wooden pale filled with ice and two plastic glasses. The water was fifteen dirhams for a two litre bottle which I thought was very good. I even saw the waiters on the beach regularly move peoples buckets around to keep them in the shade again attention to detail.

So we were lazing on the beach and I am staring at the Burj as don't forget this is the first time we have properly seen it and I said I wonder if we see helicopters landing on the helipad ? Probably two to three hours later we had counted seven helicopters landing on the helipad and as you can imagine it was then no longer novel to see.

We had a play in the ocean which is like playing in a luke warm bath and I spotted this bright blue thing. I went closer and yes it was a jellyfish. Nobody told me about those slippery suckers before I went but not only is there bright blue ones which is okay as you can spot them there were also clear see through ones which were much harder to spot. The lifeguards have vinegar with them for this very reason but I did not give the blighters the chance I was on jellyfish watch everytime I went in the ocean then, but I must say it did not stop me going in.

We had a fantastic day lazing on the beach trying to acclimatise to the heat caught up on a bit of sleep, under the umberella of course and then went up to our room as we were booked in a Pisces at 7.30pm.

We took our time and got ready had a glass of wine in the room/on the balcony and we walked through to the Souk and Pisces. It was only just opening when we got there and we were the first people in. I was so impressed with the interior which was all wood, steel and chrome. There is a bar style table that you can eat at in the middle of the main bar area which is underlit blue and looks fantastic. Very cool and contemporary, very classy and chic. We chose to sit outside still and it was warm but pleasant enough to be outside. We both had a champagne cocktail and water and then they brought the menus.

We loved the menu as it was one of those where sometimes you really don't know what you are going to get because you could only understand half of the ingredients that were described. You know sometimes they describe a dish and you think well I don't know what that is but it sounds good. Good is not a word I would use for Pisces, Fantastic is also not good enough, I think I would need Rosie to come up with the best ever word for me to describe it.

They brought the bread round which I tried the squid ink breadstick and the beetroot bread. David had the squid ink too and an olive bread. I have never tasted bread like it. The squid ink breadstick was at first crispy and then completely melted in your mouth with a buttery feel to it. The beetroot bread was so so tasty as it was flavoured with the beetroot then when you got to the middle it was just an explosion of taste in your mouth.

I had ordered the scallops to start and a fillet steak as a main meal and David had ordered the lobster as his main meal and we cannot remember what his starter was, sorry!! The canapes came and I could not tell you what they were as they were again ingredients that you didn't fully udnerstand apart from fois gras was one of them. They were real teasers of what we were about to receive and by this stage we knew we were in for a fantastic meal. My scallops were all lined up and delicous the best I have ever had then we had a cosomme which was very very moorish. My fillet was cooked to perfection and tasted incredible and David's lobster was like nothing we had ever seen. Huge amounts of lobster beautfully done with a truly fantastic sauce. The food is cooked to perfection with tastes that you could never come up with yourself, everything is timed again to perfection and piping hot and fresh. The service is outstanding with the nicest members of staff. The lady in charge was actually the second in command waiting for her new boss to arrive that week. She was originally from Taiwan but had spent the last few years in London and had been headhunted I suppose to join Pisces when it opened. She has an impeccable eye for detail, she sees everything and misses nothing and this is reflected in the service and the rest of the staff. A very happy crew here at Pisces and if they weren't then they were good actors.

We then had a jellied sorbet, again beautfuly and competely refreshed your mouth. Then came dessert.

I opted for the six chocolate dessert and David opted for another delicously sounding chocolate dessert. It was chocolate heaven and then some. There were peices of toffee that came swirling out of the desserts and went up high in one very delicate piece about eight inches above your plate, it was a work of art. The effort that goes into every dish is remarkable. Even the coffee was a work of art. You got a plate with a cup of coffee, cream sugar etc then a long block of nougat covered in chocolate then another long block of another type of chocolate and some biscuits. Then there were three tiny test tubes of different flavours for your coffee, chocolate, vanilla and caramel. Amazing.

All in all we had had a fantastic first night in Dubai all down to Pisces and it's outstanding food and service. We then left which was about ten o'clock by this stage and I think it cost about £150 which I forgot to mention we had also had a nice bottle of wine which I think was about £60 so i think the cost of the food is incredible for the quality that you are getting.

