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The great Lima!!! Not as bad as you think!!

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The great Lima!!! Not as bad as you think!!

I will try to be very objective here!!

I am from Peru I leave in USA and I have been all my life there, reading other reviews there are many things that are correct but others a little bit overboard!

Pollution: YES there is in the main streets the most, if you drive on the side streets you wont feel it Im not trying to say there is not and you will breath roses , but there are ways to avoid it, I was there last year in July for our independence day with my husband I wanted to show him my Country and how proud I was, I did get a little bit disapointed because I found it very dirty more than 6 years ago when I left, all the poor and the bad was right in front of us where ever we went, but then I started to remember all the good things and I so worried that my husband wouldn't like it that I took him to only the nicest places, he had a hard time with the pollution but at the end we had a great time at Barranco very nice by the way a lot of Bars to enjoy, but he realized that Peru is a poor country and I have to say that there is crime like any other city but we have to realize that if this happens it is because there are no jobs for people over 30 if you are more than 30 it is very hard to have a job, if you didn't have a chance to get a degree then you end up driving a Taxi cab and Peruvian people I will say 50% are not well educated and poor and they go to Lima from their poor towns to find a job and they realize that it is harder than they thought, they also realize that they have to feed their kids and have no money to do that, and that is how they end up commiting this crimes like stealing because they don't get a chance to work in any way!!! Unfortunately we don't have the best President and we always manage to chose the wrong people to represent our Country and that happens because unfortunately the people that have to vote most of them are not educated they don't know how to write or read and they get paid most of the times 50 soles ($18) to vote for the president the Goverment wants, and they do it because they are hungry and need the money.

I am not saying Peru is the best Country in the world but I am proud to say that we are rich in Coulture and friendly people, that treat with much respect any tourist.

I have lived there all my life and never got mugged ever!!!

I am not rich and lived all my life in Miraflores yes it is a nice place but if you take your visitors to nice places and keep them in a safe area you will not regret going to Lima and you will enjoy it very much the food and the Wine are very good and the nights are very colorfull, try to see the good side and enjoy your vacation and try to enjoy what this great Country has to share with you if you decide to go !!!

For all our visitors have a great vacation !!!

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1. Re: The great Lima!!! Not as bad as you think!!


I have travelled to all of the SA cities but find myself constantly coming back to Lima. I agree about the pollution (a problem in all LA cities)but if you stay on or near the beaches in a area like Miraflores with its ocean breezes it is never a problem. Although I have never experienced any crime in Lima, I know many who have had cellphones/camera/pocketbooks etc. snatched.

Lima is certainly not for the backpacker crowd like Cuzco, but if you want to experience great restaurants/nightlife and the Peruvian women, there is no other place like Lima!!!!!!!

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2. Re: The great Lima!!! Not as bad as you think!!


You are right if you go South where we have most of our beautifull beaches you will find no Pollution, but you are right about Tourists being mugged this happens unfortunately, and regarding the incredible food with so many different choices and the drinks we are awsome!!'

Thanks for your comments!!

Not everybody will agree or will like Lima but some others like you do find it atractive!!'

have a great day!!!