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Divethegalapagos.com Recommended

Sydney, Australia
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Divethegalapagos.com Recommended

Booked our 7 day scuba diving liveaboard trip on the Humboldt Explorer with Leslie of Dive the Galapagos.com and just wanted to say that Leslie was wonderful to work with. She answers emails promptly and her correspondence is complete and professional. I will not hesitate to recommend her. Humboldt Explorer is also a great liveaboard for diving on Wolf and Darwin Islands. We were there from March 21 to 28 2011. Hammerheads, eagle rays, sea lions etc! But conditions are definitely not for beginners! Currents and surges are strong. Topside swells are huge. A number of the divers got sea sick, and these were very experienced divers. Definitely a dive trip of a lifetime.

Spokane, Washington
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1. Re: Divethegalapagos.com Recommended

Leslie at the Dive the Galapagos is VERY helpful in organizing all things Galapagos- diving, of course, but also land activities, transfers, logistics, etc. Her enthusiasm, experience, and willingness to give 100% really made the difference in ensuring a superb diving/hiking holiday.

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2. Re: Divethegalapagos.com Recommended

Our trip to the Galapagos was the most anticipated leg of our 8 month journey around South America. After hours and hours of research I came across Dive the Galapagos and finally found a website that would cater for our needs. From the first contact with Leslie we could tell that we were in good hands. Emails were answered promptly and she was always available on Skype when we needed her. We booked a land based diving charter departing in July. Not only was the diving phenomenal (hammered, galapagos sharks, sea lions, turtles, GIANT Mantas, garden eels, fish, seahorses, octopus and more) the crew were superb. Leslie was an excellent host and Peter was the BEST guide imaginable both above and below the water. Along with the boat crew we just loved every minute. If you are looking for a trip that combines diving and land tours this is perfect for you. The volcano trek and snorkelling tour off Isabela Island was so special. We can't wait to come back and we wouldn't hesitate to book through Dive The Galapagos again!

Ann Arbor, Michigan
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3. Re: Divethegalapagos.com Recommended

Had a wonderful first trip island hopping in the Galapagos with Leslie. La Nina (El Nino?) reduced the water visibility, but who cares when the animals are 6+ ft long and 10 ft away. Seals, mantas, sharks, million fish schools, this is not the Caribbean. Of course you pay a price, the water is cool, often with surge and swell. Rapid entry near rocks is typical. However if this is your cup of tea, it just adds to the excitement. I enjoyed enough to be going back on a liveaboard this year.

Cairo, Egypt
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4. Re: Divethegalapagos.com Recommended

Ok so diving in the Galapagos is not the cheapest diving you can do BUT oh my gosh is it worth it!!!! Seriously...do it!!! It's incredible!!!

The Aggressor Fleet's service is also incredible from booking my trip with the friendly, helpful and professional Leslie to my trip with an experienced, friendly and equally professional crew. The boats are great. I was on-board (Early Dec 2010) both Aggressor 1 & 2, although they need a bit of a dry dock experience to bring them to sparkling new condition they are comfortable and well laid out boats equipped with all you will need and some creature comforts...like warm towels to wrap up in after your dive! Seriously appreciated!!!! Though most of the diving is in warm water, the wind, if it's there, can chill you to the bone.

They also give you tasty little snacks and Ecuadorian style hot chocolate after every dive in case you want something other than the biscuits, coffee and tea in the dive deck cabinet.

This comes from someone who has worked in the diving diving industry from 2000, been diving since 1994 (mostly in the Red Sea, Sinai, Egypt where the diving is fantastic. World standard (if not leading) in quality (if you dive with a reputable company), professionalism and difficulty in sometimes bad / unpredictable conditions) and so I have more than a few dives under my belt and know what I'm talking about...but I'm still impressed by my dives in the Galapagos!!! The Galapagos Aggressor fleet is not the cheapest but there's a reason for that...

GPS trackers are provided to you, just in case strong currents take you some where you shouldn't be. The diving can be challenging if you are not used to reasonably strong currents but those of you who are it's nothing you shouldn't be able to handle. For those who aren't don't worry to much as the guides are great and wont put you in harms way or in situations that you cant handle. Besides, a lot of the time you will drop down to a watch point and and let the fish come to you so not much finning involved, apart for going to and from that point. The diving is mostly done by Zodiac with a negative entry descent (BCD empty so you can descend below the waves more efficiently). Of course they are used to photographers who may need there equipment passed to them should they need it, but please don't go (just yet, get more experienced!) if you are not up to those type of conditions. You could ruin the trip/dive for everyone not just yourself if you take too long on the surface in conditions of swell or strong current. Thankfully no such experience on my trip but from prior experience. especially with 'photographers' with the latest/best equipment and not enough skills, who shouldn't be in the water with a camera in the first place.

