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Fiji Airways vs Virgin

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Fiji Airways vs Virgin


I was just wondering everyone's thoughts/opinions as to which of the above two airlines they prefer if given the choice?

Pros and Cons of each would be great.

We would be departing melbourne to jetstar isn't n option unless via Sydney.

Thanks in advance

Canberra, Australia
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11. Re: Fiji Airways vs Virgin

I flew Virgin recently Sydney to Nadi. Couldn't be happier. Flight crew excellent, flight itself punctual.

I might go out on a limb and say I flew Jetstar on way back and was impressed.

Just as a hint, I bought my airfares on boxing day sale. Both Virgin and Jetstar had dirt cheap airfares to Fiji, trying to compete against each other. The Virgin fare was $220 one way, Jetstar was $160. It was cheaper for my family to fly to Fiji than from Canberra to Adelaide.

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12. Re: Fiji Airways vs Virgin

We experienced a sequence of delays on our Nandi Brisbane flight. After five hours in the airport we were advised that our flight was cancelled. F/A paid for our night in Nandi and we flew out the next morning. I was informed by an airport worker that this was not uncommon and usually happened in later flights. Could not fault this airline once we were in the air but completely hopeless chain of events all because a crew was not booked.

City of Greater...
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13. Re: Fiji Airways vs Virgin

We have flowen FJ 4 times both MEL-NAN return. The first time we were on their oldest 737-800. Seats old,uncormaftable, dirty and falling apart. We where booked to fly out Saturday midday but FJ cancelled this flight and Changed us to a Friday night flight. All most everyone on the flight was meant to fly out on sat. Our travel agent had to pay for one night extra accommodation with no help from FJ at all.

Flight ended up being delayed so much we left 2 hours before the Saturday flight that was cancelled. New crew also had to be called in.

Flight was packed. The food was ok but crew were not seen or heard from.

Flight back was packed and on the same 737. Food was ok. I still can't believe that both TOILET DOORS WOULD NOT LOCK. The next person in the cue would top have to hold the door shut. A label on the door said. To be fixed in BNE! FJ also let a woman fly that was throwing up during boarding and used all the avaloble sick bags. In the end they gave her a garbage bag. Yuck, on arrival into MEL the plane was put into quartine for 2 hours.

6 months later flew the same flight on a 767 due for retirement the next month. Plane was clean. Lots of legroom. Biz was only half full. The mini cabin behind that was packed. The. The main cabin had only 15 people in it. Whoop. Everyone could lie down on the seats. Great flight. Food was chicken covered I. Avacodo with rice. Also soft drinks, chips and bread rolls. Enough for a midnight flight. Crew were doing an announcement when a shatter could be heard and crew could not contain their professional image. They were acting like such kids. Even a swear word was broadcast over the PA.

Flight back was terrible. Packed in on the same 767. Not clean. Entertainment was horrible. Food was brown slop with a bone in it and rice. Crew were not seen at all.

However they are a better airline than VA. We did enjoy our trip and I would fly them again.

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14. Re: Fiji Airways vs Virgin

We flew Brisbane Nandi at the end of August with Fiji Air and had no problems at all, great service. On our return flight we were due to depart at 8:30pm and after a series of delays we were put up at a hotel for the night(at 11:30) and flew out the next morning. We travelled with two small children so it was a complete disruption and apparently a reasonably common occurance with late flights leaving Nandi with Fiji air. They couldn't get the air crew together was the problem when we got to the bottom of it.

Ballarat, Australia
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15. Re: Fiji Airways vs Virgin

You've set the cat amongst the pigeons here (Ha, Ha):)

Seriously everyone will prefer one Airline over the other some people have had some terrible experiences and can relate their own horror story.

Personally my wife and I prefer Fiji Air (FA) (formerly Air Pacific) for a number of reasons. The first and most important reason is that as we stay at Navini Island when we go to Fiji, therefore we don't waste a second of our time on Hols. We too are in Victoria, we catch the Red Eye from Tulla and get into Nadi at about 5.30 a.m. we are through Customs by about 6.30 a.m. and are met by Henri who takes us to Vuda Point Marina, were on the boat and then on Navini by about 8.00 a.m. eating brekky. Really works for us and we don't wait a second. Its like clicking the seat belt into the buckle - it just works really well. However a word of warning, the food provided by FA (Air Pacific) can be a little hit and miss so if you use them don't expect to much.

