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Jetstar Airlines got COMPLAINTs

Kuala Lumpur
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Jetstar Airlines got COMPLAINTs

Dear Sir / Madam,

Good day.

We would like to complain about below serious cheat case matter from Jetstar Airline in Singapore.

We have bought online air tickets from Jetstar for Singapore – Yangon – Singapore, booking ref: E7KEKZ, since 25 Aug, 2011. According to the itinerary, our return flight, YGN – SIN, will be at 11:25am-3:50pm on 30 Dec'2011. (Please refer attach file JS Tickets-Purchased)

However, we had a call from Jetstar and said that our return flight schedule date will be changed to 13 Jan'2012 instead of 30 Dec 2011 according to their new itinerary. (Attachment file. 2-JS Ticket-Changed)

Refer to tele-conversation with Jetstar Officers, we have surprisingly acknowledged that our original flight program, YGN – SIN, 30 Dec, 2011 is not cancelled, but just only our seats are not available anymore on that flight and said it has being oversold. They just simply say either to take the refund or go according to their new itinerary assigned date then get a S$200 vouchers from Jetstar as compensation. Sadly we cant take both options offered by Jetstar.

As everybody known that our return date is on high peak season and now surely cannot secure the ticket on that date. Even if we can get it, the fare will be surely sky high at least 2 times than our Jetstar ticket. So,we have no reason to take the refund from Jetstar in anyway. Definitely, Jetstar also knows these consequences and therefore purposely omitted our seats and given it to other customers who may pay a current higher fare for this time being. We feel that is solely cheated case for us as everybody can sense it very obviously. It is totally unfair.

Therefore, We seriously complain about Jetstar’s unprofessional attitudes and dispute manners which are really happened in one of the lawfully countries, Singpore. If it is not happened to us and it just heard about from other, we really won't believe as it is in Singapore.

Beside this, according to our tight working schedules, leave matter, travel plans, etc, there is totally impossible to extend our return date to another 2 weeks. We must have to arrive back to Singapore and report to work on 30 Dec 2011 if there are no other unforeseen and unavoidable reasons.

As customers who are holding confirmed tickets issued by Jetstar since 25Aug 2011, we feel nasty cheating by Jetstar badly. Hence, if Jetstar cannot locate our seat inflight on 30 Dec 2011, somehow they have to arrange YGN – SIN air-tickets in any possible way with their own expenses.


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Sydney, Australia
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1. Re: Jetstar Airlines got COMPLAINTs

Jetstar are terrible Thomas -always cancelling flights and have a deservedly bad reputation in Australia.

Check out this site http://www.dontflyjetstar.com/

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2. Re: Jetstar Airlines got COMPLAINTs


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3. Re: Jetstar Airlines got COMPLAINTs

There are lots of complaints which Jetstar deferred passenger return date (even though passengers are holding confirmed tickets and purchased since Aug-Sep'2011 for Dec'2011 trip). Jetstar simply changed return date without passenger's agreement.

Luzon, Philippines
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4. Re: Jetstar Airlines got COMPLAINTs

<<<13 Jan'2012 instead of 30 Dec 2011 according to their new itinerary. (Attachment file. 2-JS Ticket-Changed)>>>

-Wow, that's so far away from the original travel date.

Singapore, Singapore
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5. Re: Jetstar Airlines got COMPLAINTs


If you are flying budget, such events do

occur more frequently. Period. It happens

everywhere, including SG. The budget airline model just works this way due to limited planes, quick turnaround etc and my guess could be technical issue with one of the aircraft, resulting in rescheduling on less popular destinations. I used to fly budget every week and I cane emphasize; to minimize such issues, pay more for full fledged airlines or buy travel insurance. I claimed twice for flight delays: one with Jetstar and one with Tiger.

This is budget airline; get what you pay for.

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6. Re: Jetstar Airlines got COMPLAINTs

Don't buy travel insurance from the budget airlines though. You'll be screwed twice over if you do.

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7. Re: Jetstar Airlines got COMPLAINTs

We knew, we pay peanuts to get monkey. But where is the monkey now?

Budget airline doesn't mean they fail to fly passengers and break their commitment as and when they like.

we paid the price what they asked for at purchasing point of time. Once they accepted payment from passengers and issued confirmed tickets, they should deliver their commitment accordingly.

Well, we don't expect much from Jetstar. we are aware of small leg room, poor inflight entertainment, foods serving and unpunctuality of flight timing. Also we still can accept some changes due to bad weather and any other unforeseen circumstance. But this is purely cheating that whoever in their right mind can sense to.

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8. Re: Jetstar Airlines got COMPLAINTs

I think the concerns raised about Jetstar are valid and deserve attention. I suggest everyone who has raised concerns above post their views on airlinequality.com. This website is run by Skytrax, the international agency that ranks airlines and airports, so that Jetstar's tendency to bump off passengers holding confirmed tickets are made known to a wider audience. Thanks.

Singapore, Singapore
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9. Re: Jetstar Airlines got COMPLAINTs

And I thought monkeys eat bananas?

....just kidding!

Singapore, Singapore
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10. Re: Jetstar Airlines got COMPLAINTs

Wow, actually not only Jetstar has this issue of rescheduling flights. I had similar experience with Airasia also. From Jkt - Phuket. But the delay is only a day.

At least Jetstar inform you prior to your travel. I am guessing they will allow you to cancel the entire itinerary if you insist at no penalty.

Air tix is just the begining. Can you imagine booking a tour to EUROPE and come back you felt all CHEATED because they bring you sleep @ worst than hotel 81 standard hotel, eat food even the tour leader wont eat, and let u travel 2hrs to eat and 2 hours to hotel and the driver is forever making wrong turns making this even worst!...Travel with EU HOLIDAYS if you like a unforgetably TERRIBLE LOUSY holiday!...