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another rumor - men with long hair

Toronto, Ontario
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another rumor - men with long hair

I was told that Singapore men cannot wear long hair. I was even told that they will ask the male tourists with long hair to cut off their hair before they enter the country. Is it true or just another misinformation?

Cincinnati, Ohio
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1. Re: another rumor - men with long hair

whoever told u that is pulling ur leg. But seriously, do u think this to be true ?

SIN may be known as a police state but it is mainly the drug law that launched this nick. the media (esp. American ones) loves to blow it out of proportion when they report anything about SIN. The chewing gum ban is a good example. Media tells the world that it is banned but not why (the hazards and ugliness it caused when not disposed properly - under tables, between train doors, floors, etc) and how (u can still chew gum in the country if u brought in a few for personal consumption, u just cant find any local retailers selling any).

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2. Re: another rumor - men with long hair

lol, i cant believe u fall for that.... hahaha.


Singapore, Singapore
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3. Re: another rumor - men with long hair

actually, this would be a wonderful idea. we have a lot of unemployment now, so if we introduce this long hair law, then we can create a lot of jobs for barbers at the airport, sea port and causeway.

hair can also be used as biomass fuel.

sorry, its been a long day...i needed the relief...

Canberra, Australia
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4. Re: another rumor - men with long hair

I heard this was true back in 1970s and 1980s. They had barber at the airport to do haircuts for male tourists with long hair.

Toronto, Ontario
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5. Re: another rumor - men with long hair

Thanks for all the responses. I didn't think it was true, but the person who told me had actually been to Singapore and have a sister that lives there. I'm glad that's all clear up. Thanks!

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6. Re: another rumor - men with long hair


As everyone has mentioned, this is not true, but I think that Kitaro or Yanni (can't remember which one) was not allowed to enter Singapore some time back because of his long hair. He was told that he had to cut it if he wanted to perform in Singapore. So he didn't perform in Singapore.

However, do be mentally prepared in case they search your luggage at the airport. They usually go guys with long hair as the officials may think that it's not very presentable.

North York, Ontario
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7. Re: another rumor - men with long hair

Hello Cindy

Just wanted to tell you that you're being misguided and misinformed. Singapore is an small but nice country to visit and truly one of the cleanest. I worked there for about 3 years. They are somehow strict on certain things like chewing gum, smoking, littering. You can get fined if got caught littering, or chewing gum and not disposed of properly.

Otherwise, Singaporeans are very nice, polite, and respectable. You'll difinitely have a wonderful time. Good Luck and Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Cheers .... Lyn

Dos cerveza, por...
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8. Re: another rumor - men with long hair

Hi Cindy

We were in Singapore for 3 nights in February & I spent a large (6 years) portion of my childhood growing up there. I heard this story nearly 30 years ago when hippies were popular. I believe that the immigration authorities back then were difficult to & in some cases prevented men entering the country whose hair was longer than collar length. At that time they associated long hair with hippies & associated hippies with drugs, but who didn't back then. That was 30 years ago though. This an old story re-surfaced.

On my recent visit I saw plenty of men with long hair, both Singaporeans & tourists. Singapore has an unfair reputation of being almost totalitarian; this is completely untrue. I love Singapore & its citizens. They are pleasant, helpful & polite. It is probably the cleanest city in the world & quite naturally it wants to stay that way. I have never been anywhere in the world that provides ashtrays on the roadside. I can only applaud their efforts. If only things were similiar here in the UK. What a contrast to arrive back in London to see the huge amount of litter laying by the roadside right outside Heathrow Airport. If I could get a work position, visa & work permit I'd move there in a heartbeat!