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Ayahuasca Retreat at El Camino Sagrado. Peru

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Ayahuasca Retreat at El Camino Sagrado. Peru

Hey Everyone! I am really looking forward to planning a trip to The Sacred Valley for an ayahuasca retreat at El Camino Sagrado., in the coming weeks. I would really love to know if anyone has been there who could tell me more about it? Those who’ve already visited, please share your experiences with me and what things would you advise. Never done this before, so a little nervous and curious at the same time. Any information at all would be most welcome.

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El Camino Sagrado could not have been a more perfect setting to first experience Ayahuasca. I first felt the call the work with Ayahuasca, and in perfect synchronicity .I’d like to touch on the location once again because.. just wow! Tucked in the Sacred Valley of Peru, where the temperature tends to be quite moderate, bugs were no problem, and even the plant life there is friendly (as long as you avoid the cactus haha). Behind the center is a glorious waterfall, pouring over a massive cliff, and those of us up for the hike were able to climb up to it and touch its icy waters. I made lasting friendships with people across the world that are all doing the work to heal and be healed. El Camino Sagrado holds a high integrity for who leads their ceremonies, and I couldn’t be more grateful for having had my first sits with Mother Aya at their center with their curandero at the time. It was pure magic, traveling to astral realms, cleansing our spirits, and exponentially evolved my spirit, faster than any other spiritual practice I have partaken in. I felt secure, supported, and like I had everything I needed to try this sacred brew for the first time. It has changed my life in so many ways, all for the better. Things that are no longer serving me are falling away one by one, including toxic friendships, habits, material desires, and now I am even shifting my career to something more in alignment with my highest purpose on this Earth. With what I have learned at El Camino Sagrado, I will carry with me forever, in every moment, as it was so deeply shifting and powerful. I am eternally grateful for the deep level of awareness that I have cultivated, and my adventures at El Camino Sagrado was pivotal in that awareness.

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Wow! The way you describe is amazing, thanks for sharing your experience.

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Following a life-threatening surgery, I was ready to reconnect with my long ignored spiritual flow. Peru, El Camino Sagrado and the medicine were all incredible catalysts for a profound awakening. I will be forever grateful. Of the majesty that opened my heart and touched my soul, the people had the most profound impact. Each and every one of my healers helped me unfold wings I never knew I had. If you feel drawn to find yourself in the Sacred Valley, do it; and do it with these people. Be aware, the showers may not be hot, the cabs might not be on time and the weeks plans might change; but you will be welcomed, fed and transformed by the most heart-centered, gifted and kind human beings on the planet. It is impossible to stand in the light of their intent and not feel your spirit rise to where you wish it to be. If you go to Peru and stay at the Hacienda (and I hope you do), tell everyone I said hello and send my love and to you, well, welcome to the family.

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Why doing Ayahuasca in Cusco and not in the jungle ?

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