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How should this itinerary be done, please?


Please, could you guys advise me the best way to undertake this portion of my itinerary.

What are the best ways in getting from A -> B -> C -> D which represent the following locations:

A: Matka Canyon.

I will spend half a day here (7:00 - 13:00) hiking, kayaking, and relaxing

B: Millenium cross.

I would like to go up via cable car, so getting here means getting to the boarding point for the cable car

C: Church of St. Panteleimon on Mount Vodno.

Ideally, I would like to walk from Millenium cross to the church, but Google Maps says this will take over one hour.

D: Catholic Cathedral of Skopje near city centre

Please, as you respond and advise me the best ways to get from A -> B -> C -> D, would you also be kind enough to tell me how long each will take?

Many thanks in advance. :-)