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the last bombing in cairo

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the last bombing in cairo

Hi! After the yesterday`s bombing in Cairo is it still safe to go there this week???

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1. Re: the last bombing in cairo

I'm going there next week and am not changing my plans. Checked Foreign Office website and it is not recommending against travel. Intend being alert and avoid big tourist groups where possible by visiting sites not at peak times.

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2. Re: the last bombing in cairo

i shall be going in the next few weeks to cairo and i have ABSOLUTELY no intention of cancelling my trip.

in general the cairene people are the most friendly and fascinating people i have ever met and i KNOW they will be horrified at this turn of events and will not allow it to dampen their regard and hospitality for travellers and tourism.

i have spend many happy days and nights in the Khan and will do so again with the lovable 'rouges' that live and work there.

Milton Keynes UK
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3. Re: the last bombing in cairo

We are due to go next week and have no plans to cancel/change/postpone, while Foreign Office advice does not indicate it necessary and we plan to have a fantastic time. We'd only cancel a trip if the FO advised it because our travel insurance would probably be invalidated if we insisted on still going somewhere.

I tend to feel that if it's your time to die than that's it! No point in fretting about the how/when/where and trying to avoid it, you'll probably only give yourself a stress induced heart attack anyway.

Have a great time, just keep your wits about you.

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4. Re: the last bombing in cairo

Hi all

My wife and I are going next month and looking forward to it as it is our first trip to Egypt.

The recent Bomb in Cairo has not put us off,There is good and bad in all Countries around the world.

We will have a great time and look forward to seeing you fellow Brits there.


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5. Re: the last bombing in cairo

HI! just got back from Cairo yesterday! Didn't find out about the bombing until we were on the plane there! We saw no trouble of any kind, and felt quite safe with all the police around. Right down to our taxi getting checked when we arrived at the hotel, then going thru a metal detector at the hotel itself.

We went to the bazaar where it happened, and saw nothing out of the ordinary everything seemed all back to normal.

So just keep an eye out, and enjoy the wonderful country and people of Cairo!

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6. Re: the last bombing in cairo


we were in Cairo when the bomb went off. The Cairenes were horrified that someone would do that, just as we would be if some crazy did the same thing in our country.

When travelling keep your wits about you, but don't let this stuff spoil your holiday.

I felt very safe everywhere we went.

Egypt was a wonderful place to visit and Cairo and it's people warm and friendly

Giza, Egypt
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7. Re: the last bombing in cairo

I would just like to take this opportunity to reassure potential visitors to Egypt that all is calm and secure here. Since the unfortunate incident of two weeks ago I have visited several tourist sites, including the Giza pyramids, Sakkara, Memphis, Dahshur, the Egyptian museum, Islamic Cairo (including Khan il-Khalili) and Alexandria and found everything operating as usual. The tourism industry has experienced hardly any cancellations, and everyone I have spoken with (whether visitors, local people or expat residents) feel safe here in Egypt and all have expressed confidence that what took place was an isolated incident and not the precursor to a wider campaign of violence. In short, Egypt is as ready as ever to welcome any and all visitors with open arms and warm smiles!

Please come and visit us, you won't be disappointed! :-)

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8. Re: the last bombing in cairo

Hi Karen in Egypt, we are really looking forward to our trip in july, but am nervous regarding the random bombings and shootings, the latest being yesterday.

Also a friend of my husbands gave the impression that you are escourted or at least tourists are by the police.When walking around the city or visiting attractions.

This seems a little intimidating.

Is Cairo and the hotels taking security seriously.

Also I have got very c\onfused where the Four Seasons hotels are located is one in Giza or are they both very central, also is the Conrad hotel in a good location, and how is it viewed as a good hotel in Cairo.

Many Thanks

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9. Re: the last bombing in cairo

The Police that you mentioned are Tourist Police, they are there to protect tourists and I suspect in some cases to guard the places we visited. They were not at all intimidating and you quickly forget they are there.

It was somehow reassuring to have a tourist police stationed sitting right next to an ATM in a small city in a quiet street.

Those we dealt with were friendly and helpful.

London Only
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10. Re: the last bombing in cairo

About the police escorting the tourists - they do that all over Egypt. It's to protect our safety and you don't actually see them following you as such. they just let the guards at all the checkpoints know that you are on your way so if you dont turn up at the checkpoint when you are supposed to at least they can come looking for you!! Egypt is a fantastic, safe, friendly, and warm place and I will be visiting Cairo in early june for 2 weeks with my 4 year old son.

I have no plans of changing my arrangements unless the FO advise. As with anywhere you go, you really have to just be a bit vigilant but you would do that in any new country you visit... would you not?

Nowhere is completely safe these days. Let's just go with the flow and hope for the best. Good luck everyone