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Flying UAL to Singapore with Baby

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Flying UAL to Singapore with Baby

Hello all,

Wife and I will be going to Singapore this summer with our 6 month old. My mom is originally from there and we have been back for a few visits but this will be the first with the baby.

Just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice on traveling with a baby on the long leg. We'll be flying UAL and going through Chicago and then to Singapore.

I've heard about trying to get the bulkhead seats but I didn't like the idea of not being able to see the TV for 14 hours. My mom is flying with us also so we managed to book 3 seats together by the window. The baby will be on our lap, but atleast no one will be sitting next to us.

- Any tips?

- Anything we should ask for?

- Also, Are the flights now straight to Singapore from Chicago? The intiniary didn't show a stopover but we used to stop in Japan.

Thanks in advance all!

Cheshire, UK
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1. Re: Flying UAL to Singapore with Baby

Have a look at www.seatguru.com for an idea of which seats you could ask for etc.

Sorry not much help apart from that. One of the others will no doubt reply soon.

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2. Re: Flying UAL to Singapore with Baby

I'm sure others will have more to say but:

>Are the flights now straight to Singapore from Chicago?

Ask your airline/travel agent for the particulars for your specific flight.

>I didn't like the idea of not being able to see the TV for 14 hours.

Ask your airline/travel agent for the particulars for your specific aircraft.

Just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice on traveling with a baby on the long leg.

Everyone, including you, will be much happier if the little angel is happy.

So, for take off and landing, it is good to time that bottle feeding so the little darling will be swallowing alot and you will lessen the chance for pressure changes to bother the little one's ears.

Don't forget to bring some Cheerios or whatever passes for a snack for your little one. It'll keep them occupied and give them a little food to keep them from getting hungry between meals.

Enquire of the airline what food is being served on the plane and take enough food for the little one to eat for the duration of the flight PLUS any unexpected delays. You really don't want to be looking for Pablum during that unexpected 6 hour delay when changing aircraft.

Aircraft can be cool so layer the clothing on the little one so you can peel off layers or add layers as required.

Don't forget to take off shoes; the child will be more comfortable and that tap tap tap on the seat back will be less annoying to the passenger in front (another good reason to go with a bulkhead seat).

Don't check all the kid's stuff in with the luggage. Remember you're going to need diapers, bottles, wipes, change of clothes (for you too) when the little one throws up.

Don't forget to feed the little one fluids as the air can be quite dry.

Bring some of his/her favourite (silent) toys or stuffed animals or small blanket.

Take an extra one of everything. You'll be surprised what will get lost, break, or become something the kid just refuses to deal with on a long flight.

Don't change a diaper (especially a smelly one!) at your seat (unless you want to change your clothes again because of something not having anything to do with your child throwing up.)

Cross your fingers and when worse comes to worse, remember that the flight has to end at some point!

Ask the flight attendants for help for anything. You'll find most will especially like passengers who can't complain.

Oh, and if the child is really not well, don't travel!

Cincinnati, Ohio
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3. Re: Flying UAL to Singapore with Baby

I will advise u to take the bulk head and request for bassinet. there is a drop down TV screen in this area rather than a TV (actually this depends on the plane model, some do have permenant built-in TV screens)

I had travelled with my son since he was 3 months old and believe me, when they are so young (until just after 12 months) they are easy to travel with. They sleep quite a bit and the bassinet really helps. Also, I assume u are flying UA (united) ? They will definitely have the bassinet seats at the bulk head. These seats also give ur family more leg room and closer to the bathroom (to change baby,etc)

One thing, some babies are prone to pressure so bring along a pacifer (sucking motion helps to relieve the pain in the ears). If not, bring along a sugarless lollipop (both ways). If not, be ready to prepare the milk bottle just when u r taking off and landing.

Good Luck

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4. Re: Flying UAL to Singapore with Baby

Thanks all!

The TV isn't a concern but the bulk head seats are all booked up but I can always check again when we check in at the airport.

