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Zagreb - Sarajevo Train

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Zagreb - Sarajevo Train


I am planning a trip to croatia and bosnia, and I am looking at the night train between Zagreb and Sarajevo, and then the return leg, as my flights are from Zagreb.

I am not finding a huge amount of information about this service.

Can anyone tell me if these trains have cabins or is it just seats?



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1. Re: Zagreb - Sarajevo Train


Click upper left corner to see TIMETABLE, but a few days ago its happenned robery at this train and I reccommend to take a bus transport.

Zagreb - Sarajevo [One way ticket: 50 KM=25€]

[Two way ticket: 80 KM=40€]

Departure, every day from Zg 22:00 (Arrival to Sarajevo: 06:00)

Centrotrans company:


@Rebecca D,

Please open your Inbox, I've just sent private message to you.

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2. Re: Zagreb - Sarajevo Train

KM=Konvertibile Mark=Bosnian money (1€ = 2 KM)

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3. Re: Zagreb - Sarajevo Train

The overnight train has no sleeping berths, just seats.

I'd take the day train, as this is an amazingly scenic route. Take a good book, some beer or wine, and enjoy the ride, it's an integral part of the experience of going to Sarajevo!

The journey planner at www.bahn.de should give train times.

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4. Re: Zagreb - Sarajevo Train


There is something new, ROBBERIES. The train on purpose drive very slow that young men can jump in. After that everything is the same like in film. Some of the passangers use to try help victims, some of them reading their books,...Last time some young girl become heroina. She atacked atackers,...and, it was happy-end. The robbers ran away! From the clothes of the one of the robbers fell down a gun.

Police authorities must do something. Before the war '92-'95, every train had police escort.

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5. Re: Zagreb - Sarajevo Train

Name of young lady who has become heroina in the train Zagreb - Sarajevo is Merima. She is student of Sport faculty in Sarajevo. She jumped at one of the robbers, put her nails in the neck,...All of three robbers were scared and in panic they ran away. In that moment from the clothes of the one robber fell down a gun. The victim lost her money and piece of golden neckless. Documents stayed with her.

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6. Re: Zagreb - Sarajevo Train


ok so im traverlling in a weeks time to zagreb with the intention of getting the night train to sarajevo.

im not really bothered about the standard of carriage or the fact there isn't a buffet car but am alittle concerned about the reports of robberies.

can anyone say how safe it is to travel by thris route? dont really wanna sit on a bus for 6-7 hours.

thanks for your time

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7. Re: Zagreb - Sarajevo Train

Generaly speaking IT IS SAFE, but its happened like everywhere in the world. You have to know in entire Bosnia there is vy big unemployment and poverty.

Obviously, in latest case robbers were amateurs.

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8. Re: Zagreb - Sarajevo Train

Something good going to happened.

New TALGO trains going to drive at line Zg - SJJ. My friend from Railway Company FBiH informed me with 90% for sure before Cristmast holydays to start.

Please see comfort in TALGO wagons:






Morning departure from Zagreb at 08:53.

Evening departure from Zagreb at 21:24.

Arrivals to Sarajevo: 18:05 and 06:39.

Buffet restaurant wagon with common service; Internet and TV connections in the cabin - coupe.

No long lates in the railroad line according to TIMETABLE.

No brakes during travel with changings with buses, any more!

Night train from Zg going to have shower cabins, folded beds in coupes-cabines.

Travel by railway in Bosnia is safe. The ŽFBiH Company just have recently finished some reconstructions at line Zagreb - Sarajevo. I do not remember any accident with death passengers at Bosnian Railroads for more than 40 years.

There are no stealing cases in the train any more. There were attempting of stealings in earlier period, but now, there are no at all.

One more note:


Single one way ticket costs 59KM (1KM = KONVERTIBILE MARK = BOSNIAN MONEY = 0,5€ aprox.)

Single two way ticket costs 95 KM.

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9. Re: Zagreb - Sarajevo Train

How does one find out if these Talgo trains will be running soon? The websites don't have any answers and it seems frustrating that one can't find out. I am not trying to be negative but this seems to be the world's greatest mystery! I will be traveling this route on Jan 22nd and the new trains will alter my decision to fly. The flight is 50 min, train ride 10 hours ish.

Anyways hopefully someone has an answer.

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10. Re: Zagreb - Sarajevo Train

I have news from local newspaper which says TALGO going to start in the spring 2012.

Problem is too many changing staff at locomotives what makes too long journey for TALGO.

TALGO will drive at international lines to Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade,...etc.

Politics among countries must to solve these problems. Bosnia and Herzegovina doesn't have Government, yet.

Like Belgium, but Belgium solved their problem with neutral man president of Government.

It might be wrong info abt spring 2012, also. We in Bosnia living in Straight Jacket of Dayton Peace Agreement. The war from '92 still going on, but with different weapons=blocade of everything.