Secondly other than the food I honestly cannot fault FA. Yes the Aircraft I would describe as a little old but that is changing with the fleet being upgraded. Never had any problems or delays.

Thirdly: I have flown Virgin and Virgin Pacific and we have horror stories about these airlines so much so unless it was a super duper deal I would never fly with them again. Absolutely bloody hopeless.

Fouthly: I have always found the staff have been excellent. I am quite tall and my son is very tall and we have got a lot more consideration shown to us by FA than the other one.

Fifthly: FA is still 47% owned by Qantas, so the flying Kangaroo still has self interest even though they are increasingly using Jet Star. Qantas have been trying to sell then interest sine 2010 that I know of - no takers.

I think what you have to do is look at the flight schedules and see which you prefer or what works best for you. Have a look at what they have to offer and take what you prefer. It will only take one bad experience with one or other of the Airlines that will make your mind up for you.

Happy travels


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Adelaide, Australia
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16. Re: Fiji Airways vs Virgin

After our experiences (last Friday 22/11/13) I would never fly Virgin again.

Our domestic connection from Sydney to Adelaide was cancelled because of weather in Sydney. While I am sure most people understand that flights have to be cancelled from time to time and its not in the airline's control, the disgusting way that Virgin abandoned all its passengers in Sydney at 9.30pm on a Friday night was unacceptable.

Firstly they told us that there was no accommodation left in Sydney and we had to organise somewhere to sleep that night ourselves.. then they did not provide any assistance to rebook flights for the following day. We were just told to go home (nice if you live in Sydney, not so nice if you don't) and ring the general reservations number.... I couldn't even get through when I tried to call and so my husband and I were left to rebook with Qantas to get home to our 3 children.

And now on top of all that.... they wont pay any compensation we are out of pocket nearly 800 dollars when you add up a nights accommodation (luckily were were able to find a room), taxi fares and new flights.

Virgin have lost a customer and will make sure I let everyone know my experiences.

Bellingen, Australia
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17. Re: Fiji Airways vs Virgin

We often choose to fly out on the 'red eye' from Brisbane instead of from Sydney. We live about 1/2 way between the 2 cities. We can't fly to Brisbane to connect but can to Sydney. It usually means we are able to go straight to our island resort without having an over night stay in Nadi. Saves time land money, wish they had a red eye out of Sydney. Probably not so good if you have young children. Guess it all boils down to what suit you.

Sydney, Australia
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18. Re: Fiji Airways vs Virgin

Definitely go with Virgin - FA cancel too many of their evening flights out of Nadi which can cause unnecessary stress deciding whether to take an extra days leave to fly out the following day or leave your island resort a day early to fly out in the morning of your intended departure rather than the evening.

We had originally planned to fly out of Nadi at 1830 and had arranged a late check-out at the Raddisson Blu in Denarau, however FA cancelled our evening flight (to one the following morning) and weren't prepared to compensate us for an additional night at Denarau (instead wanting us to relocate to a hotel close to the airport). To avoid the hassle factor associated with this (as well as having to take an extra day's leave) we got our travel agent to bring our flight forward to 0900 on the day we had originally planned to fly out (all be it 9.5hrs earlier than we had originally booked) thus wasting the last day of our leave.

On return to Australia, we spoke to our travel agent who said FA were cancelling a lot of flights at the moment and were disrupting a lot of their clients plans.

Ocean Grove...
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19. Re: Fiji Airways vs Virgin

Hi, we are a family of five booked with Fiji Airways on a 6.30pm flight back to Melb in Sept. I am staying at 1st landing before we fly out so will check on our departure day for any delays or cancelations. But if they do cancel our flight do they pay for our extra nights accommodation and food etc?


Hobart, Australia
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20. Re: Fiji Airways vs Virgin

On my first trip to Fiji the return flight was delayed from a 9 AM departure to a 3 AM departure the following day.

On arrival at the airport in the morning I was provided a voucher for 3 meals and accommodation at Raffles Gateway.

I was flying on a Qantas issued ticket though, so do not know if this made any difference.

Thats the only time I have had an issue and have flown 4 more times with FA without issue - touch wood my flight on Tuesday is OK :)