I was just thinking that if she sleeps, it shouldn't be a problem anyway. (One can dream)

Anyway, we did manage to reserve a "floor bassinet" but I am not sure how those work. Customer Service said it fits in front of you on the floor but then where do our feet go? We are sitting toward the rear of the plane and I checked Seat Guru. Since people will be in front of us, it doesnt look like much room.

Like I said, we will have 3 seats together so that will be good to have a "semi-private area". That will be good.

I'll keep trying for the bulk head seats and hopefully some will open up. However, it might be hard to get 3 seats together.

Any other suggestions.....

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5. Re: Flying UAL to Singapore with Baby

My 21 year old's first flight was when he was 14 days old, and hand held for 2 hours. GET THE BASSINET! He was and continues to be a perfect flyer. The single most important thing when flying with kids of any age is to carry food. If you make the pre-flight assumption that the caterer is going to forget to service the aircraft, you will be fine! Try to time a feeding so that he falls asleep around the time of take off. A bottle will help him clear his ears. You might want to talk to your pediatrician about using benadryl to help him sleep. Carry the diapers, especially a cloth one, for yourself. But don't bother overloading yourself, Singapore is somewhat sophisticated; anything you have here you can get there. Carry a day's worth of stuff and you will be fine. There are changing tables in the toilets that are great, you won't have to change the baby in the seat. Bring at least 2 security blankets or toys or whatever, knowing that one will be lost. Take only one and lose it, your fellow travellers may become homocidal. As for the in flight TV, invest in a portable DVD player, carry your own movies, and you will be fine.

Alan's first real trip was to Denmark at the age of 18 months. SAS provided a sleeping bag for kids, and this baby would have absolutely nothing to do with it. There was no crying involved, but we wrapped him up, and he scooted out immediately. We gave up after an hour. He tried jumping out of the bassinet, but eventually got the idea that we meant business. Very easy flight, he loved the trip, and the attention he got, believe it or not, from all the passengers around us, as well as the attendants. It's amazing what flying with a happy, contented baby can be like. And when everyone gives you a very dirty look for flying with an infant, just smile sweetly. It works.

By the way, Alan's next trip is to Singapore next month. Without the diapers or bassinet this time.

Oh yes, wash cloths in zip lock bags, in the air, on the ground. Truly a modern miracle.

Dr H, physician extraordinaire, indulgent father, and frequent flyer

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6. Re: Flying UAL to Singapore with Baby

Looks like we are stopping in Hong Kong now to switch planes. I hope we can get the bulk head seat but looks like it might be full.

Anyone know anything about the floor bassinets? I dont see how they will work with a regular seat.... Maybe the UAL rep didnt know what he was talking about.... :-)

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7. Re: Flying UAL to Singapore with Baby

Hi AmeriAsian,

Another suggestion to make your flights more bearable would be to purchase a Red Carpet Club membership. UA's RCC at HKG (and NRT, for that matter) has shower facilities, should there be an ... accident ;)

Have a great time. (For what it's worth, UA has some wonderful flight attendants working HKG-SIN (and NRT-SIN, for that matter..)

macintosh (Robert)

... fly the friendly skies ...

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8. Re: Flying UAL to Singapore with Baby

We flew with United from Tokyo to Singapore and had mixed results. On the way to Singapore, we joined a flight which had come from the US - the stewards were probably already tired etc and offered us no help with our baby (5 months old) nor did they have a bassinet for us. We did have the bulkhead though and I recommend getting this if possible.

On the way back to Japan, again, no bassinet but this time the flight was empty and the stewards were super helpful and kept a row of 4 seats free for us to stretch out on and were very helpful.

In our experience, if the flight is empty, as soon as you board try and get the stewards to see if they can find a bank of empty seats that you can stretch out across with baby. If full, then try your best to secure a bulkhead seat.

Our baby is now 9 months and we are about to do 12 hours on BA to London - I hope we survive....