We had a quick stroll around a bit of the souk and headed back to the room. As we walked back through the corridors to the hotel we noticed that they were all lit up with lanterns with candles inside all along the floor of every corridor, it looked so beautiful and again I say it, attention to detail.

The rooms are so quiet and we slept so well the pillows are huge and very comfortable so we awoke raring to go the next day. Al Nafoorah was our next evening meal and I was also looking forward to that. But before that we had another sundrenched day ahead of us and deciding what to do with it................... I'll let you know ............xxxx

West Sussex
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1. Re: We had arrived and we liked !!

Simply outstanding. Molly you write beautifully. A truely wonderful description of your room and first day in resort. After reading what you ate at Pisces,we will definately have a meal there ( It will probably be the best meal my 13yr son will ever experience!) .

I'm really glad that you have taken the time to share your holiday with us. Contributions from our local experts and excellent posts from everyone else make this site a real joy to visit ...the banter is another reason as well !

We can't wait for part 2.


West Sussex
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2. Re: We had arrived and we liked !!

Oops too much Baileys, I meant part 3 (hic!)

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3. Re: We had arrived and we liked !!

Absoutely fantastic, it made me laugh about the bed, we experienced the same .

Youve def sold Pisces, we were due to go last time but went to pierchic instead, next time def going to Pisces.

Really looking to the next one.

Brackley, United...
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4. Re: We had arrived and we liked !!

Totally excellant Mollie, can't wait for the next installment, its better than some soaps!. So so glad we have pre booked for Pisces.

New Zealand
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5. Re: We had arrived and we liked !!

Drooled over the food description as I was eating my bowl of cornflakes which I don't think I tasted at all!

Bring on the next one........

London, United...
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6. Re: We had arrived and we liked !!

Well the wait was worth it Mollie well done! I am just salivating as I read your detailed report on the food at Pisces. Lets face it if you have nt had a squid ink bread-stick you have nt lived have you? As for the jelly-fish euw! You would not have got me anywhere near the sea if I had known about those. One of my dear little pupils who stayed in the JBH at Easter told me about the sea snake he saw in the water double euw!

Here and there
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for Dubai, Pissouri
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7. Re: We had arrived and we liked !!

Hi Mollie

Fabulous report - the attention to detail is obviously catching. As is the bed thing, they have those beds in the Ritz Carlton too. In fact they seem to go in for HUGE beds in several places.

Great review of Pisces. I had the six choclate thing too but wished I'd known that when they bring the coffee you get all those sweet chocolate type things with it as I wouldn't have bothered ordering dessert if I'd known.

Bring on part 3.

Dubai, UAE
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8. Re: We had arrived and we liked !!

Excellent - just want to go there for the desert now. I also made the mistake at Vu's not realising you more or less get a box of chocolates with your coffee and even more stupidly didn't ask for a doggy bag for them!!!!

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9. Re: We had arrived and we liked !!


Thank you for taking me back to last October and our stay at Al Qasr.

The best vacation I've had in years.

Your trip report is so amazing and you are so good to describe the place; the outstanding service level, the rooms, the beds, the bathrooms, lounges, pools, the beach and some of the restaurants. I can almost sense the entire atmosphere of the Al Qasr when I read your report.

Please keep going; I can't wait to hear more....... :-)

Bolton, England
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10. Re: We had arrived and we liked !!


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed we went to Pisces again on the last night will reveal all on that report but I have the menu for that one so won't forget anything!!


You really do have to go to Pisces as Rosie says you haven't lived until you have had squid ink breadsticks. Come on you know you can trust Rosie and me xx

Roan & Zappers

Thank you! Wait for the last meal description Roan you will be glad then you have booked Pisces.

Zappers I hope you gave Jerry some cornflakes xx


You know now for next time but oh my god a sea snake !!! What was your favourite dish at Pisces or dishes?


Big beds do have their advantage though I must say xx Not forgotten your pictures !!


You live and learn next time ask for the doggy bag see even at 21 you still have a lot to learn eh????


Thank you for your kind words glad I took you back there it is an amazing place isn't it??

more pictures of Jerry more pictures of Jerry come on Zappers