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Current situation in Cairo

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Current situation in Cairo

Hello !

my family and I are traveling to Cairo, Aswan and Luxor at the end of the week and we like to know the actual situation. We saw some news about USA being taken. I would like to knowif this has changed current situation for Tourist, in paricular the ones in Cairo.

I'll appreciate any comments.


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51. Re: Current situation in Cairo

Anyone going with Uniworld? Wish I had considered A & K now just to get all the feedback from TripAdvisor users :)

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52. Re: Current situation in Cairo

Just back from Egypt. Will post a full report after ive slept. Just a quick comment on the safty of Cairo. I went walking through Tahir square on Saturday 15trh September in the early morning, there had been another protest the night before and the evidence of the nights events was clear to see with burnt out and smouldering items being cleared away by the locals as about two hundred police looked on. My hotel was about three hundred yards from the square and my taxi ride from the Airport took me very close to the square at about the time the protest must have been in full swing in the evening of Friday 14th. I can honestly say that were it not for the news reports and my early morning walk you would not have known anything untoward had taken place from the point of view of the tourist. I spent nearly four full days in cairo and visited the museum on two occasions which lies between the hotel i stayed at and Tahir sqaure and i encountered no problems at all.Ironically, given the current situation there, i have to say that i encountered less "hassle" especially on the Giza plateau than i have in the past. I have often commented in posts that some people have rose tinted spectacles on regarding the current problems Egypt has so it was a real surprise to me that my time in Cairo was as pleasant as it was. The hotel was dissapointing though but thats another story!

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53. Re: Current situation in Cairo

Thank you so much, Travelman, for fulfilling your promise to come back with a report about your trip. My husband and I booked our 2-week trip to Hurghada back in July when things were calm. However, since that stupid video got around and started up the protests, I've been worried about whether or not we should cancel our trip.

But, now I realize that we who love the adventure of travel can't rely on news reports concerning the safety of travel. Instead, we'll rely on the U.S. state department as well as the Swedish embassy concerning any true or serious travel warnings.

We booked our through the Swedish travel agency, Ving, which is a very reliable company. The first week will be a cruise along the Nile starting in Luxor and the second week a relaxing stay at the Grand Resort. Ving also offers several guided day trips that will depart from Hurghada, and we will most certainly book at least a couple of them. Can't wait!

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54. Re: Current situation in Cairo

Hi Travelman,

I am curious about your recent travels to Cairo

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55. Re: Current situation in Cairo

I am an American and was there on 9/12 to 9/16 during the "riots" and stayed within a 1/4 mile of Tahir Square. First of all, just stop watching TV. That situation was dramatized FAR beyond the true scope. CNN should be ashamed of themselves. Put this into perspective - out of a population of 25 million in Cairo, only 200 showed up to protest and it was a meager protest at best. Secondly, it is incumbent in the host nation to provide embassy security. The few people who "stormed the compound" were hardly a true threat, it was more symbolic than anything. I was actually at the Egyptian Museum in Tahir Square the second day of the "riots" and all I heard was car traffic. GO TO EGYPT...it's totally fine. The worst part are the constant touts and cab drivers. I never felt unsafe at all. That being said, obviously be careful and don't create an unsafe environment for yourself or do anything blatantly stupid - as you would not do in any other major metropolitan city. The people who get into trouble over there do dumb things - like drive thru northern Sinai by themselves...or hang out in Tahir Square at night...or wander around in areas they have no knowledge of. Be smart and you'll have a great time.

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56. Re: Current situation in Cairo

In Cairo now - the only danger I feel is from the traffic!

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57. Re: Current situation in Cairo

I just got back from Egypt. Myself and the wife sepnt 2 nights in Cairo, visiting Tahrir square, khan el khalili bazaar amongst other things. I assure you now all the troubles RE the revolution have passed. We always felt safe and never feared once. We walked around tahrir square, took pics ofthe new graffitti opposite the mcdonalds and even had dinner around tahrir square. There is no need to fear anything. Cairo is as safe as any other place in the world. Just use common sense as you would wherever you were in the world.

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58. Re: Current situation in Cairo

We just returned from our trip to Egypt (Sept 20 - Oct 10) and I assure you to have NO FEARS about vacationing in this wonderful country! In almost 3 weeks there was not one moment where I or my parents felt at all unsafe or uneasy.

We visited Mansoura, Ras El Bar, Alexandria, Cairo, Hurghada, and Luxor, and again, no issues at all, no danger, nothing but wonderful hospitality of the Egyptian people.

In Cairo, Tahrir Square is nothing but a square... nothing to fear. We didn't go by the Embassy, but there was no sense of anti-Western or anti-American feelings anywhere we went in Cairo or Egypt. Instead, every Egyptian we spoke to were happy to see Americans there (almost all of the tourists we saw were Russian, Chinese, or European), and told us how much they love America (many had family members who had lived here - one lady whose father lived in Texas calls America "paradise on Earth").

Egypt is in need of our tourist dollars and you get SO much for your money there. Don't be afraid based on the false impressions provided by our Western media. Egypt is safe and extremely hospitable. Go, and enjoy your trip!!

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59. Re: Current situation in Cairo


“Don't be afraid based on the false impressions provided by our Western media.”

I like your report and think it is pretty much spot on but you are just one in a long line of people to gripe about the dreaded “western media”. The media has its faults—too many to delve into here—but it’s not all “false impressions”, exaggerations and distortions perpetuated by the PR department of the Great Satan.

I have watched/listened/read a considerable amount of reporting on Egypt’s troubles since the revolution (some of which I witnessed at first hand) but, with a couple of exceptions, have noticed little or no obvious distortions or falsehoods, just a narrow perspective.

To take the most recent example, the media reported a loud and semi-hysterical but smallish to medium-sized rent-a-mob besieging the US Embassy in Cairo. Unless I have missed something, this was perfectly true. The fact that the trouble was limited to a few streets while the rest of Cairo and Egypt were quiet, peaceful and tourist friendly was not reported is a sin of omission not a moral failing or a dereliction of duty.

Egypt, as you say, is a warm and welcoming country but the trick to encouraging realistic tourism is not to downplay the facts but help out with the wider picture.

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60. Re: Current situation in Cairo

My husband and I also just returned from Egypt and had the same experience as recent posters. All is quite routine in Cairo and elsewhere, and we were met everywhere with warm welcomes. The standard exchange we heard just about everywhere was "Where are you from?" and then "Welcome to Egypt." We rode the subway quite a bit in Cairo, and on every trip there was at least one local who engaged us in a longer conversation... often someone who had some kind of connection to the U.S. or Canada (where I'm from). This is indeed a wonderful time to go to Egypt not only because it's good value right now for the money. But also because the drop-off in arrivals means both that sites/hotels/boats etc. are more quiet, and the locals are that much more appreciative of those tourists who are still coming to give them our business.