There is always at least one guide in the water with you, which for me is a must in terms of safety and of course pointing things out that your eyes might not recognize being fresh to the area. They are also there to make sure you are ok and adhere to the rules of the area which are there for a reason. They are not over zealous with this so you don't feel policed unnecessarily but they do keep an eye on you to prevent difficulties from happening in the first place and to make sure you are comfortable, which is ideal. As I said they are experienced well seasoned guides.

Basically, do it!!!!! You will not regret it!!!! Do it at the right time of year and it may well be the best diving you have ever done! Do it at the wrong time of year and the same may well be true anyway!!!! It's that good!!!!

You must love your sharks as there is plenty of them, (shark soup, but thankfully with the fins still attached!) some little stuff to see too but it's the big stuff you come to the Galapagos for...Seals, manta, dolphins, the biggest eal garden I have ever seen, various sharks but mostly hammer heads (maybe all of that in one or more of you dives!!!), if you are really lucky...ORKA / KILLER WHALE or SUN/ MOON fish!!!! (I wish I had the pleasure but I didn't get to see them so I will just have to make it back one day!). REALLY hope I make it back again!!!!

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5. Re: Divethegalapagos.com Recommended

We were on the Deep Blue liveaboard the last week of December 2010. I can't praise Leslie enough for her efficiency and patience in making all the arrangements as well as her excellent advice re equipment.

Our dive guide - Nicolas - was excellent. The crew was lovely, helpful and very pleasant and because there were many last minute cancellations, we enjoyed more crewmen per diver, as well as the possibility of spreading out over all the available rooms. I should imagine the boat, when full, is rather crowded.

Both experienced divers, we are more used to diving in warm waters with perfect visibility - Red Sea, Tahiti, Thailand, etc, and Galapagos waters are cold, murky and with strong currents. But you come here for the big fish, and they are everywhere! Darwin's Arch was amazing - hammerheads circling all around, mantas and hallelujah! a whale shark right next to us.

This is a once in a lifetime experience and should not be missed. Just make sure you are experienced enough to deal with the currents and rough zodiac rides.

Best connection is via Guayaquil, and Hotel Continental is convenient and comfortable.

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6. Re: Divethegalapagos.com Recommended

I originally went to the Galapagos to do research on sea lions for three weeks. The plan was to catch and place radio tags for the first week, wait a week for the sea lions to travel and then recapture them to recover the data tags. On a whim, since I had a week of down time, I decided I wanted to go diving. I spent several days looking online for outfits that would take me diving during the day but bring me to land at night to sleep and eat as I wanted to see the different islands. Leslie's Dive the Galapagos was the only place that seemed to offer what I wanted so I signed up.

My experience with Leslie was exceptional. From her inital responsiveness to my emails, to her ability to shuttle us through the chaotic red-tape of life on the islands she was awesome.

What she was trying to do was very difficult. It's not like the US where there's coordination and communication as a general rule. Down there it's pretty "laid back"-which means dysfunctional and yet she was able to pull off our trip perfectly.

As much fun as it was capturing the sea lions diving with Leslie was even better. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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Toronto, Canada
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7. Re: Divethegalapagos.com Recommended

i just finished a 7 day dive tour on the humbolt (galapagos). The dive trip was phenomenal but the best part was dealing with dive the galapagos (leslie). i have travelled to over 50 countries and have scuba dived throughout australia, indonesia, thailand, malaysia, phillipines, the carribean, central america etc etc etc. I have never however had the pleasure of dealing with someone so professional and helpful. from the very beginning leslie has been patient, responsive and an incredible source of information. Yes, my livaboard to wolf, darwin etc was incredible, but even as a dive fanatic my land tours were equally incredible. i came to the galapagos 5 days before my dive trip and i am staying another 5 days. leslie went well beyond by providing valuable suggestions and recommendations. she spent hours helping me well beyond what she had to and well outside the livaboard trip i paid for. My 2.5 weeks here is easily becoming a highlight in my world travels a large portion of which i owe to her. i would STRONGLY recommend dive the galapagos for its professionalism, honesty, quick response and customer service. this portion of my trip has run smoothly and effortlessly --- it was a real pleasure

i am sure to come back and there is no question in my mind who i will book my next trip with

david (canada)

Vancouver BC
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8. Re: Divethegalapagos.com Recommended

I agree with everyone here in saying that Leslie at Dive the Galapagos is 100% AMAZING! Quick, professional and a marvel at getting things done in a place where they don't make it easy for you. I recommend and would go back in a heartbeat.

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9. Re: Divethegalapagos.com Recommended

Just returned from two weeks in the Galapagos, one of which was spent on the Deep Blue dive boat as arranged by Leslie from Divethegalapagos. Leslie was an absolute pleasure to work with - very knowledgeable, responded to her emails seemingly instantly, and with a lot of contacts in the islands. If you're considering spending the cash to get to the Galapagos, ensure you get the most out of it by booking through Leslie!

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