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Safety in nairobi

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Safety in nairobi

How safe is the city to walk around in. I am flying in for a safari and have a stop over in the city and staying at the holiday Inn.

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1. Re: Safety in nairobi

Hello Edgeman

It depends how confident you are really, but be aware if you are walking or driving in Nairobi alone.

Try to take a 'guide' with you if you can - a member of the hotel staff will probably be able to do it for a few bob.

Avoid a lot of easy-to-grab jewellery.

If you hire a car be careful, people have been known to slash tyres and when you return, their offers to 'help' prove to be not all that helpful.

On the plus side... jail terms are pretty long and prisons very unpleasant in Kenya and that is a great deterrent for most.

Watch out for the 'street kids' who sometimes steam through the crowds shouting and jostling, they can look quite intimidating even to acclimatised travellers and the locals.

Find out where the police station is and fix it in your 'mind-map' be forceful if people hassle you - generally the public don't like it if tourists are being bothered.

Take only enough money for food and a cab fare back to the hotel - no credit cards unless you have to.

a polite but firm "hakuna pesa rafiki" - no money my friend, will see off most enquiries and held-out hands.

Stride around as if you've lived there years and stick to the main streets if you're travelling alone.

Out at night in Nairobi for the first time? I'd take a cab, to and from where you want to go, it's just too disorientating and badly-lit for most to be able to cope with. It's not that things will necessarily go wrong, it's just that, if they do, it's tough to get out of if you are unfamiliar with the city. There are bigger cities for sure and people can get into trouble anywhere in the world, but it is not as well policed and as well-lit as they are. Getting lost in Paris is not quite like in advertently wandering down the 'wrong' street in Nairobi.

Not trying to scare you, I love the country and the people, but I think in this case, it would pay to air on the side of caution.

Carmel, California
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2. Re: Safety in nairobi

We walked around the downtown area in the day time and felt safe. I left any valuables in the hotel safe and just carried some money and a credit card in my pocket. You'll find that most people are busy going about their own business. There are a few safari touts but tell them you've just come back from safari and they'll leave you alone. At night it's best to take a taxi.

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3. Re: Safety in nairobi

there are good and bad parts of town same as any big city, but dont flash jewelery or money around, and stay out of the bad areas and you'll have a great time.

There are many nice places to see. karen blixens house, the suedo house on the blixen estate for lunch maybe, if you want to go around some nice shops, go to the village market in runda. at night deffinitely take a taxi. go to nice resturants like, Lord errol, moonflower, carnivore...nairobi is nice, enjoy yourselves

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4. Re: Safety in nairobi

I am so excited...received an invitation from the Kenya High Commission this week to attend a reception next week. Will be musicians, Kenyan food and they will provide a cooking demonstration. The deputy High Commissioner will be there and she apparently loves to talk to women who are considering travelling there. I am hoping that she can give me some names or leads on how to find a guide when I am in Nairobi. Should be a fun night!!

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5. Re: Safety in nairobi

Holiday Inn is located in Westlands, a rich neighborhood where many expatriates live. You can walk freely during the day, just like in downtown. Just make sure not to wear golden jewellry.

As soon as it becomes dark, always take a cab, never walk, even for short distances.

In bars and nightclubs, you can be sure you will be prey to pickpockets so never carry anything precious on you.