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Calling All Smokers... If There Are Any Left!

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Calling All Smokers... If There Are Any Left!

Hi All,

My next trip is booked and paid for ( 28th July ) but unforyunately i was made redundant and so spending money is tight. I can never remember what i pay for fags. I usually buy one pack of duty free then smoke a local brand ( name escapes me ). Cant remember weather its best/cheaper to buy my duty free at birmingham airport or on the plane or at Luxor airport? Does anyone know the rough cost at these three locations? Also whats the current cost for local brands in Luxor? Many thanks!


Luxor, Egypt
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1. Re: Calling All Smokers... If There Are Any Left!

Since moving to Luxor three years ago, I gave up smoking! However once I had beaten the actual "habit", I now don't mind having the odd one or two, and I now generally only smoke OP's. Occasionally though, I buy a packet of Cleopatra to share amongst a small group of friends on the West Bank, and they cost 3le for 20.

Cannot be of any help regarding the Duty Free, sorry.


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2. Re: Calling All Smokers... If There Are Any Left!

3 le for 20?, very reasonable!

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3. Re: Calling All Smokers... If There Are Any Left!

Hi Antony,

At Luxor airport l only pay $4.50 for a CARTON of red royals, which are very like the ones we buy at home. If l were you l would go straight to the Duty Free at airport.

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4. Re: Calling All Smokers... If There Are Any Left!

i was just going to take a large pouch of tobacco with me and make it last. i've been trying to cut down anyway so maybe the heat will help! :)

does anyone know if it's ok to use a nicorette inhalator on a plane?? it doesn't give off any smell or vapour, on the thomsons sight they mention that e cigarrettes are banned but says nothing about the nicorette inhalator. they are quite different so not sure?

thanks :)

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5. Re: Calling All Smokers... If There Are Any Left!

I think UK and duty-free prices tend to be fairly good, but local brands are cheap enough in Luxor, so that might be the way to go if you are on tight budget. I would bet that Luxor Airport has cheaper Duty-Free prices than UK DF or in-flight prices on drink and tobacco items, it just seems quite expensive on many other items.

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6. Re: Calling All Smokers... If There Are Any Left!

It also really depends on what brand you normally use. If you have a favourite, you might not be able to get it in Luxor locally or in the Luxor Duty Free. I am not a smoker but usually bring back ciggies for a friend and on our Thomas Cook flight last month (albeit not from Luxor) we were able to buy 400 Lambert & Butler for £37, which I believe is a good price.

Also, as I am sure you are aware, you need to be careful where you buy your cigarettes in Luxor itself as there can be fake cigarettes about (at least, that's what I've been told). My hubby used to smoke Marlboro when in Luxor before he (thankfully) stopped smoking.

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7. Re: Calling All Smokers... If There Are Any Left!

Antony_333 when was the last time you went to Luxor (I understand you have been many times before)? I don't understand how you can NOT remember whether UK duty free is cheaper than Luxor duty free and prices you may have paid for ciggies that you can't remember the name of.

If it is years ago then I apologize for the sarcy comment, but I don't smoke myself (my wife does), but I know it is cheaper in Luxor (some people have commented on the quality of the smoke, but my Mrs doesn't have a problem with them).

I agree with Edward that you can get ciggies for 3le or 4le for 20

Edinburgh, Bonny...
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8. Re: Calling All Smokers... If There Are Any Left!

Hey Anthony another non smoker to reply lol, but I do bring home for friends. They smoke menthol so never available on planes and few varieties in Duty Free Gatwick as such they love when I buy them from Luxor Duty Free as they come in at $7 for the exact same cigarettes that Gatwick charges £35 for. At current exchage rate that means that you pay approx £5.89 for the same ciggies. Now smoker or not even I can see the "benefit", of waiting till you get to Luxor especially if you are short on cash. I have bought them from both Gatwick and Luxor and my friends never stated that they noticed any difference in quality so have to assume they were just as good. To be safe why not wait till you get there and go to a local shop and buy maybe 4 packs, smoke a couple from each and then head to the Duty Free shops in Luxor within 48 hours and you will be able to make a more informed choice thus saving money in the long run.

Miss P, Nicorette Inhalater is fine on the plane as it has no fumes etc, but no electronic cigarettes are allowed is my understanding of the rule according to TUI website.

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9. Re: Calling All Smokers... If There Are Any Left!

Here are the prices of the duty free shop


My wife usually buys Karelia blue 100's, you can buy 4 cartons each on the way in,


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10. Re: Calling All Smokers... If There Are Any Left!

l and m...

...5l for 200 in open all hours 3 weeks ago.