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Amazon cruise on M/V Aqua or other ships?

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Amazon cruise on M/V Aqua or other ships?

Does anyone have any first-hand experience with cruises out of Iquitos on the Amazon? We are considering a trip in July-August and have read about a new luxury cruise on the M/V Aqua from Aqua Expeditions, but have not been able to find any reviews of it anywhere. Also, more generally, I have seen some comments suggesting that the boat trips out of Iquitos are disappointing because of the commercial activities in that part of the river.

Can anyone provide any advice? Our alternative would be to stay at one of the jungle lodges, but the cruise seemed like it might be able to offer more variety than staying in just one place.

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1. Re: Amazon cruise on M/V Aqua or other ships?

we are booked on the mv aqua for july as well. we have not been able to find many reviews yet either. I think they made their maiden voyage in feb or march- thus the reason that reviews may be hard to come by

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2. Re: Amazon cruise on M/V Aqua or other ships?

We just booked the Aqua for 4 nights July 8th. I have been looking for reviews, but yet to find any either. I guess when we all get back there will be some! My in-laws took the Aqua Marine cruise last year for 6 or 7 nights. He said 4 nights was ample, because it tends to become repetitive. The other big company that cruises down the amazon had a boat sink last month, you can see the comments from one of the passengers on this forum.

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3. Re: Amazon cruise on M/V Aqua or other ships?

Its a first class new company operating in Iquitos area.

The chef guarantees excellent dinner ( he is the chef at Malabar in San Isidro)

I am sure you will have a great time.

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4. Re: Amazon cruise on M/V Aqua or other ships?

Aqua is very new and the top luxury boat on the Amazon.It is also very expensive. Another option for cruises check out



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5. Re: Amazon cruise on M/V Aqua or other ships?


We just returned from a 7-day cruise with Aqua Expedition. It was an amazing adventure! The ship is totally a 5-star experience. The rooms are beautiful, spacious, very clean and comfortable. The staff was diligent and totally consumed with pleasing us. In fact, we were not pleased with the itinerary and the ship's director and the Naturalists altered the schedule to meet our desires to do more hiking than sitting on a skiff. The meals were delicious; only complaint is the vegetarian selections were weak. The meat, shrimp and fish were delicious; the lunches outstanding. We would recommend others to take the 3 or 4 day cruise rather than the 7-day; There wasn't much more to see or to experience after 4 days.

Iquitos was a fun city to spend a night. We loved the island restaurant and the tour of the city. Let us know what you think of the trip if you take it. Ann

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6. Re: Amazon cruise on M/V Aqua or other ships?

I was on an International Expeditions Amazon voyage on the La Amatista last february. This is a beautiful boat but is designed like and old riverboat.... It was the most beautiful experience of my life. The crew the guides, the boat... everything was excellent!!! For example we visited a school and gave out school supplies. I Would highly suggest the trip. This trip exceeded my expectations—and I had high ones. it was truly a life-affirming experience.

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7. Re: Amazon cruise on M/V Aqua or other ships?

We went on the MV Aqua in the beginning of July 2008. A beautiful ship with great rooms, however the rooms on the lower level at the rear of the ship are extremely noisy. We had to use those as they were the only interconnecting rooms available and we had children with us.It was like trying to sleep with on the tarmac of an airport.

Great staff and excellent guides. Could not fault the attention they give you.

The food was terrible. The breakfast and lunches were great but dinners were very dissapointing. Prawns were not cooked properley and one of our family group was served an "off" steak. They need to pay more attention to quality and less about appearance. We were left hungry every night as the food was too elaborate and not cooked well.

Overall a great experience but would never do it again.

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8. Re: Amazon cruise on M/V Aqua or other ships?

I could not disagree more with Melbourne Nikki (sorry). We traveled on the MV Aqua in mid July on a 4 night trip. The entire trip was amazing. The boat, the staff, the excursions, the food was all fantastic. My husband and I were in room 101 (which is the lower level furthest back). The room was definitely more noisy than those up front. The noise did not bother us as all though. Actually, on the nights were we docked and the motors were turned off we thought it was a little too quiet! We were so exhausted from our day that nothing would have kept us awake! We loved being on the lower level, we thought that it provided us with a great view of the river.

The food was fantastic, it could not have been better. We thought that the choice of food options and the meals themselves were great. We actually did not expect that we would have much choice in meal options and were pleasantly surprised.

The guides and staff were great- there are so many staff that there is always someone available to help you.

The excursions were well planned and provided alot of variety. We enjoyed every part of the excursions.

A few things that we would have changed about our trip were that we would have liked if they would have asked the passengers beforehand what type of activity level we wanted so that we could be grouped with others with similar interests- we would not have minded longer and earlier excursions to see more things. The other minor complaint was that the drinking water for water bottles was often warm-it was a pleasant surprise to get it cold some mornings but, overall a very minor issue. We loved the experience, would recommend it to anyone and we would definitely do it again.

We did also get lucky and have a wonderful group of people on the boat with us. We enjoyed meeting and getting to know everyone that we were with. I can imagine if you are not as fortunate to have a good group of people on the boat that it could put a damper on things.

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9. Re: Amazon cruise on M/V Aqua or other ships?

We also could not dissagree more with Nikki's experience. We just got back from our 7 day trip on the M/V Aqua yesterday and would rate it as one of the most fantastic trips we've been on. We have been on other small boat luxury trips and thought this was the best - hands down. We, too, were in room 101. Yes, it was noisy while the engines were on, but it more or less lulled us to sleep. We thought the food was fantastic. I am vegetarian and my husband is aquatarian. Meals are always a concern when booking a trip. Had I read Nikki's comments and may not have booked and would have missed an amazing trip. There was plenty of variety and the food was very tasty. I can not imagine walking away hungry from dinner. The first course was always soup, then an appetizer, then the main course (3 choices), then a sorbet taster and desert (2 choices). The guides were enthusiastic and very informative. We had a blast! No complaints at all. We highly recommend this trip. 7 nights is best, but if you can't do the whole week, we definitely recommend the 4 day trip as the Pacaya River was the highlight. Go and enjoy! You won't regret it.

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10. Re: Amazon cruise on M/V Aqua or other ships?


did you ever sail on the M/V Aqua? We are planning a trip for next summer and wanted to find out first hand information. Please let me know.

Thank you

Cheryl Rhodes