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Bali honeymoon...?

Quebec, Canada
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Bali honeymoon...?

My fianc�� and I are getting married on September 23, 2006, and we are considering honeymooning in Bali. However, with the cartoons that were published in European newspaper and the turmoil that it seemed to provoke in Indonesia, we, as French-Canadians, are concerned about our safety. I would absolutely love to go to Bali and it's the option that I prefer but I don't want to run the risk of being kidnapped or injured. Honeymoons are all about love and intimacy, and I want the two of us to make it back to Canada safe and sound! We have to book soon and the situation is quite hard to assess from up here, so I would appreciate a piece of advice!! Thanks!

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1. Re: Bali honeymoon...?


Unfortunately, it's very difficult to say what the situation's gonna be like - as this news is really hot off the press. Bali is NOT Muslim, Bali is Hindu, that's also another reason why the extremists target it (apart from targeting the foreigners)...though I don't understand why the Indonesians want to harm their own people and their country, as Bali brings in a HUGE amount of revenue for Indonesia.

I think your best bet now is to watch the news and then decide if you're comfortable travelling to Bali. No point going there if you think you're not going to enjoy yourself. Though we all know that anything can happen to anyone anywhere.

Good luck.

Quebec, Canada
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2. Re: Bali honeymoon...?

Thank you, Jade du! I hoped I could talk with someone who's closer to Bali than we are. I know that in 2006, a trip anywhere can mean danger, and that's why I would not really hesitate to go to Bali. However, my fiance has never travelled out of Canada and the U.S., so I don't really want to put him in a situation where he could feel unsafe and regret our honeymoon destination choice.

If someone went to Bali recently or is there right now, I would really appreciate your opinion on this. Thank you for helping out confused bride and groom-to-be!

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3. Re: Bali honeymoon...?


I was in Bali in November and am going back in about 6 weeks.

Its really up to you what you want to do, I found it very quiet but thoroughly enjoyed myself. I felt safe and in fact took my kids there. I really think nowhere is "safe" these days but you need to be comfortable wherever you go.

If you are having such doubts perhaps you should go somewhere else, as you really dont want to spoil your honeymoon by looking over your shoulder.

I went on my honeymoon to Bali 10 years ago and wouldnt have done it anywhere else!

Good luck

Melbourne, Australia
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4. Re: Bali honeymoon...?

Hi Nicky

My wife and i went to Bale aa few years back, and you honestly should not have any problems. We stayed at the Hilton at Nusa Dua, and it was fantastic. When booking the holiday, I can honestly tell you that the wwhen you go to your room, after you havee booked in, there will be a nice surprise for you in the room, but you will have to let them know that you are on your honeymoon.

If you want something really special for your honeymoon, take the Presidential Suite, as it is reaLLY well worth it. In the morning when you wake up, you are able to watch the sunrise, from you bed.

I am an Aussie, and in 2004, I went to Bandung in Java,Indonesia, for 14 days, and not once did I have any problems, even though the majority of the populatioon ae Moslem, they are very friendly.

My advice is for you to go, and you will more than likely want to go back. Please disregard what you read in the newspaper, because good news does not sell papers.

The only reason that I will not be going back is because there are other places that I want to see.


Irvine, California
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5. Re: Bali honeymoon...?

My wife and I just returned from a week in Bali. The Balinese are some of the kindest people you will meet on the planet. GO!!! It is safe. The people are wonderful. The hotels and resorts are beautiful! Yes you can choose lower cost accomodations. But what you will find is that some of the world's finest resorts are in Bali. To verify that simply look at the Conde Naste best hotels/resorts list in the world. Balinese resorts overwhelm the top 50.


The island has become very safety concious. We stayed at the Four Seasons Jimbaran and the Sayan. Security is extremely tight. The vehicles entering were inspected at the gate by armed Balinese police. The resort is patroled day and night by the police. The villages were patroled by armed police AND village police. The village police are much more conservative than the federal police and the locals are happy with the heightened security. My wife and I felt VERY safe the whole time we were there.


Now the important stuff. Bali is one of the most romantic spots on earth. Don't skimp. Pay for one of the best resorts. You will have the time of your life! There is a reason they are so highly rated. Having spent 3 years in Europe, traveled most of the United States, been to Central America, Bali was truly the most beautiful, fascinating, luxurious destination we have been. BUT MOST IMPORTANT was the people.... They are the most kind, compassionate, and caring people I have encountered in all my travels.

Travel Guide...

We contacted Mike Hillis (University of California, Santa Barbara anthropoligist who lives in Bali and is married to a Balinese woman) who took us on a tour with a Balinese friend, Jiwa Made. If you want an incredible personal tour of Bali with a personal Balinese guide who speaks English very well email Jiwa Made (jiwamade@hotmail.com) and he will pick you up anytime and take you anywhere you want to go. He charges $50 a day which includes everything. If you want Mike along also he charge $100 a day. You cannot go wrong for this price. You get to see everyday Balinese life, the jungle no one else gets to see, go into Balinese homes, what ever you want... We had Mike and Jiwa two days and Jiwa alone one day and were completely blown away by our intimate experience. You cannot get any better than this.

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6. Re: Bali honeymoon...?

Hi Nickybee81

We just returned fm Bali on Jan 31st. We too were quite worried about the safety issue and whether it was a wise decision to go at all but out there we felt completely safe.

Security checks are carried out at most places...vehicles, bags checked etc. This happens at hotels, some of the temples and attraction sites.

We went to Nusa Dua on one day and found security out there to be the tightest.

I do hope that it stays that way for a while and that complacency does not creep in.

Good luck and hope you enjoy your honeymoon!

Brisbane, Australia
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7. Re: Bali honeymoon...?


We travelled to Bali last year and are going again in July this year. We are Australian and alot of Austalians told us we were mad going to Bali after the 2002 bombing and after the last attack last year.

We found it a beautiful, serene place and did not feel unsafe at all. That's why we are going back this year and taking 2 of our children.

Can I suggest that you not stay in Kuta or surrounds. We stayed, and are going to stay in Sanur. It is less touristy, more residential and alot quieter. THe extremeists seem to favour the busier touristy places.

Everything is within easy distance from Sanur, especially if you have a driver. The Mercure resort Sanur where we stayed always had a couple of drivers at the front entrance waiting for customers. Just negotiate a price first.Taxis are cheap as well.

We had a local driver, Dean, who was wonderful. We cannot recommend him highly enough. Friends of ours spent their honeymoon in Bali in June last year and they used Dean as well. They had a wonderful time.

If you wanted to contact Dean his email address is


He would also be a useful source of information for you with your concerns.

Hope this helps and have a wonderful honeymoon.