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cost of living in dubai

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cost of living in dubai

I'm planning to have my career in dubai but I dnt have enough knowledge about this place. I'm asking favor for those who have such idea, I'm would be glad for for such information. These are the following things I would like to know: the actual cost of living in dubai, the accomodation and food that I would spend there and other importants information. pls you may send it to my email address at andrea_winterspoon@yahoo.ca

Thank you:)

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1. Re: cost of living in dubai

Try asking on the following forum, it's more geared up to answering:



Paste the whole URL in together, removing the break (TA can't take such a long URL)

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2. Re: cost of living in dubai

What do you do for a living? That would help to know as we can tell you you could rent a villa for Dhs. 200,000 per annum, but you are a receptionist who will earn Dhs. 2,000 per month all-in. Please let us have an idea of what you do, where you are going to work, etc.

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3. Re: cost of living in dubai

Dependant on your salary, you will be forced to live. If your earning under Dhs.4000 to 5000 then you would most probably end up sharing accomodation with friends/strangers.

Rents constantly go up but with the marina and other projects set to finish by Mar 06, there is hope it may fall or stabalise - dont hold your breath.

Petrol cost and food cost also go up and it looks like these will be our next biggest headache.

Personal views - try migrating to Australia or somewhere else, cause you can work hard and atleast become a resident. Here its all temporary and at the end of the day there is no stability.

If your earning less than 5 grand, make sure the company will provide your with living quarters otherwise the savings will be that much less - rooms cost anywhere from 500 to 2500 per month - water/electricity should come to another Dhs.150 or so.

If you cook, cost of food would be less or about Dhs.1000, if you eat out, depends where then anywhere from Dhs.10 to Dhs.100 per meal.

Transportation is another killer - if your not getting a company bus then expect to add Dhs.500 for share a car. Cab ride per trip will cost Dhs.30 to 50 so if you go shopping or visiting or church - add that per trip.

hope that helps.

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4. Re: cost of living in dubai

If your not keeping good health then medical is another cost.

Company medical schemes are varied and most of the time useless. Ask about that.

Simple troath infection could cost you about dhs.150 to 200 for one round of treatment and medicine - to give you an example.

Visit to a private doctor is about Dhs.30 to 50 just for consultation - medicine is expensive and makes up the bulk of cost of any treatment.

Another thing - u can only sponsor a visit visa for family and friends if you earn Dhs.4000 plus. So if your earning below that ask at the interview if the company will provide one for you - generaly the companies dont, but just to piiss them off.

Also ask about airfare back for you for vacation - how often and how much leave. Can you break the leave and take two or three breaks at own cost. When can you take leave and how do you get the days you want. This helps incase you have family commitments such as weddings and functions.

Also ask about transfer of visa incase you quit before your 3 years visa is up. Will they let you transfer before that - again to piiss them off.

Its only if you ask these questions that companies will stop taking advantage of expat workers and start giving decent and proper facilities.

Ideally you should not take a job unless your provided with proper facilities and benefits.

All the best.