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Split -- crime?

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Split -- crime?

This is from a NY Times article, is it accurate? I'd like to see Diocletian's palace and Trogir, but I don't want my girlfriend whining about taking her to someplace unsafe. Any comments? thanks ahead of time.

NY Times: "In the Dalmatian port city of Split, physical damage suffered during the war has long since been repaired. But the city, with its terraced homes and its Lido-like riva of outdoor cafes, is awash in unemployment, drugs and crime that arose in the aftermath of the war. Good hotels are few. Many more are in disrepair, having only recently been vacated by thousands of homeless war refugees who were given temporary housing in the city. One such is run by a skeleton staff and is embarked on a dubious campaign to attract tourists by hyping its casino and American Go Go Club, featuring 36 dancers and a "Lesbi*n Show."

Ely, Minnesota
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1. Re: Split -- crime?

I have not personally seen or heard of any crime while in Split. The only negative thing I saw there was lots and lots of graffiti on the walls and such. Maybe someone else could answer more to this question. We usually do not stay in Split when we are in Croatia even though we will spend one night there this summer. I really do not think theres is a major crime problem here, but I don't know why they would write those things if they were untrue. You can always stay in Trogir and drive to Split to see Diocletians palace for the day, then go back to Trogir. Good luck with your planning and don't let that article dissuade you from going to Croatia!

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2. Re: Split -- crime?

don't worry. the writer just needed to add some drama to his travelogue. This is a bit over the top "awash in unemployment, drugs and crime that arose in the aftermath of the war." Awash? I think the use of this verb is an exaggeration. Unemployment in Croatia is pretty high, yeah theres drugs but where isnt there? And crime? Ummm... maybe some car break-ins every once in awhile. Perhaps these issues arose after the war, but believe me - Split, like other Croatian cities, is very very safe.

the other half of this paragraph, Im afraid, has more truth to it. "Good hotels are few" There are, imagine this, no luxury hotels in Split! YET! Yes, many hotels in Split have not recovered yet from the war, but you wont be staying at those hotels because theyre not open yet. So, nothing to worry about. These unrenovated hotels are away from Split's center anyway. Stay at hotel split or peristil.

Oh, and if you go to American Go Go Club let us know how it is :)

That gives you an idea, I guess, of how people view Americans, haha.

Atlanta, GA
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3. Re: Split -- crime?

I spent 3 days in Split by myself...

*I never noticed the grafiti; the town was beautiful-both the Riva and Diocletian's Palace.

*I never felt unsafe and I was out late at night walking around from bar to bar.

*My hotel (Hotel Peristil) was so great that I wrote a review on it!

Does the NY times writer say he was ever in Split? It doesn't sound like it. Your girlfriend will enjoy her time there.

malmoe, sweden
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4. Re: Split -- crime?

We visited Croatia and Split last summer, and did not see any criminal acts what so ever.

With that said - its a well know fact that Split more or less is run by the mafia. These people do however not engage in petty crime like car break ins, robbery and such. They own hotels, restaurants, bars and therefore depend on tourists.

And believe me, the statements above is not mine. Call your Embassy in Croatia, and they will probably confirm this. I had dinner with our embassador (I am not swedish, though i live there) last summer in Zagreb, before going to Split, and he didn't "gift wrap" his thoughts on this. He had him self been to openings/parties in Split, given by the mafia.

Should be safe as long as you pay your bill and behave.

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5. Re: Split -- crime?

Split and other Croatian cities are much much safer than any US city. I agree that the writer probably needed some spice, apart from being biased on the hotels. Unfortunately, it gives out an unrealistic picture. Split is my hometown (although I don't live there I still return a lot) and I feel safe going out in the evening and walking around at night. Of course, as in any other city people should watch their valuables when dancing in nightclubs. Women traveling alone or going our alone in the evening should take care like in any other place. There is no gang crime or specifically bad quarters like in USA. If you travel in late spring or summer, when the city really lives in the streets until small hours, I believe you'd find it quite a fun place to be.

Rockport, Texas
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6. Re: Split -- crime?

We stayed at Hotel Adriana in Split. It's right on the plaza in the old town. They also run a restaurant. The hotel was renovated recently and the bed was the most comfortable I've ever slept in. The rooms were a nice size with windows that opened onto the sea side (I'm not sure what the other side of the building opened onto). The rooms were very quiet. The staff were wonderful and the food was pretty good. Our room included a nice breakfast. We saw no crime. Lots of people walking at night. There was some graffiti but less than we see at home. One very funny sign showed a man peeing with the diagonal "no" sign across it so I guess public urination is a bit of a problem. My 88 year old mother-in-law and I walked around alone when my husband wanted to wander on his own.

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7. Re: Split -- crime?

Absolute rubbish !!!

Croatia is a save country and the vast majority of people will bend over backwards to help visitors.

I have walked around at night alone (32 year old woman) and felt nothing but safe.

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8. Re: Split -- crime?

typical american over the top statement.

split is fab - completely safe - in fact split, dubrovnik, cavtat, probably one of the safest places I have every been and the croatian people are just fantastic.

take no notice of the over the top post - just be aware like you would regularly.

Lets just say, its far safer than a lot of US cities I've been to.

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9. Re: Split -- crime?

Just came back from Split and it is very safe! There is some graffiti, but nothing alarming. The Go-Go show is on the outskirts of town- and the only reason I know this is because on the drive into Split we saw the sign on the building.

I also recommend the Hotel Peristil. It is right in the Old Town- it is